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places - some that have existed, and others that can't, couldn't or shouldn't exist. The
result is stories that make characters who are as familiar as yesterday seem as fresh as

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Elseworlds - "Switched"
Originally Written: March 1st, 2000

October 25th, 1997
Manhattan grew dark as the sun disappeared from the platinum aurora of the evening's
threshold, inviting the darkness to enfold into the barren sky. Shards of stone broke from
the skin of the Wyvern gargoyles as they awakened to the rebirth of the stars. The others
below the tallest turret shook the last of the skin from their bodies. They hopped from
their perches and met each other in a chorus of voices as they discussed their plans for
the night. From above, two pools of a chocolate hue watched them disperse.

Elisa stood to her full six foot height and felt the wind wrap itself around her, a cool
breeze, a signal of impending frigid Winter season. Her copper wings rustled slightly and
she wrapped them around her shoulders, covering a dark leather tunic and loincloth. Her
tail lashed behind her as she hopped to the stone. Waist length hair of the deepest ebony
shine, framed a copper visage of an elegance and beauty beyond imagination. Her large,
pointed ears, with their sensitive hearing, captured an echo upon the stone steps that led
to her tower, a light gait and a medium stride. It was her sister Bethany and her mate
Brooklyn, emerging into the cast of the moonlight's supple glow.

"Hey big sis, how'd you sleep?"

"It was peaceful, my sister."

"So you didn't dream of a certain large, human detective?" Bethany cooed coyly as she
placed her hands on her hips and leaned into a seductive pose, her tail snaking around her
legs. Brooklyn watched with amusement as his mate berated his leader.

"That is private." Elisa turned away, masking an abashed smirk. "Don't you have

"Yup. We're going to leave as soon as we get a bite to eat." Bethany came up to Elisa's
side and placed her chin on her older sister's shoulder, whispering into her ear, "Oh by
the way, we received a call earlier, informing us that a special someone's shift is ending
early tonight."

"What?!" Elisa whirled around to meet her sister's eyes. "He's gotten off early?"

"Uh huh. If you leave now, you could just make it." Bethany gingerly played with the
braids of dark hair falling over her shoulder, as Elisa lept from the turret's edge,
effectively ending her sister's taunting. "Hey, she didn't even say goodbye."

"Well, ever since they finally declared their feelings for each other, they've been
spending every available minute they have together." Brooklyn added as he came up
behind his mate. "She'll be back soon."

"Obviously, you don't know her that well. Or the Big Guy."


"Man, what a night." A large figure walked into a darkened apartment and threw his
keys on the kitchen table, skidding across the wooden surface and coming to a rest just
before falling over the edge. He pulled a faded red jacket from his massive body and
hung it on the rack, along with his holster and gun. Electricity coursed through a small
lamp with a flick of it's switch, and with the power of a low wattage light bulb, the small
apartment was bathed in it's gentle radiance. His tight black, short sleeved shirt stretched
over his muscled figure, and his blue jeans, though comfortably baggy, revealed powerful
legs through the thick material. His large black boots gleamed in the lamplight. He
enjoyed keeping them clean and polished, for he spent the majority of his nights in less
than sanitary locations. He undid the ribbon tied around his hair, releasing the sable
tresses held in their confinement and allowed himself to drop into the warm embrace of
an old couch, his dark onyx eyes revealing his weariness.

Aching muscles, tensed and knotted, melted into the fabric covering, but as soon as he
made himself comfortable, he heard a delicate tapping in the direction of the large angled
windows framing the apartment's south wall. Just beyond the glass, a shadowy figure
drifted past, a distorted image set against the backdrop of a celestial drapery, yet very
familiar, and very welcome at any time of the night. He smiled and jumped from the
couch, his exhaustion fading quickly. He unlocked the window as the shadow crept in
without a sound. Instantly, his arms were around the slender frame. "It's good to see
you...my angel of the night."

"And it's very nice to see you, Liath." Elisa curled into his arms and rested against him,
her gargoyle frame dwarfed by Liath's six foot, nine inch stance. "I heard that you had
gotten off early tonight, so I thought I would pay a visit to my Big Guy." A born
protector at the core of her being, having faced atrocities to her race for over ten times a
hundred years, she has remained strong through every battle, for the sake of her clan.
She always felt safe in his arms, for eventually, a protector always needs someone to
protect them as well. She looked deeply into his eyes, and graced him with a sight of
large red lips forming a warm smile. "I enjoy this very much. Your touch warms me like
I never thought possible."

