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The circumstances surrounding Simone's marriage to Tony DiMera, are revealed.

Countess Simone DiMera, pulled her black fur coat up around her. She was not cold, but she shivered from all of the stares she was receiving, on her way back to the limo.

Thanksgiving was a few weeks away and already, the store shops had Christmas decorations up. Looking at them depressed her.

She had just come from one of the most exclusive spa's in Harmony, after Tony sent her there for a day of pampering...and cheering up. The last three months had not been easy on her.

Tony's driver, a man named Hugo, opened the passenger door for her. Simone smiled at him, still somewhat embarrassed at being chauffeured around in this thing. But in this area, limo's weren't uncommon.

She got in and Hugo closed the door after her. Simone leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. She then, let her mind go back in time. She did that almost everyday.

Starting with that horrible night three months ago. The night Simone found out just how low her mother, Eve Crane, truly was. Eve Crane. Never, in a million years, did she ever think that would name would belong to her mother. Crane.

Simone still remembered the Harmony University sweatshirt she had been wearing, as she sat across from John Hastings in the Bennett kitchen. Kay had come over from Tabitha's, and the three of them had begun gossiping on how anyone would begin to find Abe Carver, who was the Harmony Sasquatch, even if Tony DiMera did have a cure for him?

The mere mention of Tony's name, had caused John to begin belittling Tony. Kay had joined in as well. Simone remembered feeling John's eyes on her, as she grew quieter and quieter. Finally, he asked her if she agreed with them.

Simone admitted, that while she was disappointed in some of things Tony had done, he had been a friend to her, and that she was glad he had not been killed in the Himalayas. Kay had stared at her as if she had grown two heads or something! She reminded Simone of all that Tony DiMera, and his family, had done to hers. John said that Kay shouldn't have to remind her of any of this. Then he said that they should all hope and pray that Tony just turned over the cure for Abe, then went back to Salem.

At that moment, the three of them had heard the front door open, then slam. Simone had thought that she had been saved from having to comment about Tony at all. It would turn out that the topic of Tony DiMera, would be the least of her concerns that evening.

John was the first to leave the kitchen, followed by Kay, then Simone. What they saw when they entered the front room, was a half hysterical Grace, an angry Sam, and a sympathetic looking John and Marlena Black.

John had asked what was the matter. Sam asked him where his damned father was! Simone remembered taking a step back. Everyone knew that Sam was resentful of David Hastings, and what he meant to Grace, but to refer to him like that, couldn't be good!

Kay reluctantly walked over to her parents, asking what was wrong. Grace stopped crying briefly, then looked past Kay, and at John and Simone. She then burst out crying again.

Simone remembered Marlena looking at John Black, and saying something about how the sedative was taking a long time to kick in. Simone had then looked back at Grace. Marlena had given Grace a sedative? What in the world for?

Sam walked up to John(her John!) and asked him, once again, where the hell his father was?! John didn't back down, and told him that he wanted to know WHY he wanted to know where his father was?

Grace then called him over to her. John went to her, and she put her hands on his face, crying the whole time. She then shook her head and began sobbing that John was not her baby.

It was at that moment, that Simone really began to feel that something was drastically wrong. She could see that John did not understand what his mother was talking about. One funny thing Simone did remember though, was when she glanced at Kay, she got the distinct impression that she did indeed know, what her mother was going on about!

Finally, Sam broke it down. He told the three of them, that Ivy Winthrop had confessed to hiring John's father, to portray Grace's long lost husband.

There was a silence. John looked at Simone, who moved to stand next to him. Simone then spoke, and reminded Sam that he should know, better than anyone, what a damned liar Ivy Winthrop was! Simone also reminded Sam that her own mother had performed the DNA tests, that proved that John was Grace's son.

That was when someone in the room coughed loudly, and Grace stopped crying and began staring at Simone. Grace then began screaming at Simone, about how her mother had betrayed her!

Simone had clutched John's arm tightly, suddenly fearful. She had known Grace Bennett all of her life. Simone had always thought of the woman as a second or third mother(maybe Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald was more a number 2 Mom than Grace). Grace had rarely, if ever, raised her voice to her or anyone else, except for maybe Kay.

