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[Digimon Tamers Opening theme "The Biggest Dreamer" plays]

Five Years Later: 'Hi everyone, I'm Max Kamiya!'


The cities of both West Shinjuku and Odaiba have been peaceful since the past five years after the D-Reaper was defeated. The city was already reconstructed along with other parts of Japan that the D-Reaper destroyed. The entire Earth has been at peace, without involving any kind of wars or world conflicts. Maybe some minor difficulties, but nothing more. The humans have already grown to accept the digimon. Though there were some non-believers attempting to cover up the whole digimon incidents, the fact remains that the digimon did indeed save the planet from the D-Reaper and every other threat in the past.

Thanks to Mummymon's ranting, the world would like to say their thanks to the two heroes that saved their world from the D-Reaper's destruction, Takato Matsuki AKA Gallantmon and Tai Kamiya AKA Omega X.

The Digi-Destined have now all moved on with their lives, either making new careers or starting new families. Either way, they would live happily without any threat about to end their time of peace. The Tamers have grown up into teenagers. The digimon were even allowed to stay with each of their partners, as family members themselves.

"The world is at peace and its all thanks to our effort. Each and every one of us. By the way, this is Tai Kamiya. I'm Twenty-Nine, about to turn thirty in five months. I just wanted to say that we have all moved on ever since the downfall of the D-Reaper. Ok, lets start off with TK and Kari. I'm happy to say that my younger sister managed to marry the man of her dreams. You can now officially call them Takeru and Hikari Takaishi. They have two children. They're twins, quite ravenous and surprisingly have big potty mouths. Tike and Kara are their names."


TK and Kari are seen sitting together at the local park while pointing out to the lush and beautiful lake. Kari looks down at the wedding ring around her middle finger and smiles over to TK. Tike and Kara are having a quick duel with one another in the background. Tike is a blonde-haired boy with brown eyes, while Kara had brown hair like her mother's but has blue eyes like her father's.

"Unfortunately, these two kids aren't the perfect angels TK and Kari expected to have as kids."

"Wow, that Duel Monsters tournament was the shit!" Tike said.

"Yeah! Those duels kick so much ass!"

"Oh brother, what am I going to do about those two and their potty mouths?" TK said.

"Maybe give them some ice cream to cheer them up?" Kari replied.

Patamon and Gatomon were looking on at their partner's sides. They were proud of the fact that TK and Kari were able to tie the knot and officially call themselves a married couple. It had been a long road for them, since they've first met during the first digimon adventures. No longer was Kari the once sickly little girl and no longer TK was the little scared crybaby. They have grown since then.


"Davis and Sonja have had an on and off relationship. But they eventually have admitted love to one another. Since Sonja can't technically have any kids through sex, she and Davis adopted a boy named David. We're not too sure about this boy's past, but you can tell he's very comfortable with having Davis and Sonja as his foster parents. Plus here's a start, Davis and Sonja are now co-owners of a local noodle restaurant called 'Come Get Your Noodles'. Plus it turned out to be a great success."


David and Veemon are playing tag with one another. David looks down from the branch of a tree. The boy has brown hair and looked quite similar to his father, even though they were not related. Sonja was giving chase to Davis after he had accidentally broken another one of Sonja's favorite dishes. Davis ran so fast that he eventually fell into the lake. However, this didn't seem to affect Davis in anyway and he simply laughed along with Sonja. Veemon and David were seen in the background laughing with her parents.

"Like I've always said Davis, back to the drawing board, huh buddy?" Veemon teased his partner.

"Next time, you ought to try how to jump and grab these branches. They're you're friend," David said.

"Yeah, but they can be my worst enemy," Davis muttered.

"Davis. Davis. I don't know what I would do without you," Sonja replied.


"Cody has moved on to become an attorney and he's already been involved in one of the most controversial criminal cases since then. Boy, I really wish him the best of luck. Those politics can be a real pain in the ass. He's also married with a daughter of their own and named her Sara."


