Yep, the tournament's up again! It didn't take me half as long as I expected. I made a mistake with one of the characters, and it affected EVERYTHING else...well, you'll see.

A bit of information for all of you. This takes place about 2 years after the Dark Tournament...Yusuke is 16, Kuwabara is however-old-he-was plus 2, Kurama is 17 (and can, by mine and U.S. standards, drive ^ ^), and Hiei...well, no one really knows.

The story doesn't seem to have much to do with the Tournament at the beginning, but trust me, we'll get there. By the end of the chapter, the Tournament will be introduced, so just read it out and bear with me.

Now, this takes place as if nothing from the other Tournament has happened. Wipe your mind of all memories from know nothing ...the Ohsukah Tournament has never happened...never...until now.

It should have been a normal day in Japan. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Picture perfect, and peaceful, right?

That had been half an hour ago. Now, a sudden torrent of rain had dropped from the sky for no apparent reason, drenching all those who didn't have a roof to run under, or anything similar.

It also drenched those in the room when a window was open.

Kuwabara quickly slammed the window shut before they got too wet. He and Yusuke were in his room. They were SUPPOSED to be working on a poster for school, but you know Yusuke...

"It's raining pretty hard out there," Kuwabara commented, as he returned to the not-even-started poster lying on the floor.

"Yeah," Yusuke said, staring out the window.

"Are you going to help, Urameshi, or just sit there?"

"I was GOING to help, but now that you're pushing me, I don't think so."

"That's not funny, Urameshi! This poster is half of our grade!"

"And since I hardly go to school, this would matter to me how?" Yusuke said, yawning. Kuwabara's eyes narrowed.

"Then go home."

"Are you NUTS? In THAT weather? No way! Besides, Mom's gotten drunk again and the house is a mess. I'm not going home just yet."

"Then help. Or I'll---"

"You'll what? Beat me up like the last 150 times?"

"No, I'll---" A loud crash of thunder cut off his words.

"Fine, I'll help," Yusuke grumbled, and moved over to where Kuwabara was working. "What's the poster about, anyway?"

"Either 'Animal Intelligence' or...oops."

" 'Oops'? What's oops?" Kuwabara looked up from the assignment paper, a horrified look on his face.

"This was supposed to be a research project."

"Oh, sh---" Yusuke's word was also cut off by a loud crash of thunder, "How are we going to get it done now?"

"Well, we could stay up all night and do it, or we could find someone who knows..." Kuwabara pondered.

"But who do we know that knows anything about animal intelligence?" Yusuke asked. Kuwabara shrugged. There was silence (except for the ever-pouring rain and thunder) as the two of them, for once, did some thinking. Almost simoltaneously they came up with the answer.



Hiei flitted from tree to tree, heading steadily for Kurama's house. The rain did not bother him; it never did, so why should it now?

Kurama's window was not locked; it almost never was. Hiei opened it just enough so he could slip through, and shut it behind him so as not to let the rain in. The kitsune seemed to be busy with that ningen thing called a phone; Hiei slipped over and sat on his bed, waiting. Kurama's eyes flickered over to him, and he gave a small smile, acknowledging him. Hiei gave a small nod and indicated that he could wait.

"...since when does Yusuke worry about school work?" Kurama was saying. So he was talking to Yusuke. Something about school. Hiei frowned and fingered his katana. Only being able to hear one end of the conversation was irritating.

"If you want to understand the information, you should do it yourself. Yes. Yes-what do you mean? You've got the whole night." Kurama frowned, "I heard that. You can tell Yusuke I am not going to come over and do it for him." So maybe he wasn't talking to Yusuke. Who then? Probably Kuwabaka.

"I'm not blaming you." He sighed, "All right. What do you know so far?" There was a long silence. Apparently, Kuwabara knew more than he let on. Hiei amused himself by using his ki to burn off all the water on him, and then the water that had dripped onto the bed.

The smallest tickle of someone---something's---ki interrupted his concentration. Hiei glanced over at the window just in time to see something break the glass and come flying through, heading straight for Kurama, who had turned around at the sound of breaking glass.

Hiei had leapt off the bed and knocked the fox over before he knew what he was doing. The arrow---for it was an arrow---zipped through the air, not harming anything, and stuck in Kurama's bulletin board, effectively going through Kuwabara's head on a group photo. And what was more, there was a note attached to the arrow.

Kuwabara's voice on the dropped phone broke the stunned silence that followed.

"Kurama? Kurama, you still there?"


"What's going on?" Yusuke asked.

"I don't know, Kurama's not answering," Kuwabara said, "Kurama?" Yusuke hit the speakerphone button.

"Kurama, are you there?"

"I'm here." Kurama's voice came over the phone. He sounded shaken.

"What happened?" Kuwabara asked.

"Yeah," Yusuke said, for backup.

"I'm not entirely sure," Kurama said. There was a loud curse in the background.

"Is Hiei there?" Yusuke asked.

"The two of you need to get over here right now," Kurama said, for answer.


"NOW." Kurama hung up, and the dial tone sounded a moment later. Kuwabara hung up and turned to Yusuke.

"Now what?"

"We go to Kurama's, stupid!" Yusuke was already throwing on his jacket, "Hurry up!" Kuwabara grabbed an umbrella and the two of them raced out of the house.


To Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei:
You have been invited to take part in the bi-annual Ohsukah Tournament. It is almost the same as the Dark Tournament, except for the fact that teams consist of seven, not five. Therefore, you will need to find three more people for your team. It is necessary that you do so, as non-participation in this tournament is not an option.
We'll be seeing you soon.

"ANOTHER tournament?" Yusuke said, not belieiving.

"That's what it looks like," Kurama said. Kuwabara was panicking.


"You almost died in the last one. Several times," Hiei said, "Unfortunately, you never went all the way." Kuwabara was too panicked to notice him.

"I'm gonna die, I know it!"


"What did you say, shrimpy?"

"They're at it again," Yusuke murmured, sweatdropping.

"Uh-huh," Kurama agreed.

"So how are we are supposed to find three more people?" Yusuke asked.

"Ask Koenma!" Kuwabara said. "The toddler should know."


"No idea. Find them yourself."

"But Koenma---"

"It's not MY fault you got roped into this tournament, is it?"

"It probably is."

"Shut up, Hiei."


"It's not our fault either," Kurama said, "But we don't have any choice."

"Not my problem. Here." Koenma thrust a piece of paper at Yusuke. "That tells you how to get to the ferry. Find the team members yourself, I'm busy. Now go away!"

To Be Continued

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