everyone's fool

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sakura POV

I am so weak. Everyone has to save their butts off for me. Sasuke kun is always ignoring me, but at the same time he does his best for me too. Naruto as well, at first I couldn't believe it but, Naruto fought Garaa and defeated him partly for me. To save me. I gained some respect for Naruto that day. Everytime I remember though, I know, even Naruto is more powerful than me. Lee san also protects me, I feel happy in a way...but.

Right after the third Chunnin test, right after I fought Ino..a girl I suspected from that was from another village came up to me and said, "I can't believe you and Ino got a tie..I didn't know you were weak.." Of course Ino overheard her and we noth gianed up on the poor girl.

I must admit, she was right. Ino chan isn't weak, but I spent countless times drooling over Sasuke kun then training, maybe I should train. Not to get Sasuke's attention...but to defeat Ino. I made a promise to her when I told her we were rivals..I'm not going to lose to her.

I giggled, this was going to be intresting, wonder how long i'll last. I can't get that additude though. Today, I made my choice, and I won't turn back! I packed all my daggers and rushed out the door. I didn't see why to rush, since Kakashi sensei was going to be late anyways...

When I got there, only Naruto and Sasuke were early...which was odd. Naruto usually comes after me.

"Ohayo!!!" I yelled happily. They both stared me strangly.

"Ohayo..to Sasuke?" Naruto asked. I guess it was because I usually only said that to Sasuke and not Naruto. I shrugged then went and sat next to Sasuke kun...i'm not making my choice yet you know.

Naruto shrugged then yelled, "Ohayo Sakura chan!!!" and glomped me. Ah well, I won't kill him..yet.

"..Naruto..." I clenched my fists. I still have my pride you know.

"Baka!!!" Bam went the kitsune.

I smirked and did a victory sign over naruto's "body". I heard Sasuke sigh. I love it how he acts so cool.

"Yo, ohayho." I turned my head around to the voice we all know too well.

"Kakashi sensei!! Your late!!!!" I started my usual rantings..never gets old though.

Naruto backed me up like everyday. I was happy though, at least I know someone's listening. I wish Sasuke kun would back me up..that would be a litto scary though. O well! Wait, must not get sidetracked...here it goes..

"Uhm..Kakashi sensei?" I asked.

"Hm? Need something Sakura?" He asked me back.

"Uhm...can I have participate in this..? It says I have to have my sensei to sign it." I handed him the flyer that I crumpled up in my pocket.

He took it and I could see a slight frown underneath his mask. "Sakura? Are you sure? This mission is optional and.."

"And I want to do it! This flyer is posted all around my neighborhood and I just can't go ignoring it..." I argued back at him, he doesn't think I can handle it?

"Anosa, anosa(A/N: haha, couldn't resist, i'll lay off the jap. for a while..). Let me see," Naruto said suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

He looked it over and double checked then I said to him, "It in kanji Naruto..." He looked at me and then said.

"That's why!!" I whacked him on the head and Sasuke kun took the paper.

Sasuke kun started to read it out loud, god I love his voice. "Genin wanted, mission: Deliever. Will be paid generously."

"See, it's good!" I said over to Kakashi sensei.

"Read the next paragraph Sasuke." Kakashi told Sasuke kun.

"Will be travling through...The Cave of Silence, The rivers of Sorrow, Sand Village.." Sasuke paused after reading that part but continued on, "..and the Forest of unwanted."

"...Where do they come up with these freaky names?" Naruto asked. Nobody answered though.

"Sakura.." I heard Sasuke say to me.

"H-Hai?" I asked happily, was he worried about me?

"Give up, you can never acomplish this mission."

My heart sanked right there. Were they all mocking me?!

"He's right Sakura, your the weakest, no offense." Kakashi sided.

"Don't worry Sakura chan! Leave all the fighting stuff to me!!" Naruto yelled in my face.

..they all thought I was weak. They all thought that I couldn't handle this...I didn't know what came over me, but I suddenly found myself yelling at all of them, including Sasuke kun.

"You think I can't do it huh?! Well, I'll show you! I'll sjow all of you! There's more to this Flower field than cherry blossoms(A/N: ahahahah I couldn't resist. puns baybee, puns.)!!"

"Sakura, you misunderstanding.." Kakashi sensei said to me.

"Then what are you saying?!" I asked him.

He was silent for a while, they all were. I did a smirk and gave the flyer to Kakashi sensei. "Sign it." I demanded.

It took him a good thirty seconds to forfieth. I won..I'm going on my first mission alone.

..I won't lose to you Ino.

Sasuke's POV

We all watched Sakura leave. Just what was she trying to prove? Whatever it is, it's none of my concern. My only concern is my brother, and nothing else..but, I can't help thinking why Sakura would do such a stupid thing...(A.n: ...god Sasuke's POV is hard to write...)

Naruto's POV


Kakashi's POV

So, Sakura has finally decided to make herself stronger huh? I can't help thinking somethings going to go wrong though...Oh well, I hope you learn something out of this..Sakura.


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Ohayo= good morning.

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