Kay told her mother to calm down, and Grace suddenly focused in on her, and asked her point blank if she had known about what Ivy and Eve had done all along. Kay began stuttering, and that was when Simone began to panic! She could always tell when Kay was lying, and she had been clearly doing so at that moment!

Simone let go of John and walked up to Sam, the only rational, familiar person left in the room. She asked him what Grace meant. The look he gave her was almost sympathetic.

Sam then told them, that Ivy admitted to them, that Eve doctored the DNA tests, so that they would come up positive! Simone began to yell, then John. Simone asked why her mother would do something so cruel? She also reminded everyone that Ivy couldn't be trusted to tell the truth, citing the example of her fake paralysis!

John agreed, and told Sam that his father would've never been party to such a scheme. But Grace was still hissing at Kay. She told her daughter that the closeness she saw between Ivy and Kay, was now making sense. That Kay knew what was going on and said nothing, all because of Kay's imaginary feelings, that Grace favored Charity over Kay!

That was when Kay hit the roof! She told Grace that she had never imagined that, then told her mother that there was many a day that she had wanted to laugh in her face, and tell her how stupid she had been!

There had been a dead silence then. Sam walked over to Kay and asked her if she knew what Ivy had said to be true. Kay teared up, for even Simone knew, that however Kay felt about Grace, she adored Sam. She then began to nod and cry at the same time!

Simone began shaking her head wildly, asking once again, why her mother would do something like this? Grace looked over at her, and asked wasn't it obvious? That back then, Eve was desperate for no one to find out about her past, with her current husband, Julian Crane.

Simone had had it with all of these people bad mouthing her mother! Yes, the woman had made a lot of mistakes, one of them being leaving a great man like her father, T.C. Russell, for the likes of a scumbag like Julian Crane! Worse yet, reproducing with the creep, thus giving the man more children, that he would probably, more than likely, mistreat!

But, the Eve Russell...Crane, that Simone knew, would never willingly hurt someone like this, just to hide a secret! She would've come clean first, before hurting someone like this, especially Grace Bennett, who was her best friend! Plus, her mother had to know what a secret like this would do to her and John...

Simone rushed out of the house, past John and Marlena Black, who were still watching the fray from the corner. Sam and Grace, who had seemingly pulled herself together, and John, followed her outside. They then headed over the Crane estate to confront Eve.

Simone was never more horrified, or ashamed, when she pounded on the door, along with John, Sam and Grace, only to have a maid tell them that the Cranes had left for the airport, and were off on a trip and could not be reached. Grace then looked at Sam, and remembered that she thought she saw Julian and Eve sneaking out of the Village Hall, when Ivy began going off.

John then looked at the three of them, telling them that his father was the only person they could count on to tell them the truth. He then looked at Sam and told him that he would be seeing his father...alone!

Simone then went home, to the Russell house, and spent the worst night she could've ever imagined. She didn't get much sleep, and she wondered why John hadn't called? Surely, he had learned something by now!

By morning, a sleep deprived Simone, could not stand it any longer. She got in her car and drove over to Harmony University. She had to see John. She had to know what he found out.

As Simone walked down his hallway, she prayed he was not home. For if that were the case, then that might explain why he had been unable to call. But if he opened the door, Simone would then know, that he had willingly let her worry all night.

She knocked on his door three times. Simone had then felt a kind of relief. He wasn't in there. That meant he was somewhere else. Granted, that didn't explain why he didn't call, but it helped her piece of mind. That was, until the door whipped open, and John in his undershorts, and looking quite bleary eyed, squinted down at her. His response to her was, 'what'?

Simone's eyes moved from John, to a foot she saw tangled in the sheets on his bed. Simone looked at him, then shoved her way in the room! What she saw and heard, could never, ever, be forgotten.

Kay jumped up, looking shocked %$$#! John slammed the door behind her, then turned to stare at her. Simone had looked from one to the other, then demanded an explanation!

John then spoke. He told her that his 'explanation' was that it was over between them, that her mother was a lying slut, and that now that Kay was no longer his sister, he could express an attraction to her he had always felt, even when he was with Simone!

Kay had jumped up out of the bed, trying to cover herself. She told Simone that John didn't mean anything he had said, and that what happened was an 'accident'! That they had both been drunk and before they both knew it, they had ended up in bed together.

Simone didn't look at John, but just continued to stare at Kay. There was a part of her that wanted to punch Kay the hell out! There was a part of her that wanted to knife John Hastings!

