I did get the idea of marriage and job project from lizzie mcguire, it wasn't my own

at school the next day

Cindy: so Jimmy, let's get this straight, I'm the great actress, and you do what I tell you

Jimmy: sorry Cindy, not going to happen, I am the major scientist and you clean-up everything, being actress on the side

Cindy: No way, let's make our life a fairytale

Jimmy: I'm not a prince here

Cindy: ok, let's get in the mood of marriage, were going to the party together

'this is perfect, I'm going to a party with Jimmy'

Jimmy: ok, but we have to look like we are doing the project, because it would look weird to others

'this is perfect'

Cindy: fine with me, I think we should have 2 girl, rosy and paula

Jimmy: no way we should have to boys, Thomas and Albert

Cindy: not names of scientist

Jimmy: how about 2 sets of twins, rosy and paula, and Thomas and albert

Cindy: fine if we must

Jimmy: time for class