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[Digimon Tamers Opening "The Biggest Dreamer" plays]

The Seal Opens! The D-Reaper Awakens!

Earth. West Shinjuku

Waiting over at West Shinjuku Dragon hotel, the two Digi-Destined, Mimi and Yolei, were sitting outside of the lobby with their babies on their laps. Palmon and Hawkmon had decided to tag along since they were tired of being cooped up back over at Kari's apartment home. They had now become restless over the fact that Izzy had not arrived yet.

"God! What the hell is keeping him so long? We've been waiting here for almost a whole day! Mimi, I thought you said that he was coming," said Yolei.

"He said he would be here. I don't understand. Did he get stuck in traffic yet?"

"Its not even five 'o clock. Traffic is really bad around that time," said Palmon.

"Unless his car broke down," replied Hawkmon, "I remember Yolei had to fix the car many times because she had the car almost broken down."

"Hey! It wasn't entirely my fault, you know!" exclaimed Yolei, "Besides I just forget to put water in the radiator."

"Oh, I just hope Matt is doing alright," said Mimi, "I hope he and Tai didn't get into another fight."

"Lets put it this away, Mims. Those boys can take care of themselves. I'm sure Matt has changed ever since those many years ago. C'mon, just cheer up."

"You're right. I just worry for him. I don't like seeing people getting hurt, but your right. He and the other guys can take of themselves."

"Besides, Ken is able to take care of himself just fine. It's a piece of cake. Him and Davis should take care of those goons over in the digital world. Besides, we got a pretty awesome team on our side."

"Uh huh."

"What I'm curious about is this 'Shibumi' person. How does he know so damn much about digimon, and more specifically ours? I can't wait to get to the bottom of this. If only Izzy got here as scheduled!"

"If we wait here any longer, we'll go back and give Izzy a call. Does that sound good?"

"Fine, but I'm just glad that I had something to eat before I came here, or else I would have been steaming out of my mind! Uh! This makes me so frustrated!"

Just then, Sora and Joe came walking through the lobby. Palmon picked up the scent of Gomamon and Biyomon. She sits up and points out towards her comrades.

"Sora and Joe are here!" Palmon exclaimed.

"Joe! Sora! Over here!" Mimi cried out. "We've been waiting for you!"

"Sorry. We had a little rush hour," said Joe.

"The name of a pretty funny movie, Joe," Gomamon remarked. "Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker made a funny duo. Maybe, we can be the next Chan and Tucker. I'll be Tucker and you be Chan."

"Yeah, but I'd get my butt kicked. Looks like you'll have to do all the butt kicking."


"So, how long were you waiting out here for?" Sora asked.

"Let's just say when we got here, the cafeteria were finished serving breakfast," Yolei remarked. "I did not get anything to grub on."

"We were that late? We didn't realize traffic was going to hold us back for that long," Joe stated.

"We're just glad you guys were able to come on short notice," Mimi stated. "I say we go get something to eat in the cafeteria and wait for Izzy to call us up."

"So, any idea of what he plans on telling us?" Biyomon asked.

"Probably another lecture on how he wants to surpass Bill Gates," Gomamon muttered.

"Actually, it has something to do with our digimon and their connections to this 'Shibumi' character," Yolei replied.

"Shibumi? Now where have I heard that name before?" Joe pondered.

"Maybe you heard him from another one of those science fiction movies," Gomamon said. "All those mad scientists have the corniest names!"

"I'm not sure this is something we can joke about," Mimi said. "Izzy sounded pretty sure of himself."

"Enough talk! I say we grab some grub! I haven't eaten anything all day," Yolei exclaimed. "The cafeteria is calling my name!"

"I didn't even hear it calling for her," Hawkmon stated.

"Humans can be so weird when they're hungry," Palmon giggled.

"I wonder how everyone else is doing their part in the digital world," Sora thought. "Tai…"


Digital World. Battlegrounds of the Southern Sovereign

Gallantmon and Beelzebumon were still clashing it out as they each traded fists and blows to one another. Loud hits were heard and flashes of light were appearing all around the skies from the above. The Tamers were unable to keep up with their new speed. It was quite unimaginable but real. The digimon were able to keep up by moving their eyes around.

"Their speed is amazing!"Leomon said to himself.

Henry takes out his D-Ark and takes a scan reading on Gallantmon. With luck, a hologram of the mega pops up with important statistics.

[Gallantmon. Mega-Level. Exhaulted Knight Digimon. Special Techniques: Lightning Joust & Shield of the Just]

"I thought I would never have seen this. They're moving a lot faster than Omega X and Burizalor were many years ago. And that fight was no flash in the pan, either,"Patamon thought.

"Where did they get this combination of speed and power from?"Antiramon said in thought.

"Geez! Would you guys go any faster?! You're giving me a headache!"Terriermon remarked.

"Darkness Claw!!"

"Lightning Joust!!"

The two attacks connected with each other and exploded into each other's faces. A large flash of light was seen as somebody was falling down onto the ground. As soon as the body fell, the ground shook and a large crater was formed in the ground. Lying within the crater was none other than Beelzebumon himself, who looked just about out.

"Whoa! Its Beelzebumon that bit the dust!" exclaimed Guardromon.

"You don't say?! Way to go, chumley! You got him where you want him!" shouted Kazu.

"Way, Takato and Guilmon are one combination!" said Kenta, "Beelzebumon didn't even know where it hit him."

"So, who do you think is going to win?" Jeri asked.

"Gallantmon by a long shot. Beelzebumon must be out from that big ass hot," replied Kazu.

But as soon as he said that, the biker demon came standing onto his two feet. But he was barely able to stand. Beelzebumon pulls out his one gun, since he had lost the other one.

"No way! He's up! Even after that blast shot," said Henry.

"Just what the heck is this guy on?! I don't ever recall this being normal," said Terriermon.

"A blast like that would killed somebody like the Devas in one shot, but it didn't even affect Mr. Grumpy that much," said Patamon, "Beelzebumon is pretty resilient."

"I'll say. But I don't think Gallantmon has run out of power just yet," TK said.

Beelzebumon began firing away multiple shots over towards Gallantmon with his gun, but each of the bullets bounced right off of the knight's chest.

"You can't hurt us anymore."

The biker continued firing away shots at Gallantmon but they didn't even seem to affect him in any kind of fashion. In fact, he was pretty much taking in the shots to further motivate him more."