But, there was a big part of her that knew that person to blame for this, was Dr. Eve Crane! And that once again, she would have to suffer the shame, and the consequences, for something her mother had done! Simone had turned, whipped open the dorm room door and left it open. She hurried down the hall, tears blurring her vision, as she bumped into other students.

Once in her car, Simone let the tears freely fall, as she headed to the hospital to see the one person she could count on...her daddy.

But when she got into the lot and parked, Simone was overcome with emotion, and exhaustion. She still couldn't believe that John was blaming her for this. She just couldn't believe it.

It was a sudden knock against her window, that caused Simone to jump. She looked over, bleary eyed, only to see Tony DiMera, staring back at her, his expression one of sympathy.

Simone unlocked her door and slowly got out. Tony then opened his arms, and she willingly went into them, sobbing so hard, that she knew her words were incoherent to him.

He then shushed her, and told her that they would go someplace to talk. That place, ended up being his mansion.

Simone then told Tony everything: Ivy Winthrop's statement, her own mother's betrayal, along with John's.

Tony told her to put it out of her mind, and that she looked so tired, maybe she should stay there and get some rest? Simone nodded. It was nice to have someone on her side, for once.

It was evening when Simone awoke. She got up and looked over at a digital clock. She suddenly felt ashamed that she had burdened Tony so, and got up, opened the door, and looked for the nearest staircase. She found it, went downstairs, where she found Tony lounging in the living room.

He stood up from the sofa, when she entered the room. Simone thanked him for letting her stay there, but that now she needed to go and see her father. He needed to know what her mother had done.

Tony reached out to touch her arm. He told her that she spent too much time looking out for others, and that now, someone needed to look out for her. He came up with a suggestion of going out and having some fun: in Las Vegas!

Simone had laughed out loud, thinking with all that had happened, how could she possibly think of having fun, much less going to Las Vegas with a man, that was probably a good 30 years older than her? Her father would have a fit!

But then Simone thought of that morning, and finding John and Kay together. And John had been so spiteful! Simone impulsively agreed to go with him, never guessing, that when she returned to Harmony, she would not only be Mrs. Anthony DiMera, but a Countess as well.


Simone shook herself out of her reverie, when Hugo opened the door for her. She was home. Here in Tony's home, which was now hers.

Hugo was nice enough to help her out. Simone never met his eyes much, since she remembered the way his jaw had dropped, when Tony had first introduced her as his wife. It was the same reaction she noticed everywhere. People acted as if she had married her father or something!

Simone waited, as Hugo got her shopping bags out of the trunk. The holidays were coming up, and already, Tony had made plans for the two of them to spend them in Paris. Simone had smiled at the suggestion, but inside, her heart was breaking.

Her father had went absolutely ballistic when she had returned from Vegas, married to someone he considered ten times worse than a Crane! Simone had always hated disappointing her father.

Interestingly enough, her marriage had brought her cowardly mother out of hiding! She and Julian had stormed by the mansion, and tried to forcibly remove her! Simone sensed that her mother was jealous that her daughter had married one of her 'boyfriends'. She told her mother to leave and take her 'husband' with her! Tony had smiled at both Julian and Eve, thanking them for coming by!

Hugo handed her her bags, then asked if she needed any help. Simone told him that she had them, thanked him, then moved towards the front door, fumbling for her keys. Once found, she inserted them into the lock and stepped in.

Tony had had the mansion decorated for the holidays, even though it was early. Somehow, the festive look of the place, didn't dim her depression.

Simone slammed the door! Why was she depressed? Tony was a wonderful man, handsome for his age and...the sex had not been as odd as she would've expected. Simone set down a bag. Why she thought it would be 'odd', she still didn't know. She could only admit to herself, that while John had been her first and only lover, Tony was a little more adventurous, something John had never been.

A maid, Petra, came down a hallway and smiled at her.

'Hello, Mrs. DiMera. Did you have a nice time at the spa? You look great.'

Simone smiled tentatively.

'I did, thank you. Is Tony around?'

'Uh yes...why don't I fix you some lunch, and then I'll look around here for him.'

Simone nodded.

'Okay. That would be great. I'll just take these things up to my room and...'

'No! I mean, I'll take them up and you just sit down here and relax, okay?'

