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A life destined never to be free...

Umi dived deeper into the depths of the ocean. Her azure eyes reflected the beauty of the reefs. Different hues of colours mesmerized all that passed by. Different corals showed off their beauty by displaying all sorts of unique colours, shapes, designs, it was a dazzling sight. The thing that was the most noticeable, or beautiful however was the mermaid swimming by the corals ... Her silvery blue hair floated in graceful waves behind her. Her face was that of an angel, adorned with sapphire eyes and a pale complexion from not getting exposed to sunlight. Her tail was a bluish- silver, the scales reflecting the light, her willowy arms dressed in seaweed, her 'chest area' covered by her dark blue scales.

Is that what I'm meant to be?

Her azure eyes showed confusion in its depths. She was coming of age for marriage. 'Huh! So much for being the princess of the sea!' Her parents were forcing her to go through endless matchmaking sessions. She couldn't even decide her own destiny. She didn't want to be attached yet. Her life was good now, she didn't need some kind of husband to mess it all up. She was a tough cookie, she could handle anything... well almost. Except for that one thing mermaids or mermen feared most. To have a heart of ice. Even worse, to fall for a human!

Eternal loneliness in the sea

It was true then, wasn't it? She would be doomed to live by herself for the rest of her life. To have her heart frozen. She rather own a heart turned into Popsicle than marry those macho types. She couldn't even stand the thought of being close to them, how in the ocean was she suppose to marry them? When they weren't being macho they were such hentais'! The lustful looks gave her the creeps. She shuddered.

How can I ever truly be me?

She didn't want to dishonor her family. Royals were suppose to set a good example but she felt that the idea of marring someone she didn't even like to be an absolute nonsense. She had trouble convincing her parents though.


"How was the date Umi?", her mother questioned.

"Horrible. He was such a hentai!" she insisted.

"Umi! They are just interested in you. Why is everyone you go out with either too macho or happens to be perverted?" she chided. She shook her head. "You are the only princess we have. You have to set an example for the rest of the country."

"But okaa-san, in order to do that I have to marry someone I don't even like!"

"Look at your father and I, we ended up fine, didn't we? You have a duty, Hime of Atlantis!"

"Sometimes... I wish I wasn't a princess. Then it wouldn't matter so much if I married or not."

"Don't you dare talk like that! I will not allow your heart to freeze!"

"Did it ever occur to you that I rather have a frozen heart than a broken one?"

"Go to your room Umi Ryuu! Now!"

+End flashback+ (A/N: Ryuu means dragon and I decided that it would be a nice last name just a little different from her original one.)

Friends and family by my side,

She pictured the proud look on her parents' faces if she finally agreed to marry a worthy merman. She just couldn't do it. That kind of life would be meaningless.

I simply can't feel satisfied.

How could she lead a life like that? How in the sea could she lead a life like that? She rather die than live her days this way.

A mermaid's heart freezes with age

Once a mermaid reaches the age of 20 tidal seasons, she would have to consummate her marriage. Mermen have to do it by 25 tidal seasons. She was currently 18 tidal seasons. Which was pretty dangerous considering her heart was freezing away right this moment.

Unless, for another, her heart sets ablaze

She felt hopeless right now as she moped around her favourite spot in the whole sea. The rainbow corals didn't improve her mood at all. Deep down she didn't want a ice cube for a heart after all. Maybe, someday soon...

Silently she wished... for a angel. To save her. Even mermaids believe in angels. She figured hers would be listening too.

~God send me an angel from the heavens above

Send me a angel to heal my freezing heart

I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and all I could do was cry.

Make it happen and wipe away the tears in my eyes.~

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