"You just never learn."

Beelzebumon went to fire more shots but he heard a loud, clicking noise and noticed that all of his ammo was gone. He looked down and gasped over what had happened.

"Beelzebumon. Your judgment has come at hand. Now you will pay for the ultimate price."

Gallantmon quickly forms his shield and holds it out in front of him. Then each symbol on the shield started to emit a bright flash of light. One by one, each symbol was glowing and forming into one single energy beam. The ground around Gallantmon shook as he sends out a powerful, wave of energy while calling out its attack.

"Shield of the Just!!"

The large energy beam goes shooting right over towards Beelzebumon, who could only look on in shock. The beam goes shooting right into him as he went flying back. The biker goes screaming out in tremendous shock at what was happening. It looked as if his eyes were about to bulge open and his body about to disintegrate, since he was unable to maneuver away from the enormous blast.

"No!! This can't be happening!!!!"

An explosion occurs when the beam goes hitting a nearby rock wall. This quickly caused the wall to crumble down into bits of debris and dust. The group looked on as were in awe over what just happened. Even TK and Patamonw ere taken by shock over what Gallantmon just did. It was like no other, since this was Takato and Guilmon.

"Incredible power! He took Beelzebumon out of the equation," exclaimed TK.

"Yeah! Way to go, Takato! That's the way to get a victory! Score one for the good guys," said Kazu.

"No… He isn't dead. Beelzebumon isn't dead," Patamon said.

"What?! But that attack did him in! There's no way he could have survived!" exclaimed Henry.

"Well he did just that. However, he was brutally beaten but was still able to barely survive," said Patamon, "Don't believe me? Look over and find out."

The group all looked over to see the dust cloud clearing away. Patamon was exactly right. Beelzebumon was down on his knees with bruises and cuts all over his body.

"No. I can't be beaten. I wasn't supposed to lose… The Sovereign guaranteed me an almost immortal power! Well, looks like I got suckered in. I don't deserve to live anymore… I've lost…"

Just as soon as he was finished talking to himself in thought, Beelzebumon felt a sharp and cold steel object sliding over his shoulder. He barely opened his eyes and looked over to see Gallantmon standing over him with his joust on the biker's left shoulder. Beelzebumon lowers his head in shame as if he were already admitting defeat.

"This is where it ends."

"How could I have lost? I was supposed to be invincible! Well, what are you waiting for?! Do it! Do it!"

Jeri was quickly appalled by this and wasn't going to see anybody die before her eyes. She had witnessed death before in her life and wasn't going to allow that to happen.

"Takato? What are doing? Don't! I can't stand seeing anybody die. I've seen my mother die before my eyes but I can't bear to see another, even if it is Beelzebumon. He was just a little bully named Impmon, but even he doesn't deserve death."

"Come on! What are you waiting for?! Do it! I'm not going to sit here all day. Just get this over with, load my data and move on. You don't have to worry about me anymore."

"No. I want you to be punished for almost killing two best friends of ours. You were wrong in doing so. They didn't deserve to be put to near death. If you had killed them, we would show you no mercy as we speak… Beelzebumon, how do you plead for your actions?"

"Shut up and kill me. Do it! I don't deserve to live!"

"So be it, Beelzebumon! You leave me no choice!"

Gallantmon picks up his joust and raises it over his head. Then he looks down at the kneeling demon and goes to thrust his long, sharp weapon through the dark heart of Beelzebumon.

"Goodbye, Beelzebumon!!"

"No stop!!"

Just as soon as Jeri called out, Gallantmon stopped at his tracks and barely made his attempt as his joust went under Beelzebumon's left arm. Beelzebumon was even more shocked over what had just happened. He was still alive and quite lucky to be so.

Gallantmon looks right over towards Jeri with a shocked expression on his face. He then looks over towards Beelzebumon with an angry look on his face.

"Jeri, why?"

"I understand that you wanted to avenge Rika, but you don't have to go kill off Beelzebumon. I don't believe in death, since I've been through enough. I've seen one person die before my own eyes. Besides, don't we all have a right to change our ways and I have a good feeling that Beelzebumon here change his ways. Don't you think so, Takato?"

"Jeri… I… You could be right…"

"But, why did you go and save me for?" asked Beelzebumon, "I almost tried to kill one of your friends and attempted to load each of your pet's data. I was defeated. It's time for me to wallow in my self-pity down in hell."

"Yes, but your not always bad. After all, you were the little bully that used to always want to pick on us. You were Impmon."

"Yeah, but he's long gone. This is the new me. Impmon is an image of the past."

"No, you're still the Impmon we know. After all, we shouldn't be fighting you. It's the D-Reaper that we're after the most. Plus, we're out to find Calumon."

Gallantmon looks over towards Beelzebumon. The biker stood up and faced the knight with crimson- blood shot eyes. Beelzebumon quickly turned away and looks back into his past, over the events that occurred before his showdown with Gallantmon.

"Do I really deserve this power? Do I really deserve to even consider myself a threat to any digimon alive? I mean look at me! I was a weakling when I was Impmon. I craved for power and I couldn't get any when I was with my two Tamers."

He looks back towards the time that he was first met his Tamers, which were two little kids. He was not very happy over the fact that he was used as a sort of 'pet' to them.

"I once had to rely on those two to help me digivolve. But that didn't happen. Those two spoiled brats didn't care for anything as far as my evolution goes! It was always them bragging over who should 'play with Impmon first or who should use Impmon first'! Blah! All those damn garbage! I was glad to leave them behind! Because like all other digimon, it's all about the survival of the fittest, which is why I almost tried to upload Calumon's data."


Impmon was facing off Calumon, at the time that he attempted to upload the little digimon's data. Plus Impmon was convincing that Calumon wouldn't fight back and considered him not being a real 'digimon'.

"Life is all about survival of the fittest when the best and the brightest, that's me, wipes the floor with the meek and the weak, that would be you. So once I blast you into kingdom come and absorb your data like I'm planning to do now. Don't take it personally, its just nature taking its course."

Impmon looks down at Calumon with a huge grin on his face, which caused the little white digimon to shake under his feet nervously.

"I was right! Those humans cared nothing more than themselves! I wasn't going to take it! So I let them all have it! They had it coming to them!"

"Ha! Ha! You can't do anything to me, you pathetic humans! I own you! I own you! You don't own me! Hey! What's this, a girl with an ice cream cone?"