"Yours too. I could stay this way my entire life." Liath sighed and lowered his head into
Elisa's soft black hair, brimming with the scent of the ocean air. Yet like all great
moments, it came to an abrupt end with a soft knock on the door. Liath turned and
grumbled, annoyed that they were being interrupted at the worst possible moment.
"Coming!!" he groused, and reluctantly left Elisa's embrace. The copper gargoyle slid
back into the shadows, as Liath moved towards the door. But upon peering through the
eyehole, he smiled. He briskly opened the door and was bowled over by a small form.


"Oof, hey there Angela." Liath grunted as the weight of his six year old daughter pressed
on the expanse of his chest and stomach. He looked up into an innocent face, as the
small child laughed and swept away layers of deep chestnut curls. "What are you doing

"I wanted to show you my medal." Angela grabbed a large golden medallion from
around her neck and held it in her tiny hands. "I got first place in skating!"

"Way to go, squirt. I knew you would beat all those others."

"Of course she won," a commanding tone answered from behind, "she's a Destine." The
door clicked closed and it's walnut exterior instantly paled aside a flaming pyre of
vermilion hair. A subdued maroon business jacket and dress, a subtle difference to
radiant green eyes, conveying a powerful presence.

"And a Maza." Liath added as he hefted his daughter in his arms and got to his feet.
"How are you, Dominique?" Liath greeted his ex-wife.

"Just fine Liath. I hope we're not intruding. It is late but she wanted to show off her first
place prize." Her words trailed to a whisper as her daughter and onetime husband
examined the large medallion, bringing memories of what was, and what could have
been to the surface.

"Hey, I'm a night person remember?"

"Especially in the recent years." The red haired woman grinned as Liath pinked slightly,
knowing exactly to what she was referring. "Speaking of which, where is Elisa tonight?"

"Right here, my friend." A winged figure emerged from an unknown corner of the
apartment, into the gaze of the human entourage.

"ELISA!!" Angela practically jumped from her father's arms and into Elisa's awaiting

"Hello, small one. I'm very proud of you."


Dominique shuffled close to Liath and leaned towards his large form, as she watched
their daughter excitedly recount her triumphant win to the copper gargoyle. "Elisa and
Angela get along quite well."

"If only all humans knew just how gentle she and her kind were..." Liath's wistfulness
caught Dominique's attention.

"They will in time." she assured him, and turned her gaze to her daughter and friend,
noticing Angela's large yawn. "It's time to go, Angela. It's getting late and you had a
big day, and I'm sure your father and Elisa wish some...time alone."

"Aw, mom."

"No arguments, squirt." Liath kneeled down and enveloped his daughter's tiny form into
his arms, almost obscuring her from sight. "I'll see you next weekend. Looking forward
to the zoo?"

"Yeah. I want to see the lions and the panthers and the tigers. They look just like uncle
Talon and the mutates. Bye daddy. Bye Elisa!" Angela placed a kiss on her father's
cheek and left the apartment with her mother. Liath stood back up and sighed, as the last
traces of his daughter's warm touch faded from his skin, a youthful exuberance withering
away from his grasp.

Elisa came forward and rubbed her slender taloned fingers down his face, recognizing a
familiar pain of parting with a loved one.

"Sometimes I wish I never made the decision to let Angela live with her mother."

"You did the right thing. You knew your job was dangerous, and with your late hours,
you couldn't provide a stable home for her. Dominique can. As she is the head of her
company, she has the power to be with her daughter more than you. She can use her
wealth to give Angela the best that this world can provide."

"I know. I just wish..."

"That you never divorced?"

"NO!! No, of course not. Dom and I made the right decision by getting separated. We
were very young when we got married and had Angela shortly after. I guess we didn't
know each other as well as we thought. We're both happier as just...friends, I suppose.
But a small innocent child is forced to divide herself between two different worlds."

"She has a very happy life. Never forget that."

"Yeah." Liath suddenly grabbed Elisa and fiercely held her within his powerful arms.
"Speaking of ex-mates, any news on Damon?"

At the mention of her former mate's name, Elisa growled and clenched her fists into the
ebon material of his shirt, "No, he has effectively disappeared. I am worried. He's been
dormant for too long. I fear he's planning something."

"If it's not one thing, it's another." Liath chuckled softly and kissed Elisa's forehead.

