Canto alla Vita: I sing to life

Prologue: The legend

On a planet known as Vegeta-sei there lived a warrior race. These warriors were known as saiyans. They were constantly searching for a worthy fight, loving the taste of battle. They were also very diplomatic and set in royalties and castes: Starting with the royalties, the kings, queens, princesses, princes, dukes, duchesses and so on. Then there were the Elites, consisting of the top fighters and diplomats. The second class containing mostly of warriors and wealthy traders. Then the third class, containing few warriors, farmers, and marketers. Finally there were the outcasts, slaves so to speak. Some were free, and yet some weren't so lucky. The most famous but less populace of these were the wicken healers. They were very peaceful and believed in the powers of the world and it's nature. They had healing powers, and were great dancers and singers. The warrior saiyans saw this as a threat and either banished them to live off the land they cherished so or made them slaves in the household of the royalties or wealthy families. This is where our story begins, when a prince, Prince Trunks Vegeta, son of King Vegeta, falls for a young wicken female...

Trunks Vegeta stands alone on his high tower looking out onto the kingdom. His birthday was tomorrow and he was bored as hell. There wasn't much to do anymore. "Hello your highness." Trunks turned around and saw his best friend Goten. "Hey Goten, any luck?" "No your sister refused to give me any of her lipstick unless she intended to put it on me with her own lips." Trunks chuckled then sighed. "So much for pulling that prank, now what am I going to do with myself for the rest of the day?" Goten shrugged. Trunks sighed and walked back into his room. He flopped down on his bed and looked up to the ceiling. "What's the point in being a prince when there is nothing to do."

Trunks' birthday was tomorrow and he had little interest in what the so called royals were gonna give him. Most of them gave him gold and money, sometimes personal slaves, but he hoped someone might give him something different this year. Well he was definitely getting his wish this year.

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