Impmon jumps down and lands right in front of a little girl, who was eating her ice cream. She looks over at Impmon with a look of bewilderment.

"I'll take that! Thank you."

Impmon snatches the ice cream cone out of her hands and with one gulp, swallows the ice cream cone. The little girl began to cry as the father looks down at Impmon angrily.

"Hey! I paid for that bubble gum raspberry nut crunch!"

"Huh? How about a Ba-Da Boom upside the head crunch?!"

Impmon shoots out a fireball over at the man's shoulder, which caused him to start to panic and run off with his daughter. Then the whole crowd started to panic and run away in fear of what Impmon was going to do next.

"And I've got one for everybody!! Ha! Ha!"

The little virus starts shooting out fireballs towards the crowd, as they continued to panic in fear. Impmon started to laugh maniacally and making sure everybody got his message.

"I certainly showed them! Nobody was going to mess with me! Nobody! Not even another digimon! I wasn't going to back down! But once Indramon whooped my ass, I soon was beginning to think that it was the end of it all for me. But then opportunity came… I was now being given to chance to digivolve!"

"Alright! I'll sell my soul and do whatever the hell your Sovereign wants!!"

"Then relinquish your soul!!"

With that said, Chatsuramon shoots down a beam and a hole was starting to form at Impmon's feet. The rookie cried out as he fell into a deep pit and splashed through what seemed to be hot lava. Suddenly, a silhouette of the Digimon Sovereign was shown. Now he was ready to perform his magic and grant Impmon his long-awaited digivolution power.

"Now it was my time to shine! Beelzebumon was born! The Sovereign gave me an opportunity and it was something that I couldn't refuse! My destiny has come!"

"Alright! You guys better wake up! Cause I've got a little deal for you. You either surrender yourselves to me or I'll blast you away into smithereens! What's it going to be?! Huh?!"

They replied to his question as they all started flying towards him. But Beelzebumon reacted by pulling on the triggers on his guns.

"Fine! Try my Double Impact!!"

Just as soon as he pulled the triggers, several slow-moving bullets came flying out from the guns and towards the swarms that were surrounding him. One swarm was quickly deleted just before the bullets could even reach them, as if they were already hit. Beelzebumon spins around to the other side and shoots out another swarm with his 'Double Impact' and watched as they all exploded into data.

"Ha! This is too easy!"

The giant insect shot out several impact shots over at Beelzebumon. But just as they connected, a huge dust cloud formed and Beelzebumon comes jumping out with his claws extracted. He easily manages to claw his way right through him. Infermon quickly exploded into massive data and Beelzebumon happily takes in the data as if it were a gift being given to him. He starts laughing maniacally as a result.

"Yes! Come to poppa! Soon, I will absorb all digimon that come in my way and nothing will stop me from becoming the most powerful being! Nothing! Ha! Ha!"

"But I soon realized my mistake, that I would soon regret… The power was still now enough to save me…"

Rika goes charging right over towards Beelzebumon in order to save Kyuubimon from further annihilation. As soon as Rika went over to her digimon's side, Beelzebumon picks up Rika by her neck and lifts her up. Takato could only look on with sheer horror on his face.

"What do you think you're going, miss all and mighty? Not so tough when your digimon pet is down, huh? Well don't worry, sweets. Where ever she's going, you're going to follow along with her."

"Let her go, Beelzebumon!! You're fighting dirty!!"

"Me, play dirty? Ha. I'm just getting warmed up, punk ass. Seeing that you like this girl too much, you can join her down in the depths of hell."

"Don't do it!!"

"You know your right. I shouldn't be picking on a human. It's just not my style. But what I'll do is kill fox face here and load her data! How does that sound?"

"No you won't!" Kyuubimon cries out as she goes jumping right for Beelzebumon.

The biker quickly elbows the approaching digimon and sends her flying back. He then looks right over at Rika and noticed a look of fear across her face.

"As far as you go sweets, I'm done with you."

With that said, Beelzebumon drops Rika and watches as she falls. Takato goes running up to try to catch her in time, but then Beelzebumon thrusts out his hand and smacks Rika away with tremendous force. Takato looks on with shock as Rika goes falling down onto the ground with a thud. Beelzebumon could only laugh like a maniac over what he had accomplished.

"Rika… Rika…"

"Aw, are we loss for words, boy? She isn't dead, but is near death after what I did to her. Shall I deliver the final touches to your 'dream girl'?"

That finally set the spark off for Takato as a fueling rage was burning up within him and his eyes looked up to face Beelzebumon. The biker took notice of this and had a questionable look on his face.

"This is where I made the fatal mistake, by underestimating the boy's abilities. He and pineapple head were able to merge, or fuse as they like to call it, into Gallantmon…"

Gallantmon and Beelzebumon were facing each other off as their kis also forced against each other. Gallantmon gives the biker demon a death stare and this greatly agitated Beelzebumon.

"Hey, what the hell is going on here?!"

"Now that everyone has left," Gallantmon spoke, with the combined voices of both Takato and Guilmon.

"Beelzebumon, friendship was given to you but yet you rejected it and tried to take away a valuable soul. How do you condone to the actions that you have committed? I can never forgive you for attempting to killing off a very important soul."


"Yes. You will go back to hell because you deserve to die for your actions. The one named Rika never done anything to you and now you must pay. We can never allow to you kill other such as Henry, Jeri, Kazu and Kenta. You shall die here by our hands."

"If you want me to die, then you should kill me yourself!!"

"So be it, Beelzebumon!!"

"And I paid for it… It's a heavy price to pay… I shamefully went down in defeat…"

"Shield of the Just!!"

The large energy beam goes shooting right over towards Beelzebumon, who could only look on in shock. The beam goes shooting right into him as he went flying back. The biker goes screaming out in tremendous shock at what was happening. It looked as if his eyes were about to bulge open and his body about to disintegrate, since he was unable to maneuver away from the blast.

"No!! This can't be happening!!!"

An explosion occurs when the beam goes hitting a nearby rock wall. This quickly caused the wall to crumble down into bits of debris and dust.

"This is where it ends."

"How could I have lost? I was supposed to be invincible! Well, what are you waiting for?! Do it! Do it!"

"So be it, Beelzebumon! You leave me no choice!"

