Unknown Potential
by Seiri

A/N: I expect this to be one of the(if not the) longest fics I've ever written, so don't worry about this being so short, it's only the prologue. This will be a pretty large scale fic, I hope. Gainax owns me... uh, I mean they own FLCL. They might as well own me, they do own FLCL.... but they don't, as I don't own FLCL. But I do own these plot ideas. *nods*

Pairings won't seen yet in the fic, so don't concern yourself with them for now. -Seiri *bows*


They were silent as they made their way to their destination. They were positioned in different places, but all headed towards one goal. Their target was moved slowly to the north side of town, alone. That would make things much easier. It had taken them, surprisingly, a while to track their target -a little more then four months since their plant on this planet had been destroyed.

They had been barely aware that they had a plant on this planet up until MMR X01 went missing. They supposed that it was because this planet was neutral -and that would make everything much easier for them. It was too bad their network of defense was horrible.

But apparently, they had built a plant on this dirtball, and their target had much to do with the important event of it's breaking down. This was crucial for them to correct. No one had enough power to destroy one of their plants up until then -not even the Pirate King. This meant that this one person possibly had the potential to defeat them. They could not let that happen.

Their mission was to abduct the target and bring him back to their station, bordering on the outskirts of the Solar System.

Ever silent, they approached their target. One of them held up a narrow barreled shotgun looking machine over their dark shoulder. With one quick and gentle push of a silk trigger, their target fell to the ground -unconscious.

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Nothing -not even slightly- interesting happened that day. He forced down that disgusting burning sensation of bile in the back of his throat. Nothing interesting had happened the day before that one either, but the day before that he had failed a math test... which was something. The phrase tomorrow's a new day was meaningless, every day was the same.... A lifetime of dying slowly.

The sun was setting over Mabase as Nandaba Naota's footsteps could be heard on the pavement of the sidewalk over the bridge. He was heading home, school was over. It had been over for a few hours in fact... but he was just heading home now. The idea of another night of boring homework and being alone wasn't really appealing.

Although the weather forecast said that it would be sunny, Naota could have sworn he heard a clap of thunder as he got out of school. Slightly hoping that it was rain, he changed out of his uniform before walking off campus. Unfortunately, there was not a cloud in sight.

It was odd... being able to see the sky so clearly for a whole year... and that he actually wanted to see it overcast and cloudy again.

Naota caught sight of a large dent in the railing of the bridge. At this, he smiled at the memory of the night it got there... and of her. But before another thought could pass his mind however... his world went black as he felt a sudden sharp pain in his neck.