Daddy's Girl

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Epilogue – You Set Me Free

Can't you see?

There's a feeling that's come over me

2 months later

Bra sat beside her father who was in his bed. She placed a cloth into a bucket filed with ice and water; she pulled it out and squeezed all the excess liquid off before placing it back on her father's forehead.

"Oh Daddy" she whispered 'Please get better' she thought to herself.

He just lay there without moving a muscle. The only muscles moving were those in his chest and even then they weren't simultaneous.

Bulma walked into the room and handed a cup of juice to her 17-year-old daughter. She smiled.

"You sure Goten was fine with you moving back home for a little while?" Bulma asked concerned

"Yeah" the teen answered, "He understands completely"

"I can look after him you know" Bulma answered sitting beside her daughter as she held her fathers hand in hers.

"Yeah I know" Bra answered "I want to be with him in case he-in case he.." she trailed off

"He'll be fine" Bulma answered "Have you ever known your father to give up a fight?"

"No" Bra answered a little happier "But he is one to get beaten remember?"

"Hmm" her mother answered looking at the man on the bed. She cried a few lone tears as she looked at him. She didn't like to see her mate in trouble like this. She didn't want to live life without him. But something inside told her she would have too.

Close my eyes

You're the only one that leaves me

Completely breathless


Gohan poured Videl and Pan a cup of coffee. The news of Vegeta over the recent two monthes had brought everyone down. He was their Saiyan Prince, and he was loosing a battle against his own health system.

"Daddy?" Pan asked innocently from beside her mother. "Mr Vegeta will be ok won't he?"

Gohan looked upset at this question. He'd been to speak with the doctors constantly to find out the condition of the man he had thought of as a second father figure while his father was dead. The news wasn't always good. However he put on a brave face for his daughter.

"Yeah" Gohan answered messing her hair up. "He'll be fine"

Videl looked at him in shock. She couldn't believe it; her husband was lying to their daughter. 'It must be worse then he told me' she thought to herself. He nodded, knowing what she was wondering.

"We should go pay Bra a visit, she'll need all the cheering up she could use" Gohan said comfortingly to his family.

"I agree" Videl answered "We should go pick up Goten as well"

"He'd be with Bra wouldn't he?" Pan asked

"No, she moved out to be with her parents for a little while" Gohan answered quiet frankly.

"They're still together aint they?" Pan looked up at her parents with her deep and meaningful black eyes. Her parents nodded.

"Bra just wants to be with her father twenty-four seven" Videl said assuring.

No need to wonder why

Sometimes we get like this you can't deny

Vegeta opened his eyes slowly. The first thing he saw? The bright blue eyes of his angel. His daughter. The light of his darkness.

"Ungh" he moaned slowly sitting up. Bra looked at his scared.

"Daddy" she cried to herself, she used her red sleeves to wipe away her tears. "Your awake"

"Yeah" he answered gently. Which was a big change. "Where's your brother?"

"He's –" Bulma choked

"I'M HOME!!" a voice called from the kitchen.

"Here" Bulma answered as she left the room to get her first-born son. Five minutes later when she entered the room she smiled. For she saw her daughter and her husband caught in a deep embrace.

"Father!" Trunks called "Your awake"

"Not for long I'm afraid," Vegeta answered gently again. Trunks looked at his father weirdly.

"Your going to the other world aren't you?" Trunks asked carefully

His father nodded solemnly. He was happy that his father would be at peace. But he didn't want him to go as of yet. They're so many things he needed to teach him. So many things that only a father can teach his son.

"Daddy" Bra whispered, "You can't go please don't go!" she was now begging him. Tears streaming down her face as her hand traced across her arm to her stomach.

He reached up and ran his hand along her cheek. She hugged his hand to her face. The warmth entering her body. He was delusional. He was freely showing his emotions. The end had to be near.

"Daddy please…I love you" she whispered, tears hitting the floor. He smirked.