Simone nodded, still not used to people doing such little tasks for her. She looked around the room, then sat down.

Meanwhile, Petra, clutched the new Countess's shopping bags. Good God! How old was that girl anyway? The Count should be ashamed of himself! And not just for marrying a girl so young! For Petra did not want the newest Mrs. DiMera to go to her bedroom. For if she did, she would find that her new husband was currently, 'indisposed'.


Tony pulled on Rebecca Hotchkiss's hair, as she got up, naked from the bed. She then smiled down at him.

'Are you sure you want me to leave?' she whispered down to him. Tony reached up and pulled her back down to him, kissing her thoroughly. Rebecca reveled in his kiss, and lovemaking.

What the hell was a man like Tony DiMera thinking, when he married that child, Simone Russell? And it was obvious by the man's insatiable appetite, that either poor little Simone was quite a disappointment in bed, or that she gave her husband no pleasure at all!

Tony suddenly let go of her.

'I don't know when Simone will be back, so we can't take any chances.'

'Tony, what could she do anyway, if she did see us?' Rebecca pouted, sitting back down next to him.

Tony smiled.

'Simone has quite a ferocious temper, though I have never been unfortunate to be at the standing end of it.'

Rebecca sighed and stood up.

'What?' he asked, getting up and putting on a red, silk robe.

Rebecca tossed some hair.

'The whole town knows, that Simone married you to get back at John Hastings and her mother. You married Simone to get back at her mother.'

'That's not entirely true. Believe it or not, I am quite fond of Simone.' That was not a lie. He did genuinely care for the girl, he always had. But his marrying her, did indeed, have everything to do with punishing Eve, for not only not returning his affections, but for leaving him to die in the Himalayas.

He had been wounded to the quick, to awaken and not only find all of his father's guards slaughtered, but that his father was missing and that Eve had run off with Julian. Tony hadn't bothered to bury Liz or anyone else after the melee, what he did, was take care of Tony DiMera.

The compound door had been left open, and Tony hurried in, happy for the warmth. He then made his own arrangements to get out of there. But first, he had to prove a hunch first.

Tony had thought it was too much of a coincidence that Liz was dead, and that there was suddenly a Sasquatch loose, when Julian, Eve and him, had originally thought that Roy Boon was the killer. The Sasquatch had killed Liz, and that Sasquatch was Roy Boon.

Once Tony showered, changed clothes, and awaited his own helicopter ride out of there, he looked around in the lower level labs.

The doctor that had mended Eve's hurt leg, was still alive and around. Tony told him he would spare his life, if he told him what he knew about Roy Boon. The doctor was only to happy to tell him everything about the half man, half creature, and provide the cure for his malady.

Tony had not been surprised to learn, that Stefano had had a cure for Boon the whole time, and not offered to help. Yet, that kind of carelessness, had almost gotten him killed. God knows where Stefano was now!

Tony kept his promise and did not kill the guard. But, he might as well have. For unless he had the money to hire a good pilot, or knew of a way off of the mountain by foot, the doctor wasn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

On his plane ride back to Harmony, Tony kept re-living Eve's betrayal of him, and how she had practically spit in his face! A plan was forming, one that he had considered, back when Eve was pregnant with Julian Crane's twins. And that plan was to seduce Simone Russell, then throw it in Eve's face!

But when he finally did return to Harmony, so many things had happened at once, that seducing Simone, was the easiest part of his plan. Eve's many secrets, had been her undoing in this case. Tony used her daughter's resentment of her, to fulfill his plan, and stress Eve out.

The Las Vegas part had been a piece of cake. Simone had been in terrible emotional shape. A trip on his jet, a little dinner, dancing and plenty of wine, found her in his bed, and wearing a wedding ring, by the next day.

Tony had also suspected, that Simone might've insisted on some sort of divorce, if Eve and Julian's visit to her, had not angered her so deeply. And of course, Eve had not handled it right. She had not apologized to her daughter, for her part in her daughter's break-up with John Hastings. Eve and Julian, just lectured Simone on what a bad man he was. Tony knew, that that tactic had been a mistake.

He had sent Simone out on a shopping trip today, not only so he could spend some time in bed with Rebecca Hotchkiss, but, because his new wife was bored. She had dropped out of school, after she had married him, and needed something to do with her time. That, and even Tony could see that she missed her friends and family. He planned to suggest to her, that she plan a small dinner party, so that everyone could see just how happy they were.

