Mrs. Amanda Withers, a mutant, known as Spy to her friends, has asked me to co-write, edit, and publish this account so that others may hear her story. I have met her only recently but she has become a very dear friend of mine. The story that follows is not a tale of her own life, but a memorial to someone else's, someone that I have never met. The person in question was named Myra Sing. Myra was also a mutant and student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, back in the dark days when mutants were subject to blatant hostility and prejudice. I became interested in writing this not only because I find what Spy has told me to be quite fascinating, but also will help illuminate an aspect of this period in history that is less known. The tales of the X-Men have become famous. I'm aware that there are even (somewhat exaggerated) movies about them. Though Myra was as strong as the X-Men, few people know now that she ever existed.

I also volunteered to help with this project because I have also lost a best friend, and know what it feels like. We separated by distance, while Spy and Myra are separated by death, but both of our friends had a similar affect on our lives. My work on this story is for you, Caitlin, you who taught me to question reality, to dream, to believe what is not obvious, and to believe in myself.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Raven Aorla for all her kind assistance. It means more to me than she will ever know, especially since she would probably rather be writing Lord of the Rings fanfiction instead. I am not a gifted writer, and at first didn't know how I would ever get this story published. It was Raven who suggested the domain of fanfiction, and presenting the story as if it was fiction, instead of actual events. We did this because few people are likely to believe me, because of the powers that Myra possessed.

An anti-mutant activist (who has been tried and convicted for this murder) shot Myra a few weeks ago, even with the new amendment last year that promised mutants equal protection from the law, and punishment for people who discriminated against us based on our genetic makeup. This story takes place many years before Myra was killed, back in the days when if a mutant had been shot society would never know, and not care if they did. This period in history (I saw an updated high school textbook with a chapter about the Mutant Freedom Movement the other day) was at its full-blown strength only twelve years ago. Both of us were thirteen years old, and she had just arrived at Xavier's school. The teachers and students were still recovering from the shock of the plot to wipe out all mutants, an event that has been publicized and adapted to film.

This story is about how Myra saved us from a peril that rose from the aftermath of that plot, how life was for young mutants then, and how I became one of the few people that was allowed to call her Myra. Everyone else called her S.S. or Silent Spirit. The reason for this codename was that one of the things that made her unique was that she was basically deaf and mute. I say basically because, though she couldn't speak to us, and she couldn't hear what everyone else did, she could hear and speak to other things.