Cody and his wife, Marie, were walking down the streets of Odaiba while his wife wanted to do some shopping along the way. Sara and Armadillomon had bought themselves ice cream and were both munching down like there was no tomorrow. Sara has long, brown hair and beautiful green eyes.


"Ken and Yolei now live back in Tomaichi. Ken has now already become a full-time detective while Yolei works at home as a computer programmer. She's also a housewife, where she and Ken are now forced to take care of three children. They had a son to go along with their eldest daughter, Naomi. Their son is named Sam, named after Ken's deceased older brother. He's now about five years old, but is catching on with life very quickly."


Ken and Yolei stood around at the park while watching their two children playing with Hawkmon and Wormmon. Naomi gave chase to Hawkmon, while Sam wrestled Wormmon. Sam has his father's eyes but his mother's hair color. Naomi looked exactly like her mother, except that her hair color was that of her father's.


"Joe has about a few years left before becoming a full-time doctor. But he his now officially married and they had a son named, Joseph, who was at five years of age."


Joe and his wife, Diana, were sitting down on a bench as they watched Gomamon crack a few of his most funniest jokes to Joseph. The boy looked like the striking resemblance of the younger version of his father.


"Izzy now works for Hypnos along with Yamaki. He and Talley have been officially dating for years and its pretty cool to see that Izzy has found someone that shares the same interests as him."


Izzy and Talley were seen working together on another one of their recent computer programs. Tentomon was in the background falling asleep after all of the computer talk had bored him to death.


"Then there's good ol' Henry and Terriermon. The boy is in high school and about to enter his sophomore year. Even his friends have grown to like Terriermon, since he's the only one who could crack some real sensible wiseass cracks. Henry is still a Tamer and proud to be one. As far as his sister was concerned, Suzie and Lopmon had their shares of fun in elementary school."


Henry had bought himself and Suzie ice cream while Terriermon and Lopmon were seen in the background struggling on that should have the chocolate-vanilla swirl mix.

"Those two ought to momentai," Henry said.


"Kazu goes to the same high school as Henry, and he often brings Guardromon to watch over the school cafeteria once in a while. But I don't think even Guardromon can stand the taste of school lunch."


Kazu was riding along on Guardromon as they both marched on towards alongside the street.

"Hiho, Guardromon! Away!"

"Kazu. You really need to stop watching those Lone Ranger re-runs."


"Kenta also attends high school with Kazu and Henry. He also brings Marine Angemon to tag along, but starts running away from the rapid girls, who had quickly started to adore the little pink guy. But I don't think Marine Angemon was about to take that laying down."


Kenta and Marine Angemon were heading over into some nearby bushes as a crowd of girls came running by. A sigh of relief came across both Kenta's and Marine Angemon's faces.

"There he is! That little thing is so cute! We need to like have our pictures taken with it!" a group of girls screamed.

"Oh crap!" Kenta exclaimed.


"Then there's Matt and Mimi. Their son Dimitri has grown and is now six years old. They also had a daughter named Keke, who was at the age of five. She had the quick obsession of pink, much like her mother. Dimitri is older but he already has developed his mother's bratty attitude but the sheer toughness of his father. Matt was so proud of him and wishes for Dimitri to be just like him. Matt maybe my biggest rival I've ever had, but he sure makes a damn good father. His band has grown to be a huge success and frequently still continues to perform with his now married wife, Mimi, as the lead singer."


While Gabumon and Dimitri were sparring with one another, Keke was picking flowers and admiring the beauty of the pink flowers. Keke had a striking resemblance of her young mother but has blue eyes much like her father's. She has a love for music, which definitely made her their daughter. Dimitri looked more like young TK, but with his father's slant-shaped eyes. Matt was sitting down and taking a rest while Mimi was tickling his nose with a flower.


"Ryo managed to go on and compete in many digimon card tournaments since then. He officially retired and is still trying to look for his dream woman. Heh, good luck. But don't even go near, Rika. She already has a man of her own. However, I'm still trying to figure out his digimon, Cyberdramon. X has been telling me to keep an eye out on that creepy guy."