'I don't believe that.'

Tony looked at Rebecca.

'Excuse me?'

'You heard me, Tony. I don't believe you. I think you still want Eve.'

Tony tightened the belt on his robe.

'And if I do?'

Rebecca shrugged.

'Fine with me. Because I still want your brother. And until I can think of a way to get him, I guess you'll have to do.'

Rebecca then smiled cattily at him, turned and walked into the bathroom. She then turned on the shower full blast, and shut the door.

Tony was still staring at the bathroom door, when the bedroom door opened, and Petra walked in, unannounced! She dropped Simone's bags onto the floor. Tony whirled around.

'What the hell are you doing in my bedroom unannounced?! What is all of that?!'

'All of this, Count DiMera, is what your wife bought today. She's downstairs...in case you wanted to know.'

Petra then turned and walked out, slamming the door behind her. Tony's eyes widened. Insolent woman! He was going to fire her the first chance he got!

Tony turned and walked over to the bathroom door. He went in, closed it, then opened the shower door. Rebecca looked over at him and grinned.

'Did you want to join me?' she asked.

'Simone is home. When you leave, take the back stairs.' Tony was about to close the shower door, when Rebecca stopped him.

'You know, you could just tell her about us. Then maybe she'd leave.'

Tony peered at her, smiling.

'Why would you think I'd want her to leave? Look, whatever my wife's inexperience in bed, and for her age, it is to be expected, there is a certain excitement in sleeping with one so young.'


Tony shrugged.

'Whatever. Just make sure my wife does not see you. I'll call you.' Tony then closed the shower door and left the bathroom. Rebecca glared through the door.

She was surrendering a lot of her dignity to make this plan work. And it had to. She just knew if she could get Tony to get rid of Simone and marry her, that would make John Black go berserk, thus proving that he really did indeed care for her, and keep her near her true love. ****

Eve closed the door to the mansion, feeling somewhat up, at the sight of the holiday decorations up and about in the house. She had been so blue since she had found out that her little girl was a DiMera!

Julian had taken her and the twins to the South of France that terrible evening. Eve had felt like such a terrible coward, skipping town like that, knowing that Grace, Sam, John and even Simone, would want answers from her, for her part in this horrible thing.

But Julian had insisted he was worried about her, and that she did not need anymore stress right now. When they got back, then, Eve could deal with her angry friends.

Fox had been the only one that knew of their location, for business purposes. Julian and Eve had turned off their cell phones. It hadn't seemed like they had even settled into the hotel, before they were told that there was a call for them.

Julian had angrily snatched the phone up, ready to bitch Fox out for disturbing him. What he learned, made his throat go dry. He had then looked over at Eve, dreading telling her the news. But, he had had no choice.

Julian then gently told Eve, that that had been Fox on the phone. Eve asked him if there was some business emergency at Crane Industries? She then went on to say if there was, they could go back.

Julian put his hands on her shoulders, then asked her to sit down. Eve sat down in a chair, while Julian walked over to the bar pour himself a drink. Eve peered at him. The fact that he was drinking before telling her this 'news', confirmed to her that it was bad. She told Julian to just go ahead and tell her what he needed to tell her. Julian had coughed loudly, then told her that Simone had gotten married...to Tony DiMera!

Eve had slowly stood up. She then grabbed Julian's arm so hard, that he had to pull it back, for fear of becoming an amputee!

Eve told him they were all leaving right away! Julian did not disagree with her, since he hadn't liked what he had heard himself. Fox had told him that Whitney and him had learned about it on the news, and that Whitney was beside herself. T.C. had even had heart palpitations, thus setting him back with his recovery.

When they returned to Harmony, Julian had the twins dropped off at the mansion, where Whitney and Fox were. Whitney wanted to go with them, over to the DiMera mansion, but, Julian had insisted that until they saw what Simone's frame of mind was, more people might make things worse. Whitney reluctantly agreed, but Fox pulled Julian aside, and suggested that they fix this quickly, before it interfered with their own married lives. Julian could not have agreed more!