Gallantmon picks up his joust and raises it over his head. Then he looks down at the kneeling demon and goes to thrust his long, sharp weapon through the dark heart of Beelzebumon.

"Goodbye, Beelzebumon!!"

"No stop!!"

"And thats where it all stops… Maybe I'm not good as I think I am…"

End of Flashback

"Maybe, I'm not as good as I think I am," Beelzebumon muttered.

With that said, the group watched as Beelzebumon was walking away.

"Where are going, Beelzebumon?" Gallantmon asked.

"Away so I can wallow in self pity. A place where I can just crawl in and die…"

"I hope he realizes his mistakes," Jeri said, "He just didn't know who he really was. He's confused."

Just then, Gallantmon quickly de-evolves back to Takato and Guilmon as the group all went over to them.

"Takato! That was some awesome stuff you two did out there," said Kazu, "I wish Guardromon and I could do that."

"Maybe it will happen one day, Kazu," said Guardromon.

"Well, I got to hand it to you two, you made a really good team, but how did you fuse? I thought the Digi-Destined were the only ones to do so."

"I was angry and felt power surging through my veins. Guilmon was feeling my power and since we both had one common goal, we merged our minds and our body into one being. It was weird having voices running through my head, but it was fun."

"Sure was, Takato! But um, looks like we're separated from Rika and the others."

"That's right! The others went down to stop Dark Magimon from releasing D-Reaper! We've got to go back and help them! Plus, you would never guess this, but Omega X and Metalla X were going at it! I was there to see the fight for a moment."

"Well, we're out to find Calumon. I'm sure Shintomon and the others can handle the situation. We must focus on finding Calumon. And I have a good feeling that we can get some answers from the Sovereign himself," said Buddamon, "Do not worry. We should be fine as long as I'm around."

"Over at that castle there? That's Zhuqiaomon's castle?" asked Henry.

"Yes and we must hurry. There's no time to waste."

Suddenly, a red beam shoots out from the channels of the castle and engulfs Antiramon as she cries out in tremendous pain.

"Oh no! Antiramon! What's happening to you?!" Suzie cried.

Just as Suzie was going to save Antiramon, Henry held her back and prevented his sister to be shot back from the force of the beam. As soon as the beam died down, Lopmon now stood in Antiramon's place.

"What happened to you?" asked Suzie, "Are you Antiramon?"

"Huh?! Oh no! The Sovereign took away my power!"

Henry pulls out his D-Ark and was a hologram image of Lopmon appears with statistics on her.

[Lopmon. Rookie. Data Beast Type. Special Technique: Blazing Ice]

Lopmon looks right over towards Terriermon and their ears both flopped up at the very same time. Then they both fell back while the others looked on laughing.

"Hey! You look like a chocolate-flavored me!" said Terriermon.

"Your vanilla-flavored!" remarked Lopmon.

"So, Henwy, how do you like me being a Tamer?"

Henry replied by sighing and smacking himself across the forehead.

"I still can't believe that this is happening. She isn't even supposed to be here; yet, Buddamon stated that she serves a big purpose here. I guess we'll know when that time comes…"


Dark Magimon's ship. Bottom level

[Final Fantasy VII "Sephiroth's theme" plays]

The skies were now beginning to become more like daylight while the darkness within the skies was fading away. This would really not make a difference since the fate of the two digital worlds was now endangered as far as the Destined and the Tamers are concerned.

Just then, steams rushes out of the pulsating sphere that contained the D-Reaper from within. The storm that surrounded the area had now vanished without a trace while Dark Magimon looks on laughing maniacally. The dial of Magimon's energy meter points all the way straight up at the "D" at its final percentage. King Devimon, too, looks on laughing. The sphere continues to grow in size, while blowing out steam.

Celesta X, Rika and Renamon stare out over at the sphere in horror, unable to make their move. Parts of the sphere now began to glow a pink color. Wind was now starting to pick up around the sphere as dust was blown up around the statues of both Imperialdramon and Dinobeemon.

The steam all manages to collect from above and around the sphere while it was still pulsating. The meter displays that the D-Reaper was indeed at its full power. Dark Magimon breaks up the silent treatment amongst everyone standing and speaks up while looking on in awe.

"King Devimon. The time has come. D-Reaper is about to come out!"


"At last! The seal has broken! Finally, I get to see D-Reaper come out! How powerful are you, my father's creations?!"

Dark Magimon looks on at the ball while holding his face in anticipation. King Devimon looks on with a smirk.

"I'm anticipating as well, Dark Magimon."

"I've waited for this day to come! Come out fast!!"

The sorcerer began laughing hysterically while the sphere was still glowing and pulsating.

Shintomon could not bear to stand it anywhere and cries out in complete terror. The other three glare over towards it angrily.

"My brother's damage energy caused this,"Kari said in thought. The energy he's gotten has already surpassed the normal digital fusion… I can't believe D-Reaper is already being reborn."

Shintomon backs away and looks over towards the other three.

"Its no good, you three! We have to get away from here now!"

"What?! Leave now?" Rika asked.

Shintomon doesn't respond as he was still having his eyes locked onto the sphere of the D-Reaper. He never felt so scared out of his mind as ever before.

"Lets run for it, Rika and Hikari!"

"What are you talking about," Celesta X asked.

"She's right! We can't leave things like this," said Renamon.

"The damn D-Reaper is going to be reborn and you want us to retreat," Rika said with an angry tone in her voice.

Shintomon turns away and then says, "We can't beat the D-Reaper ourselves! Even you, Hikari, aren't strong enough to beat it! No one can beat it! If we stay here, we'll more likely get killed!"

Celesta X straightens out, looking right down at Shintomon in fear.

"But, Shintomon… We can't leave…"

"Hurry, you three! Lets run!!"


"Hikari!! Now!!"

["Target Akai Shougeki" plays]

Celesta X turns back towards the sphere and speaks up from the major activity that was occurring all around her.

"But I'm already at full power," Celesta X said, "The least I can do is…"

She quickly spreads her legs, clenches her fists, with a look of hopelessness but sheer determination on her face. She holds her fists up, throws her head back and screams out as her ki level began to increase like never before.

"What the hell are you doing, Hikari?!"

Celesta X doesn't reply to his question as she continued to concentrate on summoning her hidden power. Her aura was now much further out, as if it were spinning all around her while throwing up tons of dust into the air. It then becomes that of a normal aura.

