Title: Moon and Star

Author: Tracy_Lou

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters they all belong to JK Rowling.

A/N: My first slash fic, yay! If you don't like that sort of thing then don't read, but who knows, you might even like it! I am not going by the fifth book in any way and this is set in their 6th year. Enjoy!

Plot: Remus and Sirius start to develop feelings for each other and try to express how they feel. R/S slash and also L/J.

Chapter one – Reunited

The gentle breeze of the first morning of September blew through an open window of a young boy's room. The sixteen year old Remus Lupin slept peacefully in his warm bed unaware of what would occur this year.

Slowly and graciously, Remus opened his eyes and was welcomed to the blazing sunlight which filled his room. Shunning his face from the brightness of the morning, Remus pulled his covers off of him and stood up. He walked quietly over to his mirror as though he was walking on air and gazed at his reflection.

Amber eyes stared back at him and he brushed his light brown hair out of his face. He looked at himself indolently uncaring of how pale he seemed this morning. He pulled on a white t-shirt, dark blue jeans and brushed his wavy hair gently.

Remus walked down his staircase and entered the kitchen where his mum was making breakfast. She was quite a plump woman (unlike Remus) and had short blonde hair and a welcoming smile. "Hello Remus dear, would you like some breakfast?" Mrs Lupin asked. Remus sat down and a plate of bacon and sausages was pushed in front of him. His mother obviously wasn't asking a question, she was just being kind.

He ate his breakfast partially and took a sip of his orange juice. "Hello Remus, Annabelle" Mr Lupin said as he took a seat next to his son. "Hi" Remus replied weakly, he was staring to feel rather sick. Mr Lupin looked at his son with concern over his glasses. "Are you feeling ok, Remus?" he asked. "Yeah, I'm fine. Do you want me to put those bottles in the garage for you mum? Remus asked quickly, pointing to four bottles on the counter. "Yes ok" she replied, handing him the bottles.

Remus opened the garage door and stepped inside. He placed the bottles on a shelf in a corner and found himself facing a large, metal cage with chains inside. He sighed heavily. Every time he's home he would have to go in there like a caged animal and occasionally be chained on the 'bad days'.

Remus turned away and went back indoors and sat down in his living room to gather his thoughts. Being a werewolf was hard on him but he managed. He didn't think he would have done if he hadn't have been for his best friends. They were always really supportive and there for him, he cherished that.

"Ready to go?" a voice asked, snapping Remus out of his trance. He looked up into the face of his father. He was a rather tall man with brown hair and glasses. Remus took after his parents in different features. He had his fathers physique (but Remus was slightly skinnier) and brown hair to match his mothers amber eyes.

"Yeah" Remus replied with a smile. Mr Lupin helped his son move his Hogwarts trunk into the back of their car and he drove him to the railway station. When they arrived, Mr Lupin found him a trolley which he placed his trunk upon and they both walked along in the direction of platform's nine and ten.    

They arrived at the spot where Remus had to walk through and Mr Lupin turned to him. "I'd better leave you here. Have a lovely year" he said, hugging him. "Owl me when you arrive and don't get into too much trouble". Remus laughed. "Don't worry, I'll try not to". He disappeared through the barriers and arrived in front of the crimson train, the Hogwarts express.

He loaded his belongings onto the train and stepped out of the carriage to search through the crowds of people. Remus scanned the area and his amber eyes fell upon a boy with silky black hair. "Sirius!" he called. Sirius turned around and his deep blue eyes fell onto Remus. He smiled and ran over to him and embraced him.

Remus felt a weird feeling inside whilst he hugged Sirius close to him, but he couldn't quite place what the feeling was. "How you been?" Sirius asked cheerfully once the two of them had broken apart. "Same as ever, you?" Remus asked. "Bored! I've been thinking up a few good pranks to play on the Slytherins though" Sirius explained with a mischievous glint in his eye.

Remus laughed as the two walked along together. "I hope it doesn't involve me getting into trouble Padfoot". "Of course not! Would I really do anything to get you into trouble?" Sirius asked. Remus looked at him and raised his eyebrows. "Yes".

"Name a time I've done that?" Sirius asked. "Well, how about when you got me to 'accidentally' spill honey on Severus so you could charm a box of feathers to fall on him? I was the one holding the honey pot!" Remus replied chuckling. "Well, you've got me there Moony. But it was worth it to see Snivellus like a gigantic chicken with an abnormally large nose" Sirius retorted.

Remus laughed again in spite of himself. He didn't usually called Severus Snivellus because he always found it nicer to call people by their first names. "Hey look, there's James and Peter!" Sirius said suddenly. Sirius and Remus walked over to them and noticed how they hadn't really changed.