Ryo rode onto Cyberdramon's back as they were soaring through the skies and finding a new adventure of their own. The mysterious dark voice started laughing within Cyberdramon.

"My time shall come, Omega X. Just you wait. I shall emerge and you will gaze upon you're ultimate challenge."


"How could I forget the new hero? Takato has been praised ever since helping us defeat the D-Reaper. Rika and Takato have now been going out in high school. Though Rika doesn't like to admit it, but she has grown love for Takato and still acts like the same ol' digimon queen. However, Takato has been the only person to ever make Rika to admit her true feelings, which was a plus. That's our pupil. Renamon and Guilmon just see each other with a brother and sister type of relationship. As far as Guilmon was concerned, he was still that same ol' bread-loving doofus that everybody loves."


Rika and Takato were walking alongside a bridge, where Rika playfully tripped Takato into a nearby pond. The goggle boy simply laughed and dragged Rika in for the hell of it. Rika looked like she was about to blow up, but she simply laughed and planted a kiss on Takato's cheek. The boy started to blush and sunk down into the water below.

"You better watch yourself next time, goggle brain."

"Heh. I know. Crap, these pants were just washed!"


"Whew, talk about tough love. Speaking of love, Jeri also found love of her own. She attends the same high school as the other Tamers. Pikkan stays far off from any human contact as far as possible. She and Pikkan have been on and off with their relationship. Pikkan tried to keep a tough bastard image and tried hiding every shred of love. He might hate humans, but he's grown tremendous respect for Jeri. Her pure heart has allowed Pikkan to mellow just a bit. Though, I'd advise a warning to everyone. If you go near Jeri, be prepared to get you're ass kicked."


Leomon sits near a tree meditating. Calumon looks on from above a tree over down at the couple. Pikkan looks on towards the sunset with Jeri standing at his side smiling.

"Aww, sweet innocent love," Calumon cooed.


"Ai and Makoto are grown kids, but still enjoy many great adventures with Impmon. That little guy finally admitted that his hatred for humans was nothing but a delusional grudge. He often comes by and visits each of our digimon, just because he's Impmon. I've got to admit, I'm starting to actually like that little bugger."


Ai and Makoto were both riding on their bicycles around the park with Impmon tagging along with Makoto. The little rookie sat on top of the boy's head and started to raise his arms up triumphantly.

"I'm the King of the World, baby!"


"As for this Alice girl Takato and the others have been telling me about, I just want to thank her for allowing Dobermon to grant the Tamers the chance to bio-merge with their digimon. We wouldn't have stood a chance without Takato and the others in our battle. Though, I haven't personally met her, I'd like to send my gratitude. Thank you, Alice. As far as Mummymon was concerned, he turned out to be a hero in the digital world. He also was responsible in helping us defeat the D-Reaper. Now it seems Arukenimon has grown to accept Mummymon. Black Gatomon also decided to move in with the couple as their house cat. I must say Mummymon definitely has a heart of courage much like mine."

Mummymon was flexing out towards the crowd, as they were giving him an ovation that was able to top some of the most popular stars in the real world. Arukenimon finally was able to show pride for Mummymon's recent success. Black Gatomon was sitting on top of Mummymon's hat while giving out peace signs to the ever-cheering crowd.

"Yeah! Who's the man?! Who's the man?!"


"I want to bring up Hypnos and the Monster Makers. I haven't heard much from them, but I do know Shibumi is working on a new set of cards. I'm looking forward to what new projects he has in the future. Yamaki halted his Juggernaut project for good. All I can say is thank god. He's learned the error of his ways. I'd also like to send my gratitude to him and the other Hypnos team. As for Dark Magimon, well you could say that he's enjoying the rest of his life in eternal digi limbo. I can just see him getting his ass whipped by King Devimon right about now."


