Chapter 1- the phone call

Rachel: hey Cindy, can you come to my party tomorrow.

Cindy: sue… hold on let me switch phones

'this party is going to be so much fun, maybe jimmy will be there'

Rachel: ok I've got to swich sides my shoulder is acking

Cindy: I'm back, is Sara invited

Rachel: yea I'm calling her next

'I have to invite Benjamin, he's so cute'

cindy: my mom won't let me go to parties that are unsupervised. We are 16.

Rachel: don't worry my mom and dad are going to be there

Cindy: don't tell my mom if they do leave, last time your mom and dad left to go to the store and I got in trouble.

Rachel: I know, and I'm so sorry, anyways I go to go

Cindy: ok bye

At jimmy's

Jimmy's hair machine went to work, but this time he was in a rush, and his hair was in a girlish ponytail that looks like Cindy Vortex. Jimmy rushed to school, and missing the bus to school again.

Chapter 2-school or a wedding

Ms. Tracey: attention class we are starting a two new projects today.

Cindy: do we get to pick are partners?

'I extremely hope we do'

Ms. Tracey: on one of them, on the other one I get to pick parteners. You will get to do talents working together. Go ahead and choose your partners, there are 4 to a group I may make exceptions.

Jimmy: Sheen, Carl, and umm… Benjamin

Nick: wanna work with me ms. Tracey said we can have five

Sheem: will I become Ultra-lord's side kick?

Nick: yea sure whatever

Sheen: I'm in

Cindy: Sara, Libby, Rachel, and Stacey cause we can have 5.

Sara, Rachel, Libby, and Stacey: ausome, too bad we can't have dani too

Brittany: Betty, Dani, and Courtney

Dani: sounds good to me

Ms. Tracey: everyone now for your 2nd project, you will be married for 1 month, have a job, then you will have a report at the end of the month. Any questions before I tell you your partner and job.

Rachel: can we have kids?

Ms. Tracey: yea but only if you want to, Jimmy and Cindy. Cindy you're an actress, and jimmy you're a… well of course you're a scientist .,

Rachel and Benjamin, Benjamin you're a docter. Rachel you're a teacher.

Betty and Nick, Nick you're an astronot.

Nick: an anstronot, that's dumb

Ms. Tracey: Betty you're a vetranerain

Betty: I hate animals

Ms. Tracey: not everyone will get someone they want or a job they want

Dani and Brent, Dani you're a singer, brent you're a nascar racer.

Sara and jeff. Jeff you're a chef, sara you're an maid.

Stacey and Kevin. Kevin you're a garbage man, Stacey you're a nurse.

Sheen and libby. Sheen your well.. Ultra-lord's side kick ad libby you're a d.j.

Libby: ausome

Ms. Tracey: carl and Brittany. Carl you're a football player

Carl:  what (screems)  I can't play football

Cindy: your not actually playing it

'I can not belive I'm with neutron'

Carl: oh yea

Ms. Tracey: Brittany you're a waiter.

Suddenly the bell rings

Ms. Tracey: see you tomorrow.