"You'll be fine brat…Princess" he whispered

"You have to give me away when I get married" Bra cried, "I don't want anyone else but you to do that"

Cos I wanted to fly

So you gave me your wings

"No you don't" Vegeta answered "Get your brother to do that for me" he looked towards his son. And for the first time in years. He looked at his son caringly. "You take good care of your mother and sister, defend them with all your power"

"Yes Father" Trunks answered

"You Onna" Vegeta teased with a smirk on his face.

"I wouldn't do that, your not gone yet buddy" Bulma said with a smirk forming on her face even as tears streamed down her cheeks.

"I can sense that my time is near" Vegeta answered "Keep training, prepare for any events that may come up in the future"

"Yes" Trunks and Bra nodded.

Knock Knock

Bulma opened the door to find Videl, Gohan, Goten and Pan. She let them in, each person stood next to the bed. Goten besides Bra. Letting her cry on him.

Pan who was more a tomboy then a girl. Didn't like to show her feelings towards other. But at the moment she was leaning on Trunks who was comforting her by wrapping his arms around her. Videl had tears welling up in her eyes.

"Vegeta" Gohan whispered

"Yeah Kaker-brat?" Vegeta teased

"Say Hi to Dad for me?" Gohan asked "For all of us"

The stubborn Saiyan Prince nodded his agreement. Ashe listened to his friends talking among themselves he closed his eyes. Slowly drifting off into a peaceful sleep. Hmm friends he never thought he'd call them that. It's amazing at how the times change.

And time held its breath

So I could see, yeah


It was almost two hours later when Vegeta entered the room in which his wife was laying in. When he entered he almost sighed at the fact that Bulma was now finally asleep. He walked over to the crib that was placed beside the bed and looked down at the bundle. It was pink, and most of all it had a tail.

"Hmm, Welcome to the unfortunate world Brat" he whispered

"She's beautiful isn't she?" Bulma asked sitting up.

"You look like Crap Woman" Vegeta whispered placing his hand into the crib. The child immediately rolled over and held onto his thumb "What do you mean she? I'll have nothing to do with another wretched woman"

"I think you will with her" Bulma teased, "Can you pass her here?"

Vegeta nodded none the less and picked the child up. Her eye's were closed, her Ki wasn't that strong, but strong enough. As he handed the child to Bulma he smirked.

"She's gonna need training to beat Kakarots Brats Brat"

"Whatever you say," Bulma whispered, "Hiya Sweetie, I'd like you to meet your prick of your father"

And almost as if on cue, the little girl began to wail.

"She's definitely a daddy's girl"

"What do you mean now?"

"She loves you"

"I don't care I don't associate with wretched woman, she'll be as bad as you and the Harpy combined"

You set me free

Bra was healthy baby girl and she was now on the bottle. Not only that but she was a smart one too. She was playing with blocks already, she was putting puzzles together, and she was kicking allot. That comes from her mother. The smartass attitude was from her father.

"You are your fathers daughter" Bulma answered,

"You got that right" a voice called from the kitchen. Bulma was frightened when she heard it, but eased when she realised it was just Vegeta. Wait a minute Vegeta was home, now? It wasn't dinnertime. What was he doing out of the Gravity room now.

She smirked at him. "So you decided to play some role in your daughters life"

"Not really, where's my food" Vegeta said as dropped his bag on the floor.

"Woman" Bra said

"No, No, No sweetie, that's not a nice word to..." Bulma said as shock hit her. "Bra just spoke"

"Woman" Bra repeated,

"You mean she hasn't done that before?" Vegeta asked


"No, she's only 8 monthes old" Bulma answered as she ran to the desk and pulled out a book and a pen. "ok what's the time?"

"Blasted Woman check for yourself?" Vegeta answered, 'That's my princess' he thought to himself

There's a will

There's a way

Bulma sat at the table in Capsule Corporation sipping her coffee. She looked at Videl across from her and both girls got a huge smile on their face and then broke out in laughter.