Dark Magimon looks back over his shoulder in shock.

"What does he think he's doing?!"

"Bah. What a foolish attempt," said King Devimon.

Celesta X cups her hands and pulls them back to her left side.

"What I can do is this!!"

Rika and Renamon look on in shock while looking over at Celesta X summoning her hidden power. Renamon examined the fusion warrior in awe.

"Incredible! She was basically hiding her power all along! When she fought King Devimon, she was merely using almost half of her power. She could have killed King Devimon. She beat Virus, but how can she be sure that she could beat the D-Reaper,"Renamon said in thought.

Suddenly, light flickers in the palm of Celesta X's hands. Now a golden ki blast was about to come out. She charges it up for a few seconds more.

"What?! She's insane!" exclaimed Dark Magimon.

Finally, with a determined scream, Celesta X shoots the ki blast out. King Devimon shuts his eyes in order to avoid being blinded by the light and quickly grabs Dark Magimon, leaping out of the blast's direction. The ki blast hits and Celesta X continues to press more power into it. After a few moments, it explodes and tons of dust was being released into the air as a result. Celesta X stares out from behind her hands, still in position. The ball wobbles on its stand, but nothing happens.

Dark Magimon gasps, while Shintomon looks on in shock. Celesta X was now angrier than ever. Rika and Renamon sigh in complete disbelief. Celesta X glares at the ball and it resumes spitting steam into the air. Celesta X pulls back and tries her attack once again.

"Hikari!! Don't!" exclaimed Shintomon.

"What does she think she's doing? It's not going to make a difference. No matter how much she tries to destroy it," Rika said, "She's wasting her energy."

"Well, I don't blame her. She's preventing the seal to be opened and will do what it takes to stop the D-Reaper before it comes out of the sphere. I would go out and help her rather than just sit around. I must help her, Rika!"

"Alright! Time for some Matrix evolution!"

[Card Slash theme "Slash!" plays]

Rika quickly pulls out a blue card and then slashes it right through her D-Ark.

"Card Slash!! Matrix Evolution!!"

Matrix Evolution

[Digimon Tamers first evolution theme "Evo" plays]

"Renamon shinka!! Kyuubimon!! Kyuubimon matrix shinka!! Taomon!!"

Taomon goes rushing over to Celesta X's side as they both looked over to each other. Celesta X turns over towards Rika.

"Thanks, Rika. I was wondering if you two were going to take action. So, you think the combined powers of both myself and Taomon is more than enough?"

"We won't know until we try," replied Rika.

"They're are bigger fools than I thought. They are underestimating the D-Reaper's tenacity,"Shintomon said to himself.


Southern Gates of Zhuqiaomon

Buddamon and his group decided to go over towards the gateways to rest for a few moments before heading out towards the lair of the southern sovereign, Zhuqiaomon. Takato was telling the whole gang about his bio-mergence with Guilmon.

"And that's the whole story. It was awesome. I can't believe I was able to merge with Guilmon. Now I'm ranked up with the other fusion warriors," said Takato, "Isn't that cool or what?"

"So, you were able to merge? Unbelievable. Here I though that the Digi-Destined were only able to perform that technique."

"That just comes to show about our friendship," the goggle boy said, "But it was such a waste. My digivice was destroyed. I doubt I will ever merge with Guilmon again."

Just then, an object appeared right above Takato's head and the object comes dropping into Takato's hand. He takes a close examination of it and realized that it was a digivice.

"Oh my gosh… I just got my digivice back! Did I just like wish for it to come back or something? I don't get it…"

"Wow, look at it, its gold," Guilmon said.


Takato had quickly noticed that the digivice had gold outlines on the side of it, instead of its previous red color.

"Wow, that's pretty cool. I wonder if I am still able to make you digivolve, Guilmon. Besides, we'll never know if we're going to need it if we plan on going into the Sovereign's castle."

"So, why are we exactly going in there for?" asked Henry, "I mean, we are still looking for Calumon after all."

"Yes, but we need to be certain. Even Zhuqiaomon himself wants the power of digivolution in his grasp and will harness it to enable himself to band together a great army to finish us off."

"Man, this 'Zhuster' sounds like a real jerk if you ask me," said Terriermon.

"My master doesn't tolerate humans to walk into his sacred lair. He considers it very disrespectful. You must not underestimate his power. He can even destroy some of the most powerful digimon within the blink of an eye. That includes some of the fusion warriors that you speak of," Lopmon said.

"Don't worry. Henwy won't let anything happen to us. Right, Henwy?" Suzie asked.

Henry looks out towards the castle of Zhuqiaomon and examines it to find the location of the entranceway. TK goes walking up towards him.

"What are you looking for?"

"Seeing if there's an entranceway. But all I see is a bridge, and we're not sure if it's safe to cross. We're going to need to be extra careful."

"No. It's okay. I can lead the lead. Afte rall, I was the guardian of this gate," said Lopmon as she walks towards the entranceway.

The chocolate-brown bunny pointed out to the entranceway. There was a long bridge that leads directly towards the castle of Zhuqiaomon.

"Well. It doesn't look that bad. I'm sure we can cross that," said Sonja, "Just one question, does he know about our presence?"

"Of course. He can sense anything that occurs throughout the whole digital world. Nobody has ever dared to challenge his power. All those that have were all vanquished within the blink of an eye."

"Not even Dark Magimon?" asked Kazu.

"Dark Magimon uses magic that enables even the strongest of megas to be placed under his control. Both Zhuqiaomon and Magimon were able to agree on terms to not interfere with each other."

"Ack! That means that they're working together!" exclaimed Kenta.

"No. Magimon will eventually stab my master in the back, much like Dark Magimon's father did many years ago. Black Magimon was almost able to place nearly all of the four sovereigns under his evil control, but Shintomon was able to stop him in time."

"But isn't Zhuqiaomon helping Magimon to revive the D-Reaper?" asked Jeri.

"No. He will eventually use the D-Reaper to defeat the four sovereigns and destroy the Digital World. Its only a matter of time."

"Yes. That is why we must find Calumon and regroup with the others to stop Dark Magimon from reviving the D-Reaper," Buddamon said, "Lets go. There's no time to waste."

"Well you guys heard the panda man, lets get a move on!" Terriermon remarked.

They all looked over to Terriermon as if giving him death glares, but this quickly took Terriermon back as he stepped away with a nervous smile on his face.

