Watch Your Back

By Maia's Pen

AUTHORS NOTE: This story takes place AFTER Ash lost to Harrison and BEFORE all of the Advanced episodes. Brock and Misty are still with Ash right now.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Pokemon. I'm a poor college student . . . and if Pokemon were mine then I would be rich and I wouldn't have to go to school. Ohh, then I could read fics here all day. Alas!

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"This is Angi Porter reporting live from the Indigo Plateau. The number of missing trainers continues to grow. Rock Pokemon Master, Bruno, has just joined fellow Elite Four members Koga and Karen as the next victim in the recent strand of trainer kidnappings. The Elite Four headquarters is currently swarming with Officer Jenny's entire police department.

These three Pokemon masters are not the only recent victims to this infamous kidnapper. A promising young trainer named Richie was abducted late last night. Though Richie is not a master trainer, he had performed exceptionally well in the recent Indigo League games. Police are positive that Richie is a victim of the same company who snagged the three Elite Four trainers.

Pokemon belonging to the missing trainers are unaccounted for.

Remaining Elite Four Master, Will, is under constant supervision by police. Will commented, and I quote, "whoever nabbed my three partners must be a frighteningly skilled trainer themselves, because Koga, Karen, and Bruno are not called Pokemon Masters for nothing."

This is a perplexed Angi Porter signing off from Channel 6 News."