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Kids Next Door Mission

Operation: H.A.W.A.I.I.







Chapter 1

Inside the mansion of the Delightful Children from Down the Lane, Father sat at his usual seat in his den as columns of fire and smoke blasted all around him.

"So" he said as he focused his eyes on the video screen in front of him "If I help you to capture these "experiments", you will help me to destroy the Kids Next Door once and for all?"

"That is correct" said the strange shadowed figure on the screen who stepped into the light. He was revealed to be a strange creature which looked strangely similar to a hamster. He had white fur, long ears, big buck teeth, red eyes, a small body with a long white tail, and was wearing a red cape with a big yellow H in the middle.

"I would like to thank you for this most interesting opportunity to combine our forces, Mr. Delightful" the strange looking creature said.

"Please Dr. Hämsterviel, would you not call me that" he said as he narrowed his yellow eyes at him in a threatening manner.

Just then, the door to his room opened and the Delightful Children walked to him in their usual

"You wanted to see us, Father?" they said together in their usual monotone voices.

"Yes, My children, I would like you to meet my newest partner, Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel" he said as the screen swerved to face them "He will be the one who will help us to get rid of those annoying Kids Next Door FOREVER!".

He then proceeded to laugh loud and evilly, which was joined after a few minutes by the
DCFDTL and Dr. Hamsterviel.

To Be Continued...