"Man, I never get to have any fun. They really need to momentai."


Near the location of the land of the Southern Sovereign

The little digimon named Calumon had found himself in an underground cavern. He was crawling and crouching through a long, deep hole.

"Hello?! Anybody in here?!"

Calumon did not receive a reply but other than his echoing voice. He sighs sadly and continues crawling through the steep tunnel.

"I'm so lost. I don't even know where I am anymore. I'm so hungry and tired. I just hope Takato and Guilmon are around. I miss those guys so much."

Just then, there was a bright light coming out of a small crevice. Calumon noticed it and a smile comes across his face. He sits up and manages to run over towards it.

"Yay! I see light! Now I can get out of this yucky tunnel!"

Calumon goes over and starts digging his way through the tunnel, in hopes of getting out of the underground cavern and finally seeing the light.

"Almost there! I see more light! I hate being in the dark for so long."

As soon as he pokes his head through the hole, he manages to push himself out from the inside of the cavern and finds himself plopping down onto the ground. He sits up and looks around his surroundings. The skies were basically crimson and the landscape was pretty much barren. It was pretty much a resemblance to that of hell itself. But unlike hell, there was no fire surrounding the area.

"Hmmm, this place is too quiet. But at least, I'm on land. Hey, I wonder who built that castle! Well, I won't know until I go check it out."

With that said, Calumon goes flying up as he heads over towards the castle of the mighty southern sovereign himself, Zhuqiaomon.

Just within the castle, there was a large fiery presence as an evil laughter was heard from the background. Two red, glowing eyes come flaring through the flames.

"So that traitor is leading those disgusting humans over in my lair! Well, I better let them in! But I'm not going to be showing them any mercy! I'm looking forward to roasting them myself. Then I shall punish those digimon pets for disrespecting the ground I walk on! Beware humans; you just sealed your own fate by walking into my premises!! Ha! Ha! Ha!"


Dark Magimon's ship. Ground level.

["The Biggest Dreamer" plays]

The strong winds began to blow right out of the sphere itself and steam continues shooting out into the air as Celesta X and Taomon pump more energy into their combined blasts. The ball began to grow in tremendous size. Shintomon watches in complete fear at what could happen next. Meanwhile, Dark Magimon and King Devimon simply stand off to the side, with their arms to shield themselves from the strong, heavy winds.

"Damn them! Should I silence them for you, Dark Magimon?!"

Dark Magimon simply tugs right on King Devimon's wing and this catches the demon's attention. Now there was a smile across the evil sorcerer's face.

"Don't worry. This won't effect D-Reaper in the least."

Celesta X and Taomon both continued their struggle and suddenly, there was a lot of dust flying up.

"You fools! You're just wasting your efforts!" exclaimed Dark Magimon.

The two digimon scream out as they stepped up their attacks. Now they were using a barrage of many small blasts instead of one large blast. Suddenly, a large explosion throws up a lot of dust all around the sphere and it emerges, causing it to fly up into the air.

Dark Magimon, King Devimon and Shintomon all gasp at what just happened. Rika also looked on in shock at what the two digimon had just accomplished. Even Taomon and Celesta X were just as surprised. As soon as the dust dissipates, the sphere falls back down onto the ground.

"We did it," Celesta X cried out, "Alright, that was a lot of work. But we did it!"

"I don't sense any energy from it, so it looks like we're done," replied Taomon.

"Not just yet," said Celesta X, "Lets give it one more shot just in case."

The two digimon quickly powered up and throws two separate ki blasts over towards the sphere, while still in the air. The sphere is then driven back by the two-blast attack and began to glow a bright, pink color. The combined ki-attack ended and the anonymous sphere drops to the ground with a crash, sending up tons of dust into the air. They stared over at it in amazement that it was able to take their attacks without taking any kind of damage on its outer core.

The sphere begins to roll, but the two digimon simply watches and remains motionless. It stops again just for a few moments and red slime began dripping out all the way around it. Then a huge puff of purple smoke starts coming out at the same time, while forming into a dust cloud. The purple gas makes up a cloud while the red slime starts flowing down onto the ground. As soon as that happened, the sphere began to split into two and each half falls to the side.

Shintomon looks on from a far distance but was in total fear. However, Dark Magimon was happily gleefully as ever while dancing around.

"It's coming out!! It's D-Reaper! Oh, I'm so excited!" exclaimed Dark Magimon.

"Yes, Magimon," replied King Devimon.

The halves of the sphere had already collapsed onto the ground and inside were nothing more than a large pool of red ooze. It was sort of like a Jello-like substance but with a more ooze-like appearance. It was something that could be best described from the Ghostbusters movie. King Devimon and Dark Magimon stare off into shock.

"What? I see nothing but a red mass," replied a speechless King Devimon.

Shintomon gasps in shock, while the digimon were just as stunned. Rika quirked an eyebrow and tapped her foot.

"So, that's the D-Reaper? Ugh, what a waste of time…"

A small wisp of purple gas starts floating up into the air from the blob mass itself. Dark Magimon was now starting to cry as he fell to his knees.

"What? You're wrong. Impossible… That can't be. Why? Why? This can't be happening!"

An updraft of wind starts blowing by the sphere and the last wisp of gas started to dissipate. The last portions flew right up into the skies above.

"Come out! I told you to come out, D-Reaper! Come to me!"

Shintomon's shocked expression turns into that of a smile as he starts to laugh hysterically. Rika and the others take notice of this.

"That was sure damn lucky!" the Supreme guardian said.

Dark Magimon simply looks on with a shocked look on his face, while Shintomon points over towards his long-time adversary.

"Its too bad, Magimon! D-Reaper was destroyed by their attacks! It spent too much time asleep and nothing is left of the D-Reaper but a blob of Jello!"

As soon as Shintomon spoke, both Celesta X's and Taomon's faces were telling each other that they weren't so sure to agree with Shintomon.

"Is D-Reaper really gone?"Rika thought.

"No matter how much energy that you have given it, it wasn't as strong as it used to be!" exclaimed Shintomon, "Now the two Digital Worlds are safe!"

Dark Magimon screams out in anger and frustration over what the Supreme guardian had just said to him. After all of those years of collecting energy, he was anticipating for this very day. But it ended up as nothing more than a plain out joke. He never felt so embarrassed. But, King Devimon managed to smile and spoke up.

