Chapter2 Now it gets interesting. BUMBUMBUM!

Victoria: Hey Where didthat music come frome?

Dusty: oh sorry that was me I was just trying to set the mood

Victoria: Whatever

Anyway on with the story

Raven: oh Beastboy you're soooo cute!(

Beastboy: What is with you? LET ME GO!

Raven: (let's go of him)

Beastboy: Finally

Raven: ( in her mind: What am I doing?)

Beastboy: ( finally realizes what is goining on) Wow raven this is so sudden!(

Raven: So What!

Beastboy: hey Raven want to go to the movies?

Raven: (blushes) with you? . sure (smiles slightly)

At the movies

Beastboy: Two tickets to "love at first sight "please

Person in Ticket booth: first door to your right

Raven: Oh thank you!( (puts her arm around Beastboy) Oh beastboy!(

Beastboy: ( In his mind: Raven's not acting herself at all I like it!()

Victoria: well sorry Writer's block

Dusty: Writer's block attacks!

V&D: Untill Next time.