The pain of the past quickly forgotten, she responded in kind as satiny lips smoothed
upon Liath's, his tongue gliding over fanged teeth. He grasped her shoulders and pulled
her close, her breasts pressing against his solid chest. Her wings lifted slowly from her
shoulders and shivered in the still air as his roaming hands caressed her bronze skin,
underneath the softened leather garments, relentlessly inflaming her craving for his
touch. Delicately, he traveled the length of her neck with his lips, revealing a bare
glistening copper as he slipped the tunic from about her shoulders. His strength was
overwhelming, and she barely broke free from his hold, only to place her gentle lips
inches away from his own, her heated breath a signal of an arousal that could not be
contained any longer. "Be with me tonight..."

"I shall savor you until the sun rises, my angel of the night."

"Mmmmm, good." She grabbed him by the hand and led him into the darkened velvet of
his bedroom, slowly stripping the tenth century garb from her body. The only light, a soft
crimson burning in her eyes.



It was nearing dawn, and the drifts of cotton ivory hid from view a single occupant, in the
ever brightening sky. Elisa soared with the flow of Manhattan's twisting winds,
approaching the castle in a sharp curve. Since before leaving Liath's apartment complex,
she could not suppress a glowing smile on her usually stout face, a clear giveaway to her
family of her recent activities. She landed on the battlements and watched as several
others of the clan ran to meet her.

"Where have you been?!" Bethany shouted into the crisp morning air as she screeched to
a halt at her sister's feet. "We've been trying to reach you!"

"I was at Liath's apartment."

"I called there, but the line was busy."

"We took the phone off the hook as we didn't want to be...disturbed." Elisa blushed

"Well, while you were out having a great time, we got some disturbing news." Brooklyn
came forward. "Someone stole ten surface-to-air Maverick missiles from a U.S. Navy
submarine, the U.S.S.. Thomas Paine to be exact. These suckers have enough explosive
power to incinerate an area more than a hundred square miles."

"Who?..." An irrelevant question, barely worth the breath it took, for Elisa already knew
the answer.

"Damon." Xanatos added as he came into Elisa's field of view.

"How was he able to break into a nuclear submarine?"

"I was able to secure some surveillance footage and discovered a disturbing scene.
Apparently he used magic to disguise himself and to knock the entire crew out. After
that, it was a simple task of unloading the missiles and using one of their own cargo
helicopters to haul them away."

Elisa's expression hardened and her eyes flashed a bloody crimson, her entire body
tensing into a tormented posture. "That despicable, psychotic..."

"Well lass, we canna be doin' anythin' about it as th' sun is about t' rise." Hudson broke
through as the others turned to see the first rays of sunlight peering through the haze of
the skyline.

"Damn." Elisa whirled around to catch a glimpse of Xanatos' silhouetted outline,
basking in the creation of the dawn's new light. "Please do what you can to find him,
Xanatos. With those weapons, he could cause the deaths of millions of innocent people."

"I'll do what I can," Xanatos answered quietly, though his words were lost to granite
ears, "for all our sakes."


Liath had finished his shift the following night only to drop by the castle and find his
gargoyle love within the throes of a painful plan of action, where their failure could mean
the death of the entire city's population. Considerable resources at Xanatos' wealthy
fingertips had tracked the helicopter to an abandoned airstrip on the outskirts of the
island's watery fringe. The gargoyles were preparing to leave for the oceanside relatively
soon, knowing the military police would soon discover the location of the stolen missiles,
and all of them, even their leader, were fearful of the impending results. Damon had
proved himself a formidable foe, time and time again.

After helping to betray the clan a thousand years ago, he had lived through the centuries,
due to a magic spell that linked him to the Scottish king, Macbeth. Upon the clan's
awakening, Damon had betrayed them once again, by allying himself with Xanatos. For
three years, he was a plague upon them, a thousand years of pain and anger and hatred
and death, creating not the second-in-command they remembered from the days of
Wyvern's past, but a literal demon in every sense of the word. Baneful, corrupt,
unfeeling, willing to go to any length to ensure the death of those he blamed for the
devastation of his clan.

They had lost sight of him after the Hunter's moon, after he had flown screaming from
sight with Jon Canmore chasing after him. Now, a year of perpetual peace had passed,
and he had emerged to threaten their very existence once more.

"He must be stopped here, and now." Elisa paced back and forth on the library floor.

"Yeah, but how? If we do manage to get the missiles, what do we do with him
afterwards?" Liath asked as he watched his love slowly tread before his eyes. "That spell
has kept him alive for over a thousand years, and he heals fast. We can't even kill him.
What do we do, lock him up for the rest of eternity?"

