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A/N - A plot bunny that developed into a short one-shot. I do enjoy torturing Lucius Malfoy. This fiction is written with the idea of horror/erotica and contains explicit and graphic descriptions of sexual acts. If this is not to your taste or you are underage, please do not read.

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A flicker of light flashed by, just...there. Lucius spun on his heel to try and catch the point of scarlet brilliance that danced just along the edge of his peripheral vision. Nothing. His narrowed eyes searched the bedroom, penetrating the shadows that undulated and swerved in the flickering glow of lantern light.

Odd. He was certain he had seen something flit past his left cheekbone as he bent to remove his boots. He lifted his wand from the bed and gave it a short snap. "Lumos," he barked and the shadows were dispelled in the brightened glow of the lantern.

The bedchamber looked no different. Nothing was out of place. Decorated in masculine hues of evergreen and walnut brown, it served to remind him of his wealth, power and prestige. The soaring ceiling with its ornamental crown molding, the hand carved linen-fold paneling that covered the walls, lent an air of warm, rich decadence and Lucius smiled in haughty pleasure. Only the best for a Malfoy, especially the patriarch.

He shrugged once, dismissing the flash of movement as a trick of the eye and a little too much red wine at this last Dark Revel. He stripped off his bloodstained clothes, tossing them into a far corner. One of the house elves, cringing little vermin, would dispose of them. He wasn't concerned. He never wore his better apparel to one of these gatherings, knowing they would be ruined and unfit for wear by the time the evening ended.

A cheery fire crackled in the grand fireplace that faced his enormous bed. It gave off enough heat to warm the entire room and Lucius strolled naked to a small sideboard, embellished with exquisite marquetry. Firelight winked off the cut crystal decanter and snifters that rested on its surface and he poured himself a generous dram of brandy. His nostrils twitched in appreciation at the earthy scents of spice and oak that drifted up from the glass.

He stepped up onto the high, four poster bed and stretched out on his back, resting the brandy snifter on his bare belly and indulged in the silky feel of rich fabric as it shifted against his back and buttocks. It had been an entertaining evening and he felt replete, glutted on rich food and drink, blood and the orgiastic debauchery of sex under Imperius. His cock stiffened with the memory of the young half-blood wife of a Ministry peon. Jamie Ferguson had been far too zealous in his job of conducting raids for illegal magical artifacts. Several Death Eaters had too many close calls with him and his band. It became necessary to exterminate him.


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