Digital Limbo

Dark Magimon cries out and starts running across the barren landscape. King Devimon, sporting a halo, shoots down powerful blasts in order to get himself of the evil wizard. The devil king looked none too happy ever since Magimon betrayed him and was craving for payback. Now he gets to have his way with Magimon for all of eternity. Burizalor, Virus and the other deceased villains laugh away at the imp's antics.

"Ha-Ha!" Virus laughs out.

"Make that a double Ha-Ha!" replied Burizalor.

"Screw you guys! I'm getting the hell out of here!" Dark Magimon screams out.

"Respect my authority!" bellows King Devimon.


"Michael and Betamon are now making a big time success back in New York. Michael has already become a professional hockey player for the New York Islanders, plus Betamon has offered to be their leading mascot. But I don't think he would be big enough just yet. Oh well, back to the drawing board."


Michael goes shooting a perfect swing shot and starts holding up a fist in triumphant victory. Betamon was cheering on in the background.


"I'd also like to send thanks to those who helped us defeat Demon while the D-Reaper was kicking our asses. Again, I say: Thank you. We hope to know you're identities. I know for one thing that you've helped our cause."


Looking on towards the sunrise, nineteen-year old Yugi Muto holds his Millennium Puzzle proudly. An image of the pharaoh, Yami, appears before Yugi with a smile.

"We helped save the world, Yami. I'm proud of our efforts."


Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars give their salutes to the heavens as a way to show their respects to the heroes who helped extinguish the D-Reaper.


"And last but not least. It's down to Sora and me. Well what can I say? Sora and I have now been married for five years after a long-time relationship. We have a son of our own and his name is Max. He's about the same age as Keke, but this little guy has developed a sense of adventure much like my own and has the tender heart as his mother. I've already become a pro soccer player here in Japan and we've had our share of wins and losses, but I was the team's leading score man, which was a plus. Well, I better conclude this journal entry because I'm going out with my son and wife to see Dorothy. Dorothy's digimon has improved and that be greatly contributed to the fact that these two are the reincarnations of the two D-Reapers. This is Tai Kamiya saying peace out."

Tai stretches out his arms and turns to see Agumon looking right up at him.

"You ready, Tai?"

"As I ever will be. Let's go."

As soon as they headed out, they meet up with Sora, Max, and Biyomon at the front door. Max looked a bit like his father, but has his mother's crimson eyes and his father's trademark smirk. He was wearing a gray t-shirt, a pair of black running pants and tennis shoes.

"All right, let's go."

They soon got into their family car and started to head off towards the park. Because standing at the entrance was none other than Dorothy and Avengemon.

Tai parked his car and got out with his entire family. Dorothy smiled and walked right over to Tai. She was now fifteen years of age and looked as beautiful as ever. She now Sora's height and her gorgeous blonde hair was hung past her shoulders.

"Hey, Taichi. You finally came. So, are we ready for another training session?"

"Yeah. My wife is cool with it as along as we all make it back before dinner time."

"Dorothy! So, is Avengemon going to get any stronger soon?" asked Max.

"We'll see, little guy. He's definitely improved but we're still not at the level that Tai and Agumon are at. But we'll eventually become strong."

"Plus, you're welcome to join us for dinner afterwards, Dorothy," Sora said, "We've saved you a special seat."

"Thank you. You're very gracious."

As soon as Agumon warp-digivolved into War Greymon, he turned to face Avengemon as they gave each other a nod.

"Goodbye, Sora," Tai said as he kissed her. "We'll be back."

"Dad! Can I come this time around? Please can I?"

"Well… Let's ask your mother first."

"Can I mom?!"

"Sure, why not? Besides, you don't have any school this week. I'm with fine with as long as you simply watch the training and not get yourself involved."

"Awww, mom…"

"Don't 'mom' me," Sora teased.

Tai picks up Max and placed the boy next to him. War Greymon was getting ready to launch out towards the islands.

"Ready to go, Max?"

"Yeah! Lets go!"

"All right, War Greymon! We're ready!"

