Chapter 3

Kauai, Hawaii, about 11:00 in the morning.

Everyone was lying the beach and enjoying themselves when all of a sudden there was a bright

blue flash and the next minute the Kids Next Door were hovering in the air before falling to the


Almost immediately after that, people started screaming and running away. A few little kids stood

there, staring at the sight before being pulled away by their parents.

The KND the proceeded to get up and brush the sand off them and Numbah 2 had to pull off a

crab that had latched onto his nose.

"Man I really hate teleportation!" Numbah 4 shouted.

"I know, but at least we got here in one piece" Numbah 1 said "now according to the watches

tracking device, Numbah 49's house is in that direction" he said as he pointed North.

With that, they proceeded to walk through the tall grass and leaves until they reached a wooden

house on a small hill. The house seemed normal enough except for the small wooden sphere

extension sticking out of the top.

"That's the place" Numbah 1 said as they walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

A second later, the door opened and a little creature stood in the doorway. This creature looked

similar to a koala, except for that fact that it had dark blue fur, bat-like ears, big black eyes, and a

mouthful of razor-sharp teeth.

"Uh.... yes" Numbah 1 said as he looked down at the strange creature "we are looking for a

person named Lilo, perchance you know of her?"

The small creature nodded and moved to let them inside. Once inside, the KND looked around

and their eyes shot wide open. Sitting on the couch were two weird looking creatures, one of

them was very large and was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, he also had purple skin, a small

round nose and two large eyes with two small eyes on the top.

The other one was very skinny and was wearing an orange shirt with a pink heart and blue jean

shorts and had green skin, four feet, a round head, no nose, and an antenna on the top of his head

and one huge eye in the middle of his head.

"Hello there" the large creature said with a Russian accent "how am I to be helping you?"

"Well..." Numbah 1 stammered "as I said before, we are looking for a girl named Lilo, is she


"Oh, little girl did not tell me she would be having friends over today!" the creature said as he

stood up "wait one minute and I shall get her for you".

With that, he turned to the staircase and shouted "LITTLE GIRL! Someone is being here to see


"Send them up to my room, Uncle Jumba!" came a female voice from upstairs.

The creature then turned to them "just go up stairs and go straight until you see small elevator,

that will take you to her room" he said smiling.

"Thank you" Numbah 1 said as they walked to the stairs.

A few minutes later...

The KND were all jammed into the tiny elevator and were going up to Lilo's room.

The elevator then stopped and threw them into the room in one huddled mass on the floor.

"Okay, whose hand is that?" Numbah 5 said angrily. Numbah 2 then lifted up his hand, "sorry" he

said meekly.

As they turned and looked around, they saw a young 6 year old girl lying on a small bed brushing

the hair of what looked like a makeshift rag doll.

"Um, excuse me" Numbah 1 said as he stood up " Numbah 49!"

At once the girl stopped. The doll fell out of her hands and onto the floor, she turned around and

looked at them. As soon as she saw who it was, her eyes shot wide open and she hopped down

off the bed and walked twords them.

"N-n-n-Numbah 1!" she stammered as she walked up to them "what are you doing here?, usually

when I receive a message from Kids Next Door headquarters, its usually by holographic


"Well, yes Lilo," Numbah 1 said "that's what we would have done, but this time we couldn't

because our tree-house was destroyed!"

"WHAT!" Lilo screamed "who did it? Was it the Common Cold? Stickybeard? Knightbrace?"

"No" Numbah 1 said "it was an enemy unlike anyone we have faced, but we think you may have

faced him, Numbah 5, show her the enemies specs"

Numbah 5 went up to her and displayed a holographic image of Gantu.

Lilo gasped "Gantu!, that dirty, low down jerk!"

"Yes" Numbah 1 said "we had a feeling that you might know him, so we were wondering if you

could maybe give us a hand."

"I would love to!" Lilo said "but first I want to get someone who could help us out"

she then put two fingers to her mouth and whistled. Almost instantly, a small furry blue ball rolled

in and unrolled into the small creature that they had seen earlier.

"This is Stitch" she said "he may look small, but he can be a big help when he needs to be."

"Very well then" Numbah 1 "we will take him along too, but the problem is that the watches

energy will take 24 hours to recharge."

"Not a problem" Lilo said "follow me".

She then led them out into the backyard which seemed empty except for a few toys scattered on

the ground. Lilo the walked over to a tree and pulled down a branch. Almost instantly the ground

opened up and a large silver elevator rose up.

"Come on" she said as she walked into the elevator with the KND following. She then pushed a

small red button and the elevator shot down and the ground closed back up.

A few minutes later....

The elevator was rushing down when all of a sudden it came to an abrupt stop. The doors then

opened to reveal the most amazing sight the KND had ever seen.

It was a secret base which look sort of like their own only much more technological.

(Authors note: if you are wondering what it looks like, think Gemini's base in the Kim Possible

episode "the Ron Factor")

"Welcome" Lilo said "to the Kids Next Door Hawaiian base: female branch".

As the walked forward, the KND looked around. Everywhere there were young girls about Lilo's

age monitoring the surrounding area on large screens, conducting experiments, and working on

weaponry and vehicles.

As they walked, a young girl ran hurriedly to them and then stopped in front of them to catch her


The young girl looked about 7 and had fluffy red hair and circular blue glasses and was wearing a

yellow shirt, green shorts, and sandals.

(Authors note: for those of you who have seen Lilo and Stitch: the series, you probably know

who this is)

"Numbah 49!" she said panting "I have some urgent news for you!"

"Who is that?" Numbah 2 asked.

"Oh" Lilo said "that's just my friend Myrtle Edmonds, a.k.a Numbah 36,".

With that, she turned to Myrtle "so what's up?"

"Well" Myrtle said "we have found the alien spacecraft you were looking for, it's by the


"Excellent" Lilo said "come on guys lets go find Gantu and give him a wedgie".

She then led them to a huge hangar which in the middle of it was a huge ship with blue and pink

paint and flowers on it and the letters KND on the sides









"Well" Lilo said "theirs our ride"

"NO WAY!" Numbah 4 shouted "there is no way im Riding in a girl ship!"

5 seconds later...

"I can't believe that im riding in a girl ship!" Numbah 4 complained as they buckled themselves


"Oh stop your whining Numbah 4" Numbah 1 said as the engines fired up,

"Okay everyone" Lilo said "hang on tight cause HERE WE GO!"

With that, they blasted through a special hole and into the sky.

To be continued....