James still had the same hazel eyes and untidy hair and Peter was still just as blonde and fat as ever. "Hey" Remus said as he quickly embraced them both. He noticed, though reluctant to admit it, he hadn't felt the same weird sensation he'd had when he had hugged Sirius. This confused him greatly.

"You alright Moony?" Sirius asked after he had hugged James and Peter. "Yeah" Remus replied, snapping out of his daydream. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. "Come on, let's find a compartment" James said. The four of them found a compartment near the end which was empty.

The train started moving and everyone waved goodbye to people on the platform. The journey was uneventful for a while. James and Sirius played exploding snap whilst Remus read and Peter ate.

After a while, the door to their compartment opened and Lily Evans and her friend Amanda entered. Sirius, Remus and Peter smirked at James who had said minutes before how Lily would be putty in his hands this year. It was clear the two liked each other but neither of them could bring themselves to tell each other.

"Hey Lily" James said nervously. "Hi" Lily replied cheerfully as her and Amanda took a seat opposite the marauders. "Did you all have a good summer?" Lily asked. Remus, Sirius and Peter replied coolly but James seemed to have lost the ability to speak.

They sat chatting for a while (well, except for James) until Lily and Amanda decided to go back to their own compartment "Before I go, can I have a sip of your pumpkin juice James? I'm rather parched" Lily asked. James stood and was about to hand her the goblet until he lost his balance and lurched forwards slightly, spilling the drink on Lily's lap.

"I'm... so... sorry" James managed to choke out whilst he turned a deep shade of red. "It's ok" Lily replied, slightly embarrassed herself. "I can just use a drying charm". With one swish of her wand, she was dry again and smiled at the marauders and left.     

"Putty in your hands eh Prongs?" Sirius said with amusement as James buried his face in the carriage seat. "Don't worry about it James, it could have happened to anyone" Remus said reassuringly over Sirius' laughing. He turned to glare at him but his expression softened when he saw the playful smile across his handsome face. Remus felt himself blush slightly but thought suddenly: 'why am I blushing?' He turned away from Sirius and looked at James who seemed to have maintained his composure. He wondered why he'd recovered quickly until he heard an icy voice at the carriage door.

"Embarrassed over the mudblood are we Potter?" Snape asked with a thin smile across his lips. James rose to his feet about to lunge at Snape but Peter held him back. "Don't James, his not worth it". "At least he could get a girl Snivelllus. Unlike you, I wouldn't be surprised if you turned gay because you're so lonely" Sirius retorted. Snape found himself thinking suddenly: 'how did he know?'

"Just like you then and you're little friends" he replied, emphasising on the word 'friends'. "Clear off Snape. No one wants you here" Peter piped from next to James. "They don't want you here either" Snape replied, venom in his voice.

"But you're right though. I had better go, I don't want to catch something" Snape said, looking at Remus. Sirius rose to his feet and grabbed Snape's collar. "Don't you dare say that" he said with pure hatred in his tone. Snape laughed icily and pulled away from Sirius' grip.

He walked away laughing to himself until Sirius, Remus and Peter noticed he now had blonde, spiky hair. The three of them looked at James who was laughing and the rest of them joined in. Even though he was laughing, Remus felt his eyes becoming prickly and watery. He hated it when people mentioned his 'abnormality' in such a cruel way.

Sirius noticed his pained expression and sat next to him with a comforting arm over his shoulders. "Ignore him Moony. He doesn't know what his talking about" Sirius reassured him. Remus smiled at him and felt his heart lighten and he began to develop weird feelings in his stomach again by being so close to Sirius. He pushed these thoughts away and enjoyed the rest of the trip to Hogwarts.

Remus gazed out of the window and saw the castle in the distance. With it's high pillars and many windows. He had missed the castle while he had been at home and now he was glad to be back.

Remus emerged from the train and was met by the icy wind of the evening. He wrapped his cloak tightly around him and made his way to the horse-less carriages. They arrived at the front door and made their way into the warmness that Hogwarts provided.

The sorting was the same but with a new song, Dumbledore's speech was once again heart warming but strange and the feast was magnificent. By the end, Remus was feeling confused and worried about why he felt differently towards Sirius. But his thoughts were cut short as Dumbledore rose again to bid them goodnight. "Another magical feast. Now you can all get a good nights sleep before you begin your lessons again tomorrow. Many groans followed this (mainly from Sirius and James) but Dumbledore seemed unfazed by them. "Goodnight!" he said to them all as everyone rose and made their way to their dorm rooms.

Remus was glad to be back in his warm four poster bed. He began to think about his day and how strange he had felt. His thoughts faded away though as he fell into a deep sleep.


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