Lady Lunic

Disclaimer:I don't own Dragon Ball/Z/GT i tried collecting the Dragon Balls but everytime i touched one they turned to gold and dissapeared.

See i found my old copy, and i rewrote it so it's better now. ***************** Videl woke up one morning. Today was her daughter Pan's birthday and she didn't know what to get her. Pan was 8 years old now. For previous birthdays she taught her to fly, do ki blasts, sense ki and more martial arts. The only thing Son Pan hadn't learnt was Instant Transmission, and like your going to teach that to an eight year old trouble maker.

Videl walked into the living room only to find Pan sitting down with a tiny Saber Tooth Tiger on her lap. She smiled.

'She got Gohan's present' she thought as Pan looked up at her.

"Mom, look what Daddy got me" Pan said excitedly as her mother walked into the kitchen. She found her husband writing on sheets of paper. Most proberly for his job.

**You have a conference coming up don't you?** Videl asked through their bond. He looked up at her.

**Yes But I'm here for Panny's Birthday** Gohan answered

Pan raised her ki. The two looked at her.

"Stop talking like that, i never know if your talking about me or not" Pan said "I've decided on a name"

"What are you going to call her Panny?" Gohan asked

"Kitania" Pan answered "After Grandma Panna it was her middle name"

Videl frowned. "Dad told you didn't he?" Videl asked

"Ofcourse he did, you don't tell me anything"

"It's for your own safety"

By now both had raised their voices.

"She's my grandmother"

"The less you know, the more safer you are"

"WhaT?" Pan said "Was she murdered or something?"

Videl stopped and froze. she'd never put the peices together but now they fit.

Gohan stood up. "Panny go to your room for a while please"



Pan flew to her room.
Meanwhile later that day PAn and Videl were shopping. They had been for a few hours.

"Oh how about this lovely d...?" Videl started

"No" Pan snapped as her mother pointed to a gi shop.

"How about a new g..?"


Videl would into a shop entitled, 'Bandana's R Us'. Pan followed.

Videl saw a black one with Hercule on it.

"How about this one..."

"NO" Pan cut in"

"For your father" Videl finished

PAn laughed, she knew how much he hated him. Pan picked up an orange bandana, she tried it on.

"MOM?" she called

"Yes munchkin?" Videl asked

"I want this one?" Pan said

"May I?" Videl corrected

"May i have this one.....please"

Videl nodded and paied for it. And to this day she is very rarely seen without it. That is until she gave it to Gylu. but she got it back in the end.


See i told you it stated the plainfully obvious. He he. Let me know your thoughts.