Title: Not Really You

Rated: G

Couple: Yami/Tea

Summary: Tea ends up in Ancient Egypt after having a terrible fall. Will Yami (from the past) learn to love Tea while she's there in his time?

***Okay, this is a fanfic I never thought I would be doing, but it's sounds pretty fun to me so I'm going to try it anyway. If it sounds really bad I don't blame you, but bare with me on this! I'm praying it will be good. Thanks for checkin' out! Hope you enjoy!

~Shining Friendship~

Chapter one: The fall

Yami had won the tournament, gotten all of the Millenium Items, and all three of the Egyptian God Cards.

Yami Marik was destroyed.

Marik, Odion, and Ishizu went back to Egypt.

Things had gone back to normal and everyone was back in school (obviously).

Tea still had a huge crush on Yami, but no one knew about it yet.

Tea intended keeping it that way until she felt that she was ready to tell him how she felt about him.

Yugi, Joey, and Tea were walking home from school one day after Battle

City had ended.

"Thanks for coming over to help out with the shop you guys. This will mean a lot to grandpa," Yugi said to Tea and Joey.

Tea and Joey decided to help out in Yugi's grandpa's game shop for the afternoon.

"It's no prob Yug! Tea and I would love to help you and ya grandpa. Besides… We know that you and your grandpa could use all the help ya can get with a new ship load of stuff comin' in," Joey told his best friend.

"Joey's right Yugi. I'm just glad that we could help you and your grandpa. Too bad Tristan couldn't help out." Tea said.

"Yeah, why was that Joey?" Yugi asked him.

"Oh, Tristan just had make-up work to do for school since he missed a week bein' sick," Joey explained.

"Hmmm… Oh well, maybe next time he can help us," Yugi hoped.

"Hey! We're here, aren't we?" Joey said a bit angry.

"Sorry Joey. I almost forget, but I thank both of you guys for helping my grandpa and I out," Yugi said and the trio continued walking to Yugi's house.


"Here. Need some help with that, Joey?" Tea asked as she helped Joey carry in a box full of cards into the shop.

"There we go," Joey said as they brought it in.

"Is that all of it from outside, kids?" Grandpa asked Yugi and the others.

"Now it is grandpa," Yugi said as he brought in the last box from the outside.

"That great! Now we can start putting all of the stuff away!" Grandpa said happily.

Joey and Tea put their backs together, slowly fell to the ground, and gave a long sigh.

"Man! Don't ya guys ever get tired from doin' all of this stuff," Joey complained.

Yugi and Grandpa laughed.

"No! We've been doing this for years and just so happens that you guys aren't and you have to deal with it," Yugi told them and laughed again.

Joey and Tea gave out another long sigh.

"Well, let's get to work you three. We still have a lot more to do. So get up and finish the job," Grandpa commanded them.

When Joey, Tea, and Yugi were done placing cards on the counters and tables, next they went to the shelves.

After an hour of placing most of the cards on the shelves they looked up at the last spot where they needed to puts the rest of the cards.

"I don't know guys. That's pretty far up to putin' cards up there, do ya really want us to do that?" Joey asked while looking up at the spot where the remaining cards needed to be.

"Well, usually we don't have a problem doing that, but the ladder isn't as great as it use to be and grandpa's been having problems putting them up there lately," Yugi explained to his friends.

"Why don't ya do it, Yugi?" Joey asked.

Yugi put an arm to his back, closed his eyes, and said, "I'm too short."

Joey and Tea fell over.

"Aww man! Now we have to do it!" Joey was getting angry.

"No, just one of us, Joey," Tea told him.

"Well then I better do it, Tea. I don't want ya getting hurt," Joey said to her.

"But Joey! You might be too heavy to climb all the way up there. What if the ladder falls down?" Yugi asked.

"You know what? I'll just do it you guys. I'm not as heavy as Joey and I'm tall enough to reach it when I'm up there. So I'll just go, okay?" Tea told them all.

"I don't know Tea… What if you get hurt too? I don't want you to get hurt either," Yugi said to her.

"No Yugi, I won't. I'm going to do this. If I don't get them up there then no one can, so just let me go."

Grandpa handed the box of cards to Tea and said, "Be careful Tea. I don't want you to get hurt either, all right?"

"I won't. I'll be careful," and she walked over to the ladder.

Tea started to climb up to the top and carefully placed the box down where it was suppose to go.

"Way to go Tea! Ya got it up there!" Joey said excited.

Though, as Tea started to go down the ladder it started to wobble and move.

It got so bad that Tea had accidentally let go of it and she started falling to the floor.

Tea closed her eyes, in fear of what might just happen to her.

The last thing Tea remember was hearing her friends screaming for her in horror right before she went into unconsciousness.

***That's it for chapter one. No, Tea is not dead! Just a slight cliffhanger until we get to the next chapter. Not much yet, I'm sorry to say, but I promise that the chapter will be a lot better. I hope it wasn't too corny, but hey, what can I say? Thanks for reading it anyway and please review!

Shining Friendship ^_^