Eve began to cry as they neared the DiMera estate. Julian let her get it out, before wiping her tears and telling her that she would have to pull herself together. He then reminded her that Tony had obviously done this to get back at the both of them, but more at her. Tony wanted to see her miserable. They had to go in there and show him, and Simone, that this news hadn't gotten under her skin.

Eve had wiped her face and sniffed, knowing she looked dreadful, but unable to do any better. They then were let in through the gate. Eve calmly rang the bell. It seemed like a full five minutes, before anyone answered the door!

A maid opened the door to them, and Julian had grabbed Eve's hand and shoved past her. Tony and Simone were in the front room. Tony had been sitting at the piano, playing some horrible tune! It might as well been something from 'Dracula', because the whole situation was very horrifying.

Eve had asked Simone if the news was true? Simone, in turn, had asked her if she doctored John Hastings DNA tests?

'Mrs. Crane?'

Eve jumped, startled at the maid's voice.

'Hello, Sandy. I was just looking at the decorations. They're beautiful.'

'Thank you, Mrs. Crane. I hope you don't mind my asking, but has their been any word at all on Ms. Winthrop?'

Eve shook her head.

'She's the same. Comatose.'

Sandy nodded.

'You know, there was a time, when Ms. Winthrop wasn't the total monster that she appears to be. She just grew mean, from years of living without love.'

Eve said nothing. Why was this woman defending Ivy? She eyed the older, heavy set woman. Eve liked her efficiency. She really knew the house well, and kept things running smoothly.

Sandy sensed that Eve didn't really agree and moved on to another topic.

'Mr. Crane is upstairs, if you're looking for him. The twins are asleep, and tomorrow you have four people interviewing for the nanny position.'

'Uh, actually, I'm going to cancel those.'

'Oh. Well, I'll do it, if you'd like...'

'That would be great, Sandy, thank you.' Eve replied. She then headed towards the stairs. She could feel Sandy's eyes on her back, but was too worn out to confirm that. She wouldn't need a nanny, because today, she had quit her job at the hospital.

Julian had pulled strings, so that she could keep her position, after Sam and Grace complained, filed charges against her, then insisted that she not work there. Julian made sure that the charges didn't stick either.

But, it hadn't mattered. Her patient load was down, as word got around town about what had happened. That and she couldn't concentrate anyway. The thought of Tony putting his hands on her little girl made her too sick for words!

When Eve entered the bedroom and closed the door, her eyes widened, and she could not help but smile. For her husband, Julian Crane, had set up a nice, romantic dinner for the two of them, naked!

Eve walked to the middle of the room and threw her purse onto a chair. Julian had just finished lighting a candle and looked at her, equally puzzled. She was home awfully early!

Julian lit the candle, then walked over to her, pulling her into his arms, and kissing her long and hard. Ever since that whole Simone mess, Eve had been distant, and not in the mood for lovemaking. Julian took Eve's early arrival home, as a sign that somehow, they had been on the same page.

Eve felt Julian begin to untie the strings that kept her dark blue dress on. She knew she hadn't been very attentive or loving lately, and let his fingers wander wherever they wanted to. But, her mind was on Simone and Tony...deflowering her little girl!

She didn't even want to think about T.C., who had blamed her for everything, per the norm.

Julian, for his part, had all of Eve's clothes off by now, but had none of her attention. He stopped kissing her shoulder, and placed a hand on her chin. She jumped.

'I'm sorry, honey! Were you saying something?'

'Uh, no, darling. I was not.'

'Oh. Dinner looks good.'

Julian looked over at the table. The plates were covered. He looked back at her.

'Eve, darling, if I could reverse time, and not make Simone be married to that wretch DiMera, I would, really I would. It breaks my heart to see you hurting like this. But Simone is a grown woman...'

'She will end up like Liz.' Eve whispered.

'No. No she won't. Liz didn't have anyone to care for her, not like Simone does. She has T.C., Whitney, Fox, you, me and lots of friends. Tony DiMera would be a fool to lay a hand on her. Alright? So please, let's just not think about it, alright?'

Eve looked at him and nodded. He then let go of her briefly, to put put in a CD. Soon, a slow, jazzy tune was playing. Julian walked back over to her, then pulled her into his arms.

Eve danced, naked in her husband's arms, knowing that somewhere in the back of her mind, this is where she belonged. That this, was where she needed to be. But her mind, soon drifted back to Simone, and what her poor baby was doing right now.