- Gil, please!

- Cath I'm working.

- It's just paperwork, it can wait! She whined.

- I don't want to do it later, I want to finish it now.

- Please, please, she pleaded giving him her best puppy dog eyes.

Grissom turned away, refusing to look at her, knowing that if he did he would give in to her.

She had always been his weakness, he could never refuse her anything.

- Please, I really want one, besides you promised yesterday, she said and pouted.

- I said after work.

- But the case is closed and you can do that later, she said and gestured towards the papers.

He didn't look up.

- Pleeease Gil..

- Alright, I give up, you'll get your strawberry smoothie, though I don't understand why you so desperately want one, he sighed and got up of his chair.

- Yey!, she said and gave him a huge smile, her eyes glittering.

- Your like a child, he said and rolled his eyes while she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his office.

- Yeah, and I know you love it, she laughed while the walked down the corridor, still holding hands.

Outside the lab the met Nick, who was reading through some files.

- Hi guys, where are you going, he asked looking suspiciously at Cathrine who was still smiling brightly.

He noticed their joined hands, but didn't say anything.

- Gil is getting me a smoothie, she said happily.

- Oh really, Nick said raising an eyebrow at Grissom.

- I had to, she almost whined me to death for ten minutes, Grissom sighed

- I was not! You could have agreed when I first asked you, it would have saved you a lot of trouble. But no, Mr workaholic had to do his paperwork.

- See, now she's doing it again!

- Shut up, she said and punched him lightly in the stomach.

- Watch it, it's not allowed to assault your boss, Grissom said warningly.

- So? She said with a wicked grin.

He just glared at her.

- Well, I'm off to autopsy, leaving you two *cough* lovebirds *cough* to yourselves, Nick said, turning and walked away.

- You two What? They called after him.

- Nothing! He called back chuckling.