"Its fine, Dark Magimon. You don't need D-Reaper. You have me. And although he's not a perfect henchman, you have Metalla X as well."

"But, my father created D-Reaper! There is no plan without the D-Reaper," said a weeping Dark Magimon.

"Magimon, you sound like a dog crying like that! I thought I never see the day of you crying before my feet," Shintomon said.

This further infuriated the evil sorcerer as he looked over towards Shintomon with an angry expression. He then looks to King Devimon.

"King Devimon. Make sure you kill that damned Shintomon."

"Yes, sir."

The demon then looks back over towards Shintomon, Taomon and Celesta X with a huge grin on his face.

"I'll take out Magimon and if you two defeat King Devimon, there will be no trace of Dark Magimon's schemes left."

He looks up towards the two digimon with a smile on his face. But they didn't even return a smile to him as if they knew something was still obviously wrong.

"Hikari, its time for you to get angry, just like Taichi said! Please show us the true strength of your anger."

But Celesta X doesn't even respond to Shintomon. She and Taomon didn't even turn to make acknowledgement towards the Supreme guardian.

"Hikari! Rika! We've now almost achieved peace!"

Celesta X clenches down her fists while looking down onto the ground.

"No, you're wrong, Shintomon…"


"Its an incredible ki. And it's still growing! This mu-must be…"

[Anonoymous danger music plays]

She gasps and then looks over towards the blob mass itself. Taomon does the same thing while Rika steps at her digimon's side.

"What are you saying, Kari?! What do you see?" the redhead asked.

"That blob! That's the blob that just came out of the sphere! Plus there's a large cloud hovering from the skies!"

They looked up to see a dark purple cloud hanging in the skies above. Then it started to lower down while hovering above the blob mass from below. The cloud seemed to be rotating in some fashion.

"Hey? What are they looking at, King Devimon?" asked Dark Magimon.

They both looked up to the skies and noticed the purple cloud hovering above the blob mass.

"A cloud? No, some sort of smoke. Its gather together and its starting to absorb some of that blob mass at the same time," replied King Devimon.

"I c-can't believe this!" Shintomon exclaimed.

Taomon, Rika and Celesta X also stare up into the cloud, which was absorbing, some of the blob mass. They were in shock and powerless at the moment. Now the cloud was seemingly starting to rotate in some fashion of manner while absorbing the blob mass.


The Central Digiverse. The Grand Digital Planet

Keke and X couldn't believe at the powerful dark ki that they were feeling. It was nothing that they had felt before. The D-Reaper's power was being felt even from the farthest regions of the digital universe.

"X! This ki is too strong! The entire digital universe is feeling it's after effects! What the hell could it be?"

"No! Is it as I feared?! There was a creature similar to this one. Yes, I remember. Could it be that the D-Reaper has been released after many eons?! So that creepy little bastard actually revived him! Magimon has succeeded! Tai! Matt! You better stop your fight and stop the D-Reaper!"


Elsewhere within the Digital World

[Ministry "Bad Blood" plays]

The fight between Omega X and Metalla X continued through the desolate landscape. Metalla X screams and locks up arms with Omega X. Both pull back their heads and try to attack with that and end up hitting when attacking at the same time. They pull back and try again. Each time they hit, there's a brief flash of golden light.

Just then, a data stream comes passing by which the two fighters manage to phase away from. Omega X appears out of nowhere and turns to see Metalla X going for a kick. But Omega X was able to block that maneuver out with his forearm. Omega X lunges forward to punch, but Metalla X moves out of the way, landing on his hands. He immediately pushes himself back up, thrusting his legs towards Omega X's face. Omega X barely was able to dodge and knees Metalla X in the gut. This caused the fighter to cry out in pain.

Metalla X flies upside down, just above the ground and springs up. Omega X goes rushing forward to attack and Metalla X pushes himself off of the ground with one hand, sweeping under Omega X and tripping him. Omega X falls over but catches control of himself by springing off of the ground with his arms. Metalla X throws a punch, but Omega X dodges. He jumps away with a backward handspring, then flips over in the air and comes in from above. Metalla X gasps as Omega X smashes him with a forearm smash.

Omega X attempts to kick, but Metalla X grabs his leg with a shout while throwing him down onto the ground. Omega X cries out as he hits and Metalla X smashes his own foot down, but Omega X jumps out of the way and Metalla X simply hits the crater Omega X made when he fell. He spins around to see only Metalla X's foot. He quickly ducks under and all of Metalla X's hits are nothing more than fists in the air. A small chunk of land shatters as Metalla X jumps into the sky and they lie opposite of each other.

"That was pretty damn good, Matt."

"I'm going to show you the true power of my strength."

They both leap into the air and collide with one another as Metalla X shouts. They started to trade kicks and punches with tons of power being inflicted onto one another. Some don't even make contact with one another. A blast lands right in front of Omega X and throws up a dust cloud. He runs right through it and the blast Metalla X had been preparing to throw from an arm he had pulled back disappears. He backs away and then leaps backward into the air. Metalla X creates another energy blast again and throws it. Omega X doesn't make an attempt to dodge it and instead lets it start coming right over towards him.

It explodes with a small shockwave and a large cloud of dust. Metalla X stares right over towards the new crater that he had created while a grin crosses his face. He then began to laugh. At the bottom, Omega X chuckles as well with dust drifting right by him.


Dark Magimon's ship. Ground Level.

The dark purple cloud slowly starts to shrink and absorbs more of the blob mass along with it. Now the cloud was starting to glow a crimson-blood color.

"Its an incredible ki!" exclaimed Celesta X.

"I have a bad feeling about this," replied Taomon.

"You're having a bad feeling, huh? Don't you think we should like think of a way to get the hell out of here to think of a new strategy?" asked Rika.

Shintomon simply stares at it in complete shock on his face. The cloud then begins to morph into a red, blob mass and goes spilling onto the ground. Dark Magimon watches with widened eyes.

"Hey that," the sorcerer pointed out to the blob mass that dropped to the ground.

"Could that be it?" asked King Devimon.

Suddenly, the mass started to transform into that of a tall, child-like figure. It quickly sprouted arms and legs. They were slowly starting to become well defined.

Celesta X and Taomon cry out in shock with their mouths dropping open and their eyes widening.

