Title: Fairfield, Connecticut…

Author: PixieDustBunny (pixiedustbunny@hotmail.com)

Summary: Is anything but fair. (Dana Scully and Mulder meet in high school.)

Key Words: MSR, AU, A

Disclaimer: What disclaimer? I claimed them at the Unclaimed Baggage!!! I only paid one dollar for each character, except Frohike, who was only 79 cents!!

Rating: PG-13

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Dana Katherine Scully hates people. And she will proudly admit it to anyone who asks. She hated moving even more. Since she started high school, she had attended five different ones, all over the East and West Coast.

"Damn the Navy," Dana muttered as she unpacked the last of her boxes and set the books carefully on her bookshelf.. Oddly, one of the things she hated most about unpacking was that her books never sat on her shelf the same way from house to house. She was just quirky that way. This last box was by far the largest and heaviest. Dana was an avid reader. It must have stemmed from her constant moving.

Because her father was in the Navy and he was moving fast through the ranks, the Scully family constantly made the sacrifice to follow his job. It was just an unspoken decision among the six Scullys. But this story is not about the Scullys. It is only about a certain redhead.

"Dana, honey," Maggie peeked around the door to Dana's bedroom, "do you want some dinner? We ordered pizza."

"No, I'm not done unpacking yet," Dana grumbled as she leaned into the box to grab another armful of books. Maggie Scully nodded and went back into the kitchen. She would bring her younger daughter pizza and a soda later. Maggie Scully was a proud Navy wife. From all of her experience moving, she quickly learned how each of her children dealt with move. Dana always took it the hardest, sulking in her room for about the first week after completely unpacking her room in the first day. It was all part of the coping process.

Two minutes later, William Scully entered his younger daughter's bedroom and sat on her already-made bed. For a minute, he watched his daughter hang her curtains. "I come bearing provisions," Mr. Scully announced his presence. Dana placed her curtain rod on the floor as she smiled at her father.

"Thanks Ahab," Dana replied as she took a huge bite out of her picture. That was the other thing about Dana: she was a Daddy's girl at heart. Even if she was sulking from a recent move, Maggie knew that her husband could cheer up Dana.

"You start your new school tomorrow," Ahab broke the silence.

Dana sighed into her pizza.

"I know, Starbuck, but this time will be easier. Don't forget, you're only a sophomore, so the transition will be relatively easy, and I promised that we'd stay here until you and Charlie graduate. Be brave, Starbuck, and you'll make me proud," Ahab encouraged.

Dana looked up from her half-eaten slice and saluted him haphazardly with her free hand. William Scully returned the gesture and they laughed. All was well in the Scully house.

"Missy, get up," Dana urged her older sister. "We're going to be late for school." Melissa Scully turned over. Dana gave up; she hated this fight. She walked into the bathroom that connected her room to Melissa's and grabbed a cup. She filled the cup with ice cold water and marched back to Missy's bed. She tore the pillow from off of Missy's face and poured the water into her face. Missy was up.

Dana walked to her first period class stiff-backed. From her time spent in various schools, Dana could judge a school's character immediately. According to Dana, there were two types of schools: the one that ignored all newcomers and the one that either immediately embraced or ostracized newcomers, depending on the person. This school, Dana decided, was the latter.

As she stepped into the classroom for her first period class after checking the room number for the umpteenth time, she slid into a seat in the second row and pulled out a notebook. She was the first person in class. As she waited for the other students to arrive, she lazily observed the room. It looked the same as every other classroom- prison-like walls covered in construction paper.

Fifteen minutes later, the classroom was full and the teacher had taken attendance. "Class, we have a new student. Her name is Dana Scully and she has come all the way from California. Class, welcome Dana." A mumble of "hello" rippled through the room as Dana half stood and then sat down. Class proceeded as usual. At the end of class, the teacher, whose name, Dana learned, was Mrs. James, told Dana that Amber Daniels would show her to her next class and Amber smiled sweetly at Mrs. James.

As the students filed out of the classroom, Dana waited in the hall for Amber. "Could you show me where locker 1127 is?" Dana asked.

"Hmph!" Amber scoffed and rolled her eyes before walking away.

"Bitch," Dana muttered as she started looking for her locker.

As Dana wandered the hallway, a tall guy bumped into her. "Watch it, you're in my way," Dana remarked before walking away.

Finally, she found her locker. As she began fumbling with the combination, a guy broke off from a group of giggling girls and noisily leaned against the locker next to her. "Let the ostracizing begin," Dana mumbled. The boy cleared his throat, and Dana looked up at him, feigning innocence.

"So how's about you and me hookin' up this weekend?" the boy asked.

Maintaining her calm, sweet façade, Dana answered, "I don't even know your name."

"Jason. So?"

"So what?" Dana asked. She might as well play with their heads a little.

"What about this weekend?" Jason was growing impatient.

Dana sighed regretfully, "I'm busy this weekend."

"Then next weekend."

"Still busy."

"Okay, two weeks from now," the boy pressured.

"I'm trying to be polite," Dana answered.

"You can't be busy forever," Jason insisted.

"Leave her alone, Jason, she said no," a third voice said. Dana looked up to see the boy who had bumped into her earlier. Jason left, upset that his plan was foiled.

"Thanks," Dana mumbled, feeling a little guilty for her rude comment to him earlier.

The guy looked slightly startled, "Oh, I wasn't doing it for you. He was in my way." The boy had an arrogant look on his face.

Dana, highly irritated with his response, gave up on her locker combination and headed to her next class. The rest of the day proceeded without incident.

At the dinner table that night, the Scully children told their parents about their first day at their new school

Missy was rambling about her newfound friends, "Skylar is great. Her parents are hippies, and they used to live in a nudist colony! Rayne has the greatest aura…." Dana lost interest in Missy's triumphs. Everywhere Missy went, she found friends the first day, and to others it was as if Missy and her friends had known each other all their lives. Dana wondered if it had anything to do with Missy's wacky spiritual beliefs.

Charlie cut in, "The kids are really nice. I like them better than the ones at my other high schools- "

"You've only been to two," Dana said accusingly. She wished that she were still a freshman. Freshmen were apt to accept newcomers easier than upperclassmen.

"So?" Charlie replied.

"Enough," Maggie Scully said and quickly changed the subject. "Bill called today. He says that he likes St. Anselm. And since Boston is only a few hours away from Connecticut, he may stay a weekend with us." Dana thought that she envied her oldest brother most of all. He was graduated from high school, so the moving no longer affected him.

"Starbuck, how was your day?" William asked his daughter, who had been quiet throughout the entire meal.

"I am in a lot of advanced classes. My history, math, and science classes are all junior classes. My biology teacher is really cool. We are going to do a dissection every month."

"That's wonderful, dear," Maggie replied with a smile, though she noticed that Dana said nothing about new friends.

"That's not wonderful," Missy countered. "That's awful. Mutilating poor animals. It's…"

"Oh, shut up Missy." Dana interrupted, not in the mood to hear one of Missy's animal rights speeches. "No one cares."

"Dana," her mother warned.

"I'm going to my room," Dana replied. She stayed in there the rest of the night.