"I don't know!!" Elisa yelled back. At the sight of Liath's expression, she sighed and
knelt before him, resting herself on his leg. "I am sorry. I didn't mean to raise my voice,
it's just that..." She choked back, trying for her life to keep her tears at bay.

Liath felt her tremble, knowing her grief was tearing at her very soul. "I know. This
must be hard for you. You used to love him."

"And now he's trying to destroy the very people I care for." Elisa crawled into the large
human's lap, and cradled her winged form against his chest. "Maybe I can talk with him,
convince him to..."

"You know that won't work. You've tried it before, remember? When he tried to kill
you and Hudson that night? When he resurrected your rookery brother and turned him
into that cyborg? Or when he turned the entire city to stone? Or when he found himself
in Paris and hooked up with your clone, Asilea?" Liath listed some of the worst nights the
clan had experienced since awakening in the twentieth century, effectively causing
Elisa's anger to return in full. "And when they created more clones of the clan, including
Samson?" Upon the mention of his own clone's name, he drew into an uncomfortable
position. "God, that guy still weirds me out. It's strange having someone out there
wearing your face."

"Samson can't help who he is and how he was created," Elisa perked up, "yet he has
overcome incredible odds to become a valued member of the Labyrinth. Your brother
has done a most remarkable job."

"Yeah, way to go, little brother Derek." Liath chuffed. "So, do I even have to mention
when Damon tried to destroy humanity with a virus, the night of the Hunter's moon, or
are you convinced yet?"

"The hunter's moon," Elisa whispered, "I remember that night. The time when we first
kissed, and the night after we confessed our love for each other." Elisa looked up into
Liath's dark eyes. "And while we are on the subject of 'former loves', how is Jenara

"Are you ever going to get over that one, lone, insignificant kiss? Anyway, she's doing
fine. I think she's getting used to that wheelchair, and is dealing with the fact that her
brother is the leader of the Quarrymen. She's even gotten a new job. Jenara Canmore,
research assistant at Nightstone Enterprises."

"I'm glad she was able to cast off the shackles of hate before they almost consumed her.
She has become a good friend to the clan."

"And she's still a great kisser." Liath joked, until a flash of chocolate turned crimson
abruptly shut him up, for fear of his own safety. "Just kidding." He laughed slightly and
raised his hands in submission, bringing a small smile to his gargoyle love's slender face.
She leaned in closer, only to stop and lovingly gaze into a charcoal darkness, twin orbs
reflecting the light of the fire beside them. A stare that held her in place, unable to move,
unable to release herself from it's beguiling snare.

An eerie, forbidding moan, as if a cry of death emanating within the castle's very
foundation, signaled the great doors of the library opening to the main hallway, allowing
the shattered beams of crystal chandeliers to infringe upon the couple's privacy. The
clan entered slowly and Elisa came face to face with Brooklyn's somber facade.

"It's time."

Elisa solemnly nodded and rose from the couch, with Liath behind her. She turned to
face him. "This is our fight." said Elisa as she placed her hands on his chest. "You do
not have to go."

"Where you go, I go. You and I are one, remember?"

"Now and forever."

Two copper arms slid about Liath's neck and a kiss swept his lips ever so gently. Broken
from their passion, Elisa tucked herself underneath Liath's arm and they headed outside,
to the battlements beneath a blanket of stars. Liath climbed onto Elisa's back and held
on tightly as his carrier launched herself from the stone barrier, into the haze of an indigo
euphony, a mere song played by the orchestra of distant suns.


"Why are we turning here, mom?" Angela asked as she noticed her mother directing the
car on to a street she didn't recognize.

"I just need to check on a building I recently purchased, angel. I want to examine some
new aircraft engines my company has developed." Dominique explained as she looked to
her small daughter sitting in the passenger seat. "It will only take a moment."

"Can I see too?" Angela happily exclaimed, knowing this side trip would delay her

"I suppose. But don't touch anything."

"Yes, mommy." Angela huffed as the car headed towards the open area of older
Manhattan, towards the water's edge.


The clan's garrulous cheer, often heard when together, washed away with the cold winds,
the chatter kept to a bare minimum. Miles of smooth cement runways slowly appeared
before them as an increasing alarm spread throughout the group. A situation more
dangerous than anyone could realize, perhaps not all of them would come home alive.