[Majin Buu's english background theme plays]

Suddenly, the blob mass finished forming as a little girl's face finished forming as the D-Reaper takes shape. It makes a face and a smile forms across her face.

Everyone stares over in complete shock at the form of the D-Reaper. Dark Magimon and King Devimon look on with surprise, while the others look on with fear. The D-Reaper sits right up and looks across its surroundings. The D-Reaper looks like an eight-year old girl but stood about six feet tall plus seven inches. It has red skin, long pink hair, and purple colored eyes with red tints in them. It has two ponytails on the right side of its head. It had yellow gloves, a pair of tennis shoes and a Japanese school uniform on.

The D-Reaper looks around with a smile on her face. Her smile widens and a small giggle was heard from under her breath.

King Devimon leans over quietly to Dark Magimon to ask him a question quietly.

"Magimon, is this the D-Reaper?"

"Well, I've never seen it. The only one alive who's actually seen the D-Reaper was Shintomon."

D-Reaper looks around smiling while the red blob mass around her bubbles away. Shintomon simply stares over at her in amazement and fear, while clenching his teeth and his eyes widening. He almost seems to be choking back.

"Um, so is that thing the D-Reaper?" asked Rika.

"Yes, it is. I could never forget that disgusting creature's face," replied Shintomon.

Celesta X and Taomon both stared over towards D-Reaper in complete shock, but in a sort of disappointing way.

"It looks like some sort of school girl," said Celesta X, "This is the terror of the two Digital Worlds?!"

"Yes. That's D-Reaper alright."

"Um, are you sure?" Taomon asked.

"Hey! It looks like that it's the D-Reaper," said Dark Magimon.

"It… I mean her?" asked King Devimon.

D-Reaper now began to stretch herself out and Dark Magimon goes walking up towards her.

"D-Reaper! Come to me!"

"Hey Shintomon, you called this thing a threat? I thought it would be so much bigger," said Celesta X.

"Its too late! We have to get away now!" exclaimed the Supreme guardian.

"You're probably right! Its certainly very strong, but it doesn't look so strong that I wouldn't have a chance," she replied.

Shintomon was completely stunned by Celesta X's revelation.

"Is this true, Celesta?" asked Taomon.

"Yes, if only I can put out my real strength…"

D-Reaper began looking over the landscape and starts tip-toeing a dance of some sorts. She began to hum to herself, but then stops and leans back giggling to herself. D-Reaper walks over and looks over to side to side, still smiling.

Celesta X clenches her fists more tightly while Shintomon takes a little bit more of a fighting pose. Celesta X concentrates, her eyes twitching and breaths heavily. D-Reaper rises back to her full height and Shintomon gasps. D-Reaper grunts, jumps back and somersaults back several yards away on her feet. She then does another and lands right back on her feet as if she were acting like a gymnast.

D-Reaper steps forward again, this time around Dark Magimon and King Devimon. Dark Magimon watches in shock, his mouth hanging open in complete shock. His eyes were widening with pleasure. Finally, the dark sorcerer blinks and steps back.


D-Reaper stops, leans over for a few moments and gives a frown on her face. She looks over to her right and walks away again. Dark Magimon watches in surprise.

"Huh?! D-Reaper?!"

D-Reaper completely ignores him and walks away humming to herself.


Elsewhere within the Digital World

The fight between Omega X and Metalla X was still waging on in the Digital World. The two fighters stand away on opposite sides with their chests heaving while still in their fighting poses and taking quick breaths. Electricity runs over them throughout their healthy bright auras. Finally, Metalla X was ready to go at it again.

"Damn it!! Fight!!"

Metalla X goes leaping forward, but then Omega X gasps and holds his hand out right in front of Metalla X.

"Wait, Matt! Wait!!"

Metalla X suddenly stops in midair while facing Omega X with a shocked expression.

"A ki… A huge ki has appeared. D-Reaper has been released from its slumber!"

Metalla X looks off in the direction where Celesta X and the others were at and a concerned look came across his face.


The Central Digiverse. The Grand Digital Planet

X stood by, as his muscles were tense. Keke could hardly imagine at the turn of events that has just occurred.

"The D-Reaper has been unleashed. It is too late… Only Tai and Matt are strong enough to defeat this new menace. However, their chances of winning may have been shot out from a cannon…"

"X. Don't tell me that the entire digital universe is in danger of being wiped out. Isn't there anything we can do to stop it?!"

"Tai and Matt have far exceeded our current status. If we were at our prime, then we would have aided them. Those two have their own digital world to defend. It's up to them. It wouldn't be right for us to go interfering in their duties. I'm sorry it had to come to this… If only we regained our powers, Keke. Then we would help them!"

"It can't be…"


Dark Magimon's ship. Ground level.

[Majin Buu's english background theme plays again]

D-Reaper goes flipping up into the air and starts somersaulting. She lands on her feet and hops backward on one foot, almost losing balance. Shintomon watches in fear, gasping to himself.

D-Reaper finally regains her balance and stops. She sighs as she plants her other foot on the ground. D-Reaper stops in a hunched position, and then straightens up with a widened grin on her face. She laughs and claps, but seems the only one present who's amused by anything.

Shintomon, Rika, Taomon and Celesta X stare off with a mixture of anger and fear. King Devimon could only look on with total annoyance. Dark Magimon was speechless.

D-Reaper finally stops clapping and stands with her hands to the sides of her dress. A smile forms across her face.

The D-Reaper has finally been unleashed! But this is childish creature really pose a threat to not just the two Digital Worlds, but also the real world?!

[Digimon Tamers first ending theme "My Tomorrow" plays]


Omega X: This ki is unbelievable! It's the D-Reaper, Matt! We have to postpone our fight.

Metalla X: Hell no! I've been dying for this confrontation for years! I will not allow some monster to ruin it for me!

King Devimon: This creature is nothing but a fool. She has no idea of what I'm capable of.

[A devastating blow is delivered and King Devimon is sent sailing across through a mountain.]

Magimon: Yes! This is the D-Reaper! Now, I want you to kill those four on the cliff! Make them pay and die!

Shintomon: We have to move it! Now!

Celesta X: D-Reaper is able to match my speed?!

Rika: This just can't be!

TK: I'm on my way, guys!

Takato: Next time on Digimon Tamers Fusion, episode twenty-one!

D-Reaper's Rampage Begins! Shintomon is in Despair!

Guilmon: You don't want to miss it!


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