"It was funny wasn't it?" Videl asked

"Oh yeah" Bulma answered as two, two year old toddlers walked up to the two. Pan pulled on Videl's pants, Videl looked down at her.

"What's up munchkin" Videl asked putting her daughter on her lap. Bulma did the same with Bra.

"Daddy's clothes are gonna stick to him" Bra said proudly

"That's her father coming out in her" Videl answered as Bulma laughed

"Way to go Bra"

All four girls giggled.

A strained scream was heard from the floor above.


Sometimes words just can't explain

This is real, I'm afraid

Vegeta stood with his arms folded a tiny smile visible on his face. Bulma smirked she knew he was proud, deep down he really was.

Bra looked up at Vegeta. He looked down and didn't know what came over him but he knelt down and hugged her tightly. Bra began to cry.

"What are you blubbering for now Princess?"

"I'm gonna miss you Daddy!!"

"Don't be a wimp, no wimps are allowed in my family"

Bra wiped away her tears and hugged him again.

"Have fun…" he whispered so low he thought only Bra could hear him. "Princess"

And with that Bra ran off. Bulma walked over to Vegeta who was standing up again. He watched the little girl walk into the classroom and put her bag on the bench before sitting down at a table. And for one moment Vegeta couldn't control his emotions as a lone tear trailed it's way down his cheek.

I guess this time there's just no high in flying

You make me restless

That night Vegeta was in the bathroom. He grabbed a bottle of shampoo from the medicine cabinet and picked up a bottle of honey. He was going to get the princess back for breaking into his GR room.

Smiling to himself, he placed the 'Shampoo' back in the cabinet and left the room waiting for his daughter to wash her hair. He knew she loved her hair, but she would pay for what she did.

1 hour later

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" a woman screamed from the shower as she ran into the living room where Trunks, Goten and Bra sat.

"Which one of you did this to my hair?" Bulma asked pointing to her sticky hair.

"I don't know, but it smells nice" Goten said smiling

"Now, tell me?" Bulma said

"I don't know but i think my ears are deceiving me, I thought I just heard Dad laugh" Trunks said

Walking into the GR room, Trunks looked around eagerly, he had hear right, he saw his father in a fit of laughter, however that quickly ended when Bulma entered the room.

"YOU DID THIS DIDN'T YOU?" Bulma snapped at her husband. He stared at her hair and paled. The prank had failed.

"OH DAMNIT" he whispered as he saw Bra behind Bulma's legs. "That was meant for her!!"

"VEGETA" Bulma hissed, "I thought I told you, your not to get even with the children!! You're not setting a good enough example"

You're in my heart

The only light that shines there in the dark

Vegeta looked at himself in the mirror. He had a moustache, and he happened to like it allot. He felt it made him look more manlier then his muscles did. His dad had a moustache, and now he was finally getting one.

He walked out into the living room where he saw Bra looking through a magazine. She smiled as she circled all the clothes she was going to get.

"Oh Hey Daddy?" she whispered surprising her father. "I've never told you before, but you should really shave that moustache off, it doesn't make you good looking, mom thinks so anyway" she put her book down and leaned on the edge of the sofa.

"Do you think I care what the woman says?" Vegeta hollered

"Probably not but I don't think it looks that good either" she turned and dropped herself on the sofa. "I'm not going to let you train me anymore, unless you get rid of it"

He flinched. "Who else is going to train you Princess?"

"I don't know, Gohan said he'd be more then happy to train me" Bra smirked

"Blasted Women, you all act alike!!" he mumbled walking off. She smirked to herself.

"He'll get it done," she whispered triumphantly

Cos I wanted to fly

So you gave me your wings

Bra woke up the following morning to find a tray of food beside her. She sat up and sipped the juice. How ever leapt back under the covers when saw a man sitting across the room.

"Brat get out of the blankets" Vegeta hissed

"What are you doing here?" she whispered sitting up and placing the tray on her lap.

"That damn Onna forced me" Vegeta hollered

"why did you need to baby sit me last night?" Bra asked sipping her juice again.