Liath was holding tight to Elisa as he watched the streets below him. She felt his weight
shift on her back and turned her head slightly. "Are you all right, beloved?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just admiring the view. The city can look beautiful from this height,
like there's nothing wrong in the world."

"Yes, I feel that way myself." She again felt him reposition himself, having to struggle
slightly with over two hundred and seventy pounds of muscle clinging to her back. "Are
you sure you are fine?"

"I'm always fine when I fly with you. Of course, the first time, I fell off the castle."

"Yes. I will never forget that night. I cannot believe you fell over the edge."

"A gorgeous gargoyle female had just crushed my gun with her bare hands and demanded
to know what I was doing in her castle. And Bronx wasn't a calming sight either." Liath
heard Elisa laugh and he tightened his grip around her shoulders. She smiled and flew
on, across the vast fields of pavement and brilliant yellow paint, cracks rippling the once
pristine surface, and selected the tallest of the hangars to land. "We shall search this
building first, there are signs of recent use. Be careful, he might all ready know that we
are here." Elisa directed the others and they split into three groups. Hudson, Lexington
and Broadway going to the left, Brooklyn, Bethany and Bronx coming in from the right
and Liath and Elisa, straight through the shackled front doors.

With a swift punch, Elisa knocked the large entrance doors open, and the two guardians
crept into the darkened building. Liath drew his gun as he trailed Elisa, the gargess
following the line of the steel walls, moving slowly to the light panel with her human
lover on her heels. Four large toggles required only a simple snap of a copper colored
wrist to feed the massive hanging lights with power. One by one, the floodlights came to
life, and revealed the massive hangar interior.

Elisa's breath sank into her chest, a trembled gasp her only response to a perception she
could not trust, for it could not seem possible. The result of man's wrath in a translation
of technology, lay before them. The stolen missiles had been found, lined up across from
them, all primed on makeshift launchpads.

Liath slowly emerged from behind Elisa's quivering wings and ran his hand over the
smooth metal casing. "Oh my god."

"Even your god will not protect you, human." An abraded utterance echoed through the
room. "By the time these detonate, half the population of this country will be nothing but
ash." Elisa and Liath whirled around. From the furthest missile, the shadows swirled
with a twitch of the eye, only to release a tall winged creature from an absolute emptiness
where the light couldn't reach. Dark red hair fell behind and a chalky tattered loincloth
suspended from a thick black belt. He was leanly muscled, but still put forth a menacing
stance. "Hello, Elisa."

"Damon..." Elisa growled. "You maniac, how could you possibly use these on innocent

"No humans are innocent. They are inferior creatures who don't deserve the chance to
live. They betrayed our clan and destroyed our brothers and sisters."

"How dare you!!" Elisa yelled at the gargoyle before her. "You betrayed our clan. You
were responsible for their deaths. You had the power to stop it but you never did a damn

"I made a deal to get our home back, and the humans betrayed my trust. For a thousand
years I was hunted, just because I am different from them."

"That doesn't give you the right to be humanity's judge, jury and executioner." said Liath
as he edged closer. "Not all humans want the blood of innocent gargoyles on their

"Ah yes. I almost forgot. You and my former mate are in love. That...sickens me. She
is the ultimate betrayer. She dared to love one of your kind, a human." Damon watched
Liath's eyes burn with disgust, and his gaze darted to Elisa, flaring her wings and
creeping to Liath's side. "But I have ten good reasons to be happy tonight. These
missiles are set to fire at predetermined destinations all around this country. In less than
an hour, ten major cities will be nothing but ruins, and their inhabitants will be just a

"I think not!!" Elisa jumped at the gargoyle and knocked him back, crossing his jaw with
a copper fist. The sheer speed of her blow was enough to catch even Damon off guard,
stumbling back into the nearest missile's mirrored surface and pausing to regain his
balance. He was stronger, she was faster, a balance which made them almost equal. He
caught her hands as she rushed forward but was tripped by her tail. He fell backwards
with Elisa on top. She swiped with a blind fury at his face and chest, but his powerful
legs threw her off. The cement flooring rose to greet her limp body, impacting with a
thud, and rolling with the strike some several yards away. Damon stood up only to hear a
gun being cocked and felt the cold steel of the barrel pressed against his neck.

"Hold it, pal," Liath hissed, "or I'll paint the walls with your brains."

"I can't die, mortal."

"But I'm sure having your head blown off will put a crimp in your plans."

