The Growing Pains Themesong Story

One day Mr. Seaver was walking to the circus. Pikachu was with him! It was pretty rad. Anyway, they were attacked by a big bucket of snakes. The snakes hissed at them and Mr. Seaver did a sick roll then pulled his gun and shot the snakes and they did die.

The next day, Pikachu discovered something strange in the Jedi Archives on Coruscant -- he discovered that THE GROWING PAINS THEMESONG was missing.

He went to the old lady who runs the archive and asked "See here! What's the meaning of this?"

The old lady said, "If the Growing Pains Themesong is not in the archive, it does not exist."

The mystery had started.

Meanwhile Mr. Seaver was having a barbecue with his family. They were eating the snakes that Mr. Seaver had shot the day before with his gun!

"MMMM," Mike said. "THESE SNAKES ARE GOOD." He smiled and his sister whatshername said, ew gross.

The mom said "Here we go again!" And everyone suddenly stopped moving like they had been frozen. But no music played, because there was no music to play.