"I wasn't baby sitting you that's that damn Onna's job"

"You were baby sitting me….Goten's not gonna let anything happen to me"

"Don't say it" Vegeta demanded



"Loves me"


"Daddy please, I know you care for him like your own, if you really loved me you'd only care about my happiness not what you feel about him"

"I guess your right"

"So can I take it that this is your official Apology?"

And with that Bra hugged her father dearly.

And time held its breath

So I could see, yeah

You set me free

Bulma placed a wet cloth on her husband's forehead. She was really worried. He hadn't been himself for the past few days. He was getting sick, and it was awfully rare for a saiyan to get sick as bad as he was now.

"Vegeta I'm worried about you" Bulma whispered holding his hand tightly. "I never knew shopping could take this much out of you"

"Don't worry about me woman!!" Vegeta hollered quietly

"Vegeta, don't be stubborn" Bulma hissed

"I'll be fine"

"You say that now…but you're not in good shape"

"I'll be fine DAMNIT!"

"Vegeta please"

With that Vegeta got to his feet, took the cloth off his head. He looked at the woman. "I WILL BE F-F-"


End Flashbacks

When I was alone (when I was alone)

You came around, when I was down

1 week later

Prince Vegeta

Saiyan Race

Ancient Civilisation




Bra cried as she read the tombstone. She couldn't believe this was happening. No! her head screamed. Her heart felt like it was being torn apart. She loved her father more then anything and she didn't want to live without him. She traced her hand along the word Honour.

"Oh Daddy" she whispered bringing her hand to her belly. "I wish you were here to witness the birth of your first grandchild"

The wind whistled softly as she cried. This was it. The last time she'd get to say goodbye to her dear old father. She did have lots of good memories, but still it wouldn't be the same as him not being here. She got to her feet and placed a rose on the bed of dirt.

'Good luck with Mr Son Dad' she whispered. And then she walked off. Walked off out of the cemetery. The wind whistling as she did so. But she could've sworn that as she excited she heard three words her father hardly ever to her.

I love you!

You pulled me through

You proved there's nothing that I wouldn't do for you

5 years later

The Z warriors sat in the seats of the Martial Arts World Tournament. Videl was sitting beside Bra, Chichi and Bulma. Over the years the pain from Vegeta's death had subsided. It still hurt, especially when she looked at her.

"This should be a good match don't you think?" Bulma asked her daughter

"Yeah" Bra whispered, her long blue hair up in a high ponytail, with a red ribbon finishing the look to match her red shirt, and black hipster pants. "Have you heard from Pan yet?"

"No" Videl answered sadly "After she fell pregnant she ran off from home, I don't know why, she hasn't even told Gohan, and neither have I, his emotions make him even stronger, especially anger he'd kill her and me too"

"Hmm" ChiChi answered, "I could have a great grand baby you know"

The three-woman sweat dropped at their friend.

Cos I wanted to fly

So you gave me your wings

"WE'D LIKE TO WELCOME YOU ALL TO THE WORLD MARTIAL ARTS CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL BOUT" The host shouted through his microphone causing Bra, Bulma, Videl and Chichi to look towards the ring. "PLEASE WELCOME SON GOKU"

"Hey look that kid looks like…." Videl trailed off

"Goku" ChiChi, Bra and Bulma answered in chorus. It was true this kid looked like an exact replica of Goku Son. Down to the hair and even the Gi. He stood in the middle of the ring and began to warm up.

And time held its breath

So I could see, yeah


Bra smiled proudly as her son walked into the ring. He was five years old. He had black hair, which stood up tall. Lets just say he looks exactly like his grandfather. VEGETA. Right down to the blue spandex he had on.

Bra felt an arm encircle her waist. She looked to her side to see her husband. Son Goten. She leaned into his warmth and smiled at the life she had. And as she watched her son battle it out with what had to be her best friends child she could've sworn she heard a familiar voice.



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