"Hang on tight!"

With that said, Dorothy hopped onto Avengemon's back as he and War Greymon both set off into the skies above and out towards the location of the secret training islands off the shores of Odaiba. Sora and Biyomon go looking on as they waved over.

"Have a good training session and come back before dinner time!"

As soon as both War Greymon and Avengemon were flying off, Tai, Max and Dorothy both looked down at the beautiful, blue oceans from below.


Shintomon's Sacred Sancutary

Shintomon, X and Keke looked on graciously toward the crystal ball. A smile forms across the girl's face.

"Don't they look so happy, X?"

"Yes and that's the way they should be."

"Don't you think you ought to reveal you're identity to them, X?" Shintomon asked.

"Not yet, Shintomon. Time will tell when I shall reveal my identity. For now, I want Tai and the others to enjoy life. Max. You shall carry on your father's legacy…"

With that said, the masked warrior places his hand on the orb and a tear comes seeping through his mask. Keke takes notice of this and nods.

"Don't worry, Tai. Sora. Everyone else. You'll know my identity soon enough…"


"So, are you ready to train, son?"

"Of course! I'm ready for anything! I want to get just as strong as you."

"All right! Lets get stronger, us! We're off on the start of a brand, new adventure," Tai cried out.

As soon as he said that, War Greymon and Avengemon both soared off into the sunrise ahead of them and towards the training islands. Just then, they saw two images ahead of them. Tai looks on and a smirk forms on his face.

"Matt. Long time no see, bud."

The figures were revealed to be Metal Garurumon and Matt. A smirk forms on the blonde young man's face.

"I told you that you owe me a rematch, Tai."


"Oh cool! Matt and Tai's partners are going to go at it! This is something I want to see!" Max exclaimed.

"You just got you're wish," Dorothy replied.

Dorothy lends Max a hand and sets him onto Avengemon's back. Tai and Matt pointed out in command to their digimon partners. War Greymon and Metal Garurumon flew out to one another as the two attempted to finish the fight they never ended. Max looks on with excitement. War Greymon hurls his Terra Force, while Metal Garurumon spits out his Metal Wolf Claw. The two attacks collided with one another. Tai and Matt were pleased over the results. Now would be the perfect time to train each other to their power's limitations.

With no enemies to attempt to destroy the worlds, the Digi-Destined and the Tamers have taken advantage to the true time of peace. However, they would arise to stop whatever attempts to challenge their authority.

"And this is only the first step into a brand, new adventure…"

[Digimon Tamers second ending theme "Days ~Aijou to Nichijou" plays]

[Preview with Digimon Frontier evolution theme "With the Will" playing]

Tai: Hi, it's me Tai! Our adventure continues into the fourth and final season!

Max: Yay! I'm finally a star, dad! Hey! You're a kid again, dad!

Izzy: No! Tai! You just knocked down my latest invention! It's sort of a modern-day fountain of youth!

Tai: Crap and how am I going to tell this to Sora?

Sora: HOLY CRAP! How can I explain the fact that my marriage is to an eleven year old?!

Tai: But I think I like being little!

Kari: You're so cute for you're age, Tai.

Max: Great, now I'm almost as tall as my dad.

Shintomon: I was afraid of this. We'll have to use the black digicores, since Azulongmon's digicores are inactivate as we speak.

Tai: Really? Where can we find them?

X: They're in another Digital World. It's different from yours and the one the D-Reaper came from.

Tai & Max: What?! You mean there's another Digital World?!

Takuya: What?! Are you sure we're needed back, Seraphimon?!

Seraphimon: Yes, there's a situation concerning the Black Digicores.

Takuya: We're there! I better call Zoe, JP, Kouji, Kouichi and Tommy about this. There goes my vacation plans.

Zoe: Next time on Digimon Fusion Frontier, episode one!

The Mystery of the Black Digicores! Taichi Kamiya Turned Back into a Kid?!

Max: Don't you miss the debut episode!


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