"Too true." With lightning speed, Damon turned and dug his claws into Liath's wrist just
as the bullet ripped from the chamber, missing Damon's left cheek by a fraction of an
inch. The blue gargoyle's fist connected with Liath's face and the human was knocked
back, falling unconscious as he hit the floor. Damon slipped the gun into his belt and
turned his attention to Elisa, who was slowly getting up from the floor. "And now for my
former mate. Time to die."

"I don't think so, pal!" A pair of copper feet slammed into his back and the gargoyle was
sent sprawling. Through the crimson strands draped over his face, he looked up to see
Bethany landing with the others behind her. "Where's your little clone girlfriend to save
you now? Oh yeah I forgot. She dumped your ass!" Bethany egged the immortal on.

"Ah, the sister I never liked. You were just as annoying a thousand years ago."

"I confess, I never liked you much either. But Elisa corrected her mistake, she found a
REAL man." Bethany smiled a toothy grin as she watched Damon's eyes erupt in a frosted
glow. With a misstep, she alerted him to a subtle offensive movement and before the
clan could react, Damon slithered to the nearest missile, and an equalizer hidden behind.

"I thought I wouldn't need this, but..." He pointed a massive silver rifle towards the clan
and a thin red laser beam seared the air around them. They scattered as the beam ripped
through their ranks. With an almost demoniac frenzy, Damon continued firing at the clan
as they dodged the beams, coming closer to the missiles with every wild shot.

"Are ye daft, ladd?!" Hudson cried out as he landed near the immortal. "If ye hit th'
missiles, th' entire city could be destroyed, an' us along with it!!"

"That's the point, old soldier. That's the point." Damon aimed the laser directly at the
elder gargoyle's chest. But before he could fire, a flash of burnished hide bolted past, as
Elisa ripped the laser away and lay upon him, a vicious spinkick to the side of the head.
Damon's neck wrenched to the side, cracking with the collision of bone against bone. He
plunged downwards, and was soon surrounded by the entire clan.

Damon surveyed his situation, dire circumstances for the unprepared. But fate's sardonic
grasp held to the immortal, promising a way out. From the corner of his eye, he noticed
movement near the door. He looked back at Elisa and grinned, a smile of death. A string
of unrecognizable words flowed through clenched teeth, an ancient spell whispered into
the air, but an effective and simple escape route as a white orb exploded from his open
palms in a blinding white light. The Wyvern gargoyles were momentarily sightless, and
Damon made his escape to the door. Elisa rubbed her eyes and cautiously pursued.
Damon reached the doorway and grabbed the form who caught his eye moments before.
He whirled around and Elisa stopped in her tracks. In his arms was Dominique Destine.

"Well, isn't this lucky. A hostage." Damon held his taloned hand to her throat as
Dominique looked with fear to Elisa, who stood silently, weighing her options. "It seems
that the owner of this particular building has come to do some late night paperwork. I
thought I could work undisturbed without you checking up on your investments, Miss
Destine. Very bad timing, I must say."

"Dom?" Liath had awakened and walked shakily over to Elisa. "Damon, let her go. She
has nothing to do with this!"

"She is a very good bargaining chip, human," Damon tightened his grip, "I think I shall
hold on to her for a while."

"Hey Damon," Bethany called out, "smile for the birdie!" Damon's gaze followed the
source of the familiar sarcastic banter directed his way, only to be hit head first with a
large steel beam, thrown by Broadway and Brooklyn. Almost a ton of pure iron careened
with the immortal, and a split second later he was lifted from the ground into the wall
beyond, releasing his grip on Dominique.

She fell clear into Elisa's grasp, and the gargess watched as Damon's twisted, limp body
sagged beneath the steel girder. "That was very foolish." she chided her sister, and the

"But it worked." Bethany smiled as the others came around her.

Elisa sighed and looked to Lexington. "Lexington, please do what do can to disarm
those...things." The small gargoyle nodded and quickly ran to the missiles, and what
looked to be a control panel. "Thank god we stopped him before he had the chance to
launch them. It's over."

"...no...it's not..." Damon was still conscious, blood gushing from a massive head
wound, straining against the weight of the beam. "Not while I have this..." He pulled
Liath's gun from his belt and aimed it at Elisa. "Goodbye, my love..." He grinned and
squeezed the trigger.

"ELISA!!" A small voice rang from the doorway and in an instant, Angela jumped on the
immortal's arm. She forced the gun away from her gargoyle friend, but unfortunately,
towards her. The gun went off and then nothing, but a sickening silence followed. Even
Damon was rendered speechless.

