Daddys Girl

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Synopsis:Vegeta seems like an arrogant guy, but what happens when his wife Bulma Briefs gives birth to a baby girl whom was named appropriatly as Bra? Could this Saiyan Prince have a soft spot for his little princess? How will this affect the young girls life?

Chapter 1 - A New Addition

Sitting in the waiting room of the Satan City Hospital. Oh yes this was just the place our favourite Saiyan Prince would like to be spending his day. AS if, he would much rather be sparring. Something inside him told him that he would enjoy the birth of his Demi Saiyan Brat. Vegeta narrowed his eyes and looked across the room. He spotted Goku next to ChiChi who he had dubbed the Harpy. He smirked to himself.

"Kakerot, when this is over you have a blasted appointment with me, and my gravity room" Vegeta sneered

"But Vegeta, Bulma's giving birth to your second child" Goku said innocently "Isn't that more important?" Goku asked as a deafly scream filled the hospital. Videl who was sitting next to Gohan jumped. Looking at her you could tell that she was obviosly pregnant 4 monthes at least.

"Damn that Woman, if Vegeta doesn't kill her I will" Videl snapped as she felt Gohan wrap his arm around her waist. "What?"

"Don't be like that" Gohan answered

"Oh give me a break cut of the mushy crap" Vegeta said as he was hit on the head with a frypan. "Ouch Harpy what was..." Vegeta started but he was hit on the head again. "Ouch control her Kakerot"

At this moment a teenage Trunks and Goten walked up to the group smiling. Trunks had a peice of paper in his hand as did Goten.

"You sure look happy Trunks?" Gohan asked

"Course i do, that hot looking nurse just gave me her phone number" Trunks answered, "Has mom given birth yet?" a deadly scream filled the halls. Trunks sweatdropped. "I guess not"

"You got that right" Videl snapped "And if she doesn't i'll personally kill her and the brat she's carrying"

To break the tension. Goku did what he could think of and laughed. Just so happened that the others did too.

"Whoa Videl, you sounded just like Dad for a second" Trunks teased.

Videl's eyes flared, her ki was flaring. Gohan was beside her calming her down through his bond.

~Calm Down Shorty~ Gohan said



~Get the hell out of my mind~

* * * *

It was almost two hours later when Vegeta entered the room in which his wife was laying in. When he entered he almost sighed at the fact that Bulma was now finally asleep. He walked over to the crib that was placed beside the bed and looked down at the bundle. It was pink, and most of all it had a tail.

"Hmm, Welcome to the unfortunate world Brat" he whispered

"She's beautiful isn't she?" Bulma asked sitting up.

"You look like Crap Woman" Vegeta whispered placing his hand into the crib. The child immediatly rolled over and held onto his thumb."What do you mean she? I'll have nothing to do with another wretchard woman"

"I think you will with her" Bulma teased, "Can you pass her here?"

Vegeta nodded none the less and picked the child up. Her eye's were closed, her Ki wasn't that strong, but strong enough. As he handed the child to Bulma he smirked.

"She's gonna need training to beat Kakarots Brats Brat"

"Whatever you say" Bulma whispered, "Hiya Sweetie, I'd like you to meet your prick of your father"

And almost as if on cue, the little girl began to wail.

"She's definatly a daddy's girl"

"What do you mean now?"

"She loves you"

"I don't care i don't associate with wretchard woman, she'll be as bad as you and the Harpy combined"

Bulma smiled to herself. "Well beats being an arrogant Saiyan Prince from Hell"

At that moment Trunks walked in with a bouquet of flowers. He smiled at his mother. He walked over to her and hugged her.

"Hello Son, i'd like you to meet your baby sister" Bulma said passing the child to her eldest. "Her names Bra"

"Why was i expecting that?" Trunks asked as his mother smiled. "She's gonna look like you"

"Tell me about it" Vegeta drawled "I'd rather die, your training her boy, you or Kakarots second brat"

"Which reminds me, ChiChi and Goten are outside as are Goku, Videl and Gohan.." Trunks trailed off

"AND YOU HAVENT LET THEM IN YET, SEND THEM IN" Bulma snapped Trunks handed the baby to his mother and went out into the hall.

"Vegeta promise me one thing?" Bulma asked

"What is it now woman?"

"You'll protect her with your life"

"Oh brother"

Lady Lunic: Okay well this is my first try at a fic with Vegeta in it. I must admit he's not one of my favourite characters but i think there's more then meets the eye, and he adores his little princess too much.

Also if your familar with the dub you'll know that i didn't use the name Bulla......Oi what were they thinking, Sounds like the name of an Ice Cream brand Down here in Australia.

I'm actually writing this because im suffering writers block with my other fic 'Walk Me Home'. Sad.

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