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Love My Baby

Inuyasha was stunned. It was his, he could smell it. He walked away from the inside of the cave, and slowly started to run. Once he got out of the cave he ran as far away as he could get. When he reached a field that seemed to be in the middle of no where, he fell to his knees. "The baby was mine." He couldn't believe he had made her go through all that pain for the whole nine months. He buried his face into his hands.

Kagome refused to even look at the baby. It had been two weeks since she had given birth. She hadn't eaten any thing. Koga was furious, the moment he saw Inuyasha again, he would kill him. The baby would eventually die. Kagome was too weak to feed it. He had almost all of his men out looking for Inuyasha. He wanted him, dead or alive.

Inuyasha quietly walked through the cave. He followed his nose to were the baby was. When he saw it he felt sick. It looked like a half starved baby. He walked over to were Kagome was a woke her up. "How could you do this to our baby?" Kagome looked up into his eyes. "I thought you had left me, forever." "I would never do that." Inuyasha took her mouth with his. Kagome kissed back with anticipation. He slightly pulled away. "In one week I will take you away from here, so get ready, and the baby." With that he walked out of the room.

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