"ANGELAAAAA!!!" Liath ran forward and grabbed his daughter. A large red stain
appeared on her shirt and grew larger as the very life from her veins escaped through the
gaping hole in her chest. "...no..." He laid her on the floor and hovered over her.
Dominique came running to her side. The small girl gasped for breath as she directed her
large onyx eyes towards her parents, trying desperately to speak through the choking fluid
flowing from her mouth.


"Shhh, it's okay. It's going to be all right." Dominique gathered the child into her arms
and held her tight. But it was too late. The bullet had punctured her heart, shredding
through the left ventricle. The two parents were forced to watch as their daughter died in
their arms. "My beautiful baby...NNNOOOOOOO!!!" Dominique screamed in sorrow as
Liath held her close.

Elisa's eyes grew red and she slowly turned to look at Damon.

He was on his feet and staring at the humans, his injuries already healing. "I...I..." For a
moment, it almost looked like he was regretful about what had happened. But only for a
moment. "She's the first to die. The first human to be eliminated from this planet. And
many more will follow."

"You bastard!!!" Dominique screamed at the immortal. "She was just a little girl!!! She
never did anything to you!!!" She turned her gaze to Elisa. "Because of you and your
damned feud, my daughter is dead!!" Liath tried to calm his ex-wife, but she was beyond
help. She sunk into his arms and held Angela's dead body, limp and cold, her own hands
covered with the drying remains of her daughter's blood. "Oh god, I should have never
brought her here...I'm so sorry..."

Elisa's eyes teared and she bellowed at the top of her lungs, an anguished cry tearing
through the hangar's walls and into the night. She ran screaming at Damon and tackled
him into the wall. With nothing but a blind rage, she repeatedly struck him across the
face, her own hands becoming bruised and bloody. "How many must die because of
you?! Because of your inability to trust humankind!! Because of your dark heart!!"

"Many more..." Damon gasped and pulled a control pad from his loincloth. He pressed
the largest button and the last missile sprung to life. Flames erupted from the rocket as
the launching mechanism raised it towards the roof. A deafening sound fractured the
atmosphere as the missile lifted from the ground and crashed through the skylight. Elisa
was distracted, and Damon used her hesitation to knock her back. In his dash to
freedom, he dropped the control pad, climbed the wall and flew out through the shattered

"I had to disable the missiles one at a time," Lexington called to Elisa over the dying roar
of the rocket, "but I never got the chance to disarm that one!! And according to the
computer readout, it's target is Manhattan!!"

"Can it be stopped?"

"Maybe. The warhead can't be disarmed, but if you use that control pad, you can
redirect the missile's path. The only thing is...you have to be almost on top of the missile
for it to work. I'll go..."

But it was too late, Elisa scooped the pad from the floor and ran to Liath. "I am truly
sorry for your daughter's death, Liath. I cared for her like my own child. Always
remember...I love you." She grabbed his head and kissed him. A kiss of fear. A kiss of
passion. A kiss that was intended to be their last. She ran to the wall and followed
Damon's path.

"Elisa!! Wait, please!!" Liath called after her, but it was too late.


Damon flew on, climbing higher and higher above the island, watching the missile coast
the ethered skyway in a grand curve, and suddenly redirecting towards the city's most
populated section. He was too engrossed in his sickening fascination to notice Elisa
come behind him. She slammed head on into his back and forced him from the air. She
held tight around his waist and coerced him towards the incoming missile. "What are
you doing?!"

"I'm making sure you never hurt anyone again!!" Elisa yelled back as Damon struggled
to release himself, but Elisa held firm, pushing herself towards the missile, through the
tempest of the powerful boosters, spewing a mixture of propellant fumes and a trail of
flames. The two gargoyles collided on the steel casing and Elisa dug her claws into the

"You intend to blow me up?! How...unexpected. I'm impressed. But how do you know
I won't survive, due to the weird sister's spell?"

"Because your atoms will be spread across the sea...along with mine." She pulled the
pad from her loincloth and touched it to the missile. She followed Lexington's
instructions and punched in the new target. The missile corrected itself and with a small
shock, turned towards the ocean. Elisa flipped Damon over to peer into unfeeling eyes,
and for the first time, in a long time, she saw fear. He also knew he wouldn't survive the
explosion. As the missile flew beyond the reach of the city, Elisa held the pad with her
free hand. She gave one last look to the city she had protected for so long and punched
the detonation button. "I love you, Liath..."


