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Sapphire Wish.

"Relax. You're going to be fine, I'll transport you to the surface world after your transformation." a soft voice reassured her.

She breathed shakily and managed a wobbly smile. "It tickles." she said finally. Umi laid flat on a dining table. It had sunk into the ocean depths as far back as she remembered. True, it was rotten and not exactly the steadiest thing in the world, but... it was better than attempting such a task on the belly of a whale. She laughed at the absurdity of the idea; she was being silly. 'I am actually looking forward to becoming a human!' The mere thought marveled her.

~Waiting for tonight Like a movie scene In the sweetest drama I've pictured us together~

It wasn't so far back that she would rather marry a jerk than be a human. Yet here she was, because of him. A blush crept onto her cheeks, the same way a bud blossoming into a flower would turn beautiful. Long raven locks streaked with sapphire ones as Alcyone prepared herself for the ritual.

"Here goes." she muttered taking Umi's hand. She was lying next to Umi on the damn table; a whale's belly would have been more comfortable right now. Their hair and hands intertwined, she began chanting,

"Spirits of the Sea Guiding the people through all trials Set the desires free Let her wish come real and true

Long have we forsaken This distance race, which brings pain Now, here lays a person Willing to be slain.

She who wishes to change into a human, Ryuu Umi, waits for your signs.

Come forth, we wait for your guide."

Thousands if not hundreds of twinkling lights appeared above them. Umi gasped. She squeezed Alcyone's hand tighter that the older mermaid had to fight down an urge to yelp in pain. The lights swirled and formed beautiful patterns, intricate ones. Then they started to form words in the old and mysterious language, the ancient mer-tongue. As a royal she had learnt how to read words like this. Still it felt different from this, the words she had learnt didn't glow. She raised her hand to try and touched one of the many lights; it darted past her fingers and landed gingerly on her palm.

~Now to feel your lips On my fingertips I have to say it's even better Then I ever thought it could possibly be It's perfect, it's passion, it's setting me free~

"They're never caught, only if they wish to be felt, then will you be able to," Alcyone whispered. Umi smiled back. She understood now. They were sacred.

The lights dimmed, it was as if a giant spotlight had suddenly gone out, the effect daunting. However the sole light on her hand danced around her twinkling. Then it was gone. Umi understood the message. They had agreed to turn her into a human, but she was never to return the sea. She nodded, to show she agreed.

A strange weightless feeling spread from her fingertips to the rest of body, she felt like she was floating. She suddenly felt drowsy and she struggled to keep her eyes open. She was floating! Then, a wave of exhaustion took her by surprise as she passed out.

By the time she woke up, she saw a pair of emerald eyes staring at her behind brown bangs. His eyes widened. She looked down to see that she had legs! They were beautiful as they came, sleek, fit, taunt and tantalizingly sexy. She jumped around on the beach, promptly realizing she didn't know how to make use of her 'legs' yet as she landed heavily on her bum. "Ow!" she groaned.

He turned his head away; his cheeks flamed scarlet. "Aren't you going to help me up?" He turned around at that comment, and swiftly turned back again.

"I would...if- if you would wear something!" But by then, he realized, there was no answer. He glanced back, that girl shouldn't be over 17 at most, she was really pretty, with her blue eyes, 'angel eyes' he thought, and her hair, it was like a cascading waterfall, flowing down her slender shoulders.

"Hey... Hey! Can you say something?" He pondered and decided to sneak another look at her face. 'She fell asleep?' he thought, incredulous.

He removed his outer layer of clothes and he used it to cover her. Scooping her up delicately, so as not to wake her up, he brought her back to Caldina's home. His home. She looked like she had nowhere else to go.

He attracted many curious gazes on the way back, but no one said anything. Everyone feared him. He just understood wild beasts and were friends with them, but the rest of the village folk saw him as a threat. They despised him and forbade their children to go near him, he knew better than to be saddened by this fact. Yet, secretly, he yearns to be accepted. Caldina was one of the few people who actually understood him. For that, he was grateful.

~From all of my sadness The tears that I've cried I have spent all my life wasting away~

"Angel..." she murmured, leaning closer towards him. He blushed, but said nothing. He liked the way she called him 'angel', he knew he was being shallow, yet this girl made him feel so special like no one else ever did. She nestled in his embrace and he found himself holding her closer to him. His already flaming cheeks, turned even redder than possible.

~Tender words you say Take my breath away~

"My, my! Look what you've got there, Ascot! Have you been naughty?" greeted Caldina winking conspiringly.

"I... I.. But, I met her today, noth- nothing happened!" he spluttered helplessly. She giggled. "I know that, ya too innocent, I think you better place her on the bed first, she looks exhausted." she added as an after thought.

He took her advice. Somewhere, several meters off, a bewildered Clef awoke to meet two pair of golden brown eyes.

"Am I seeing double?" he muttered, rubbing his eyes. He attempted to sit up; two pairs of hands helped him up. 'Guess my eyes are working fine.' he thought.

"Where am I?" he asked as soon as his vision grew clearer. His head still ached and the constant pain posed some distraction. "You're in the Mist village." two voices replied in unison. They were twins!

His mind vaguely registered these facts as he remembered the drowning incident and something to do with angels and alluring sapphire eyes. They were truly a brilliant blue, like the sea and sky.

"Do you know the way back to the capital? The Cephiro Castle?" his heart sank as they both looked rather lost. "We have no need to go to the Castle, only important people stay there, simple folk like us are contented here."

"I forgot to introduce myself, call me Clef. And both of you are...?" his voice trailed on. "Presea." she answered simply. "I'm a weapon smith."

"I'm Sierra. I'm a healor." she followed suit. Great, he was now weak and lost. He was grateful for being alive and he also badly wanted to know the owner of those mysterious eyes, but he has to find the 'Prince' first. That Prince of theirs wasn't even known until an ancient scroll tucked in the hilt of an broken sword in their armory. Princess Emaurade had gone on this wild goose chase ever since she found out. She wanted to find her brother but also because she wanted to give up her throne to him. She was a benevolent ruler, but not a wise one. But the main point was, she wished to marry Zagato, and she knew very well that she could only choose the country or her love.

~Love me now and leave me never Found a sacred place Lost in your embrace I want to stay like this forever~

"Thanks for everything, Presea, Sierra. I would like to have a drink of water, is that okay?" The one named Sierra, or so he thought, left to bring the water.

He stared steely into Presea's eyes. "I have another request."

~I think of the days where the sun used to set On my empty heart, all alone in bed Tossing and turning~

"Speak your mind." she replied smiling. "She won't be for long..." he thought briefly as he moved in and, kissed her.

~Emotions were strong I knew I had to hold on~

Ascot held her hand tight, next to his heart. She smelt so good, like the ocean spray. Her hair was really as soft and silky as it looked. His finger weaved in and out of her glorious hair; he combed it gently, lifting her fringe off her face. She sighed contently.

He smiled at her. He didn't know why, but being next to her, gave him this special feeling that he never wanted to lose.

~Waiting for tonight When you would be in my arms Waiting for tonight I've dreamt of this love so long Waiting for tonight...~

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