Breaking the trance first, Pocahontas ran to John, placing her arms around him tightly.

"You should really trust me when I say that everything will be alright," Pocahontas said as she kissed him lovingly.

"I shall keep that in mind," John replied as the two drifted out of the longhouse towards a better life.

They saw Nakoma and Cocoum, standing off in a corner of the village Horan and Rika dancing around them and it was Pocahontas that broke from one of John's kisses.

"Darling, I have to speak to Cocoum for a moment," Pocahontas explained and took John's hand and walked over to the two who were locked in a deep kiss.

"Cocoum, may I speak with you?"

Pocahontas inquired softly, blushing a little as Cocoum released Nakoma's lips reluctantly and turned to stare at her a little unsurely.


She took him off to the side and gave him a friendly hug that after a few moments he returned it surprising Pocahontas.

"Cocoum, I want to apologize, for everything, everything we fought about growing up, for nearly getting you killed, for the hell you must have been through in England," she stopped and took a breath, "I'm surprised I didn't see you there, I was in London, with John Rolfe but that's another story."

"Pocahontas, what happened there was not your fault," Cocoum assured her and Pocahontas looked perturbed for a second.

"Will you tell me what happened someday?" she asked hesitantly and Cocoum stiffened but bowed his head at her.

"Someday, yes," he said and Pocahontas could sense the pain in his voice, the way his face twisted in pain and his hands strayed to the leather bondings that covered his wrists. Whatever had happened in England still haunted him, Pocahontas noticed sadly but looking at Nakoma she knew Cocoum would be all right. Nakoma loved him as John loved her that was all they needed.

Pocahontas smiled over at John fondly before turning her gaze back to Cocoum.

"I know that even though we are bonded by leadership, I hope we can become real friends, instead of two people having petty arguments," Pocahontas offered her hand and Cocoum smirked but took hold and clasped her hand tightly.

"But that's what makes us special, arguments," Cocoum argued with her jokingly and Pocahontas giggled.

"Well then I hope we have many more," Pocahontas said cheekily and Cocoum laughed and swung her up onto his shoulder running with her down to the small river to dunk her under the water.

John stood with Nakoma watching Cocoum run away with his future wife and he looked forlornly at Nakoma who turned to him cocking her head to one side questioningly. John obviously had something to say but he was having trouble saying it.

"Nakoma I am sorry." John apologized remembering how he had carelessly flung her aside at the longhouse and Nakoma only smiled shaking her head as she reached out a hand to John's cheek.

"Peace John, I do not need your apologies," she told him and John looked over at Cocoum and Pocahontas who were arguing, both soaked from taking a dip in the river. Pocahontas was accusing him of being unfair and Cocoum was arguing back quite happily.

"What happens now?" John asked Nakoma who shrugged but her eyes told him she knew what had to be done.

"I don't know, the English will no doubt want to go through the treaty details and who better to talk with them than and Englishman husband-to-be of a native Princess?" Nakoma asked him and John laughed pulling her to him for a hug.

"Nakoma, you are a wonder," John told her gruffly still hugging onto her and Nakoma pulled back to look up at him.

"As are you John Smith," she smiled and John returned the smile only to have Cocoum come between them and he swung Nakoma into his arms pressing her to his wet body and she squealed in protest.

"Quiet woman," Cocoum teased her running down to the river and John looked over at Pocahontas who smiled mysteriously at him before grabbing his hand and pulling him down to the river with Cocoum and Nakoma, and John didn't resist, he didn't want to.