Liath Maza watched from the hangar roof as the night sky lit up. The missile exploded
over the water and the sky erupted in an orange blaze, brighter than that of the sun.
"ELISAAAAAAA!!!" he screamed to the stars, and sank to his knees. The others
watched in horror as their leader, and friend, and sister, was killed before their very eyes.

Liath died himself that very moment. His lover had perished in the furied dementia of a
madman. But she died protecting the city from an evil that surely would have done
everything in his power to destroy the human race. No one would ever realize just how
close they came to death this night, except for a select few, huddled around a large
sobbing form, wailing to a lost spirit as small chunks of flaming debris landed in the
crystal waters.


Castle Wyvern was silent, it's voice surrendered to the mourning of a grieving family. It
had been two weeks since that night in the hangar. Liath stood atop the highest turret,
leaning on Elisa's perch, the very spot she had watched over her castle for centuries. But
now she was gone.

He glided his hand over the smooth polished stone, almost sensing the warmth of her
body left behind. She had stolen the large human's heart. Ever since he met her three
years ago, her captivating beauty and wondrous spirit made him feel like nothing before.

But now she was gone.

He thought back to the night they first kissed, high above the city. How her soft lips
touched his own, and caressed the very depths of his being.

But now she was gone. And would never return.

He hunched over onto the stone cornice, feeling the need to retch, his stomach twisted
with pain and loss, yet nothing came but an arduous breath. He somehow managed to
pull himself upright, and swallowed the intense need to cry deep within him, though a
few lone tears escaped, creating their own path down his cheek. Through the thick
leather of his bomber jacket, he sensed a slender hand trailing the length of his left
shoulder, and grazing his chin to wipe the droplets from his skin.

"I've been looking for you." Dominique skimmed her long nails about the curvature of a
rugged countenance, clearing Liath's skin of his tears. "I came by your apartment earlier
but you weren't there."

"I've...been spending a lot of time here." Liath answered quietly, and met the lights of the
city with a tired gaze. "Why have you come?"

"To apologize."

"For what?"

"I didn't mean what I said that night...about Elisa. She didn't cause Angela's death. I'm

"So am I." Liath grabbed Dominique's shoulders and pulled her into his embrace. She
was startled, but soon found herself hugging back. Her tears flowed, so much so, they
stained Liath's shirt. "I miss her so much. Both of them."

"As do I. The house seems so empty without her there. And the castle seems like it has
lost a part of itself."

"The clan will survive. Brooklyn has been made leader. But...I feel like...nothing
matters anymore. I don't know how to go on..."

"We will find a way, I know we will. We have to." Dominique looked into Liath's
charcoal eyes. "Angela, and Elisa will live on through us, and their friends, and their
family, and the memories we shared."

"I love you, Dom. I never stopped loving you."

"And I still care for you very, very much. Like you said, we will endure." The couple
held each other until being interrupted by a soft clearing of the throat. They turned to see
Brooklyn and Bethany standing behind them.

"I'm sorry if we're bothering you..." Bethany whispered.

"Of course not, Beth."

The copper gargoyle crept closer and placed her hand on Liath's shoulder. So much like
a love lost to him, only weeks ago. "How are you feeling?"

"Tired. I'm just...tired. But perhaps, in time, I might be okay."

"Good, because I...we have some good news."

"I could use some." Liath answered wearily.

"We heard you discuss the clan's future, and you're right, because someone we loved
very much gave her life for her clan and ensured the survival of this generation," Beth
looked down and rubbed her stomach, "and the next."

Liath and Dominique took the cue. "You're pregnant?"

"Yeah, Brooklyn and I are going to have a baby."

"That's terrific. I'm so happy for you, Beth." Liath wrapped his powerful arms around
his friend as Dominique congratulated Brooklyn. "A baby. A small beautiful baby."

"And thanks to your angel of the night," Beth turned to Dominique, "and your daughter,
one of the greatest threats to our existence is gone. They sacrificed themselves to make a
better world for humans and gargoyles alike. We can't forget that, Liath."

"Never. I will never forget Elisa or Angela. They will live in my heart...for the rest of
my days."

An enduring love forged from the fires of the Wyvern massacre, and the continuance of
endless battle once awakened in an alien world, Elisa proved herself a worthy leader to
her clan. Though ripped from their lives by the hands of fate, her family will live on.
She was a protector, a guardian, and her sacrifice will never be forgotten.

(Ha ha, I hoped you enjoyed this little diversion from the main series. But don't worry, story 9 is on it's way!!!)