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Yay! It's the sequel to "More Sisters!" Just to let you all know tons of thought went into that story. I really worked hard on that! Also, I was planning not to do this story for awhile, after I finished another story under "Codename: Kids Next Door," but absolutely NO ONE is reviewing that story! So, I figured I'd come over here and do the sequel that everyone wants so badly. Okay? Cool! Let's get into it!

~*Death Is Too Easy, the Sequel to More Sisters; Chapter 1*~

Raven slowly turned the pages of a book of depressing poetry. She quickly scanned each line, thinking deep and meaningful thoughts about the words and how they added up. It was strange. Ever since Raven's little sister Ebony died in a battle, she had been reading more of those books than ever. Each poem in each book filled her mind with sad and disturbing images that always brought silent tears to her eyes. She never showed how unhappy she was now that Ebony was gone. Well, sort of. The night Raven received the phone call from the Galactic Hospital saying that Ebony was dead she went downstairs and watched old soap operas and romantic tragedy movies. It was about four o'clock in the morning when Beast Boy came downstairs and the two of them sat and talked. It was then that Raven had cried on Beast Boy's shoulder and the two of them had kissed afterwards. Raven had never felt so good in her entire life during that one moment, but now reality had slapped her in the face and she was back to her normal self.

Raven looked up from her book to see Starfire walking down the stairs.

"Good morning, Raven." Starfire greeted, slightly waving her hand. "Did you sleep well?"

"Okay." Raven replied in monotone. "I was up for a little while thinking."

"About what?" Starfire asked, cocking her head.

"Nothing that concerns you." Raven snapped.

"Are you upset about the loss of Ebony?" Starfire questioned.

"No," Raven said, turning another page of her book. "I don't miss her."

"I know I miss her." Starfire said, running her fingers through her long, red hair. "So do the boys. Cyborg has not been exercising much, Robin is not searching for Slade's identity, and Beast Boy has not been sleeping much. I believe they are also up, pondering about where Ebony is right now."

"She's in hell." Raven replied. "Where she belongs."

"Raven!" Starfire shouted, covering her mouth. "How could you think such thoughts?"

"Easily." Raven said, turning another page. "That's where I'm going to go after I die."

Starfire sighed.

"Whatever you think, Raven. Forget I said anything."

Starfire turned and left to eat breakfast. Raven turned another page in her book when Beast Boy came walking downstairs.

"Morning, Girls!" he greeted enthusiastically, throwing his hands up in the air. "Who wants tofu pancakes?"

Starfire and Raven were silent. Beast Boy dropped his arms and sulked his way over to Raven.

"Morning, Beautiful." He said, kissing her pale cheeks.

"Don't call me that." Raven ordered, pushing him away from her.

"Fine." Beast Boy began. "How about this? Ahem, morning, Gorgeous."

Raven cocked an eyebrow. She looked at him stubbornly and went back to her book. Beast Boy sighed and went to walk away, but stopped short and pulled Raven's hood down hard on her face.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" She tried to wiggle her way out of the hood.

"Say it!" Beast Boy commanded. "I won't stop pulling it until you say it!"

Raven dropped her hands.

"Morning, Handsome." She said through gritted teeth.

"That wasn't so hard, now was it?" Beast Boy asked, letting go of Raven's hood.

"Actually, it was very hard." Raven said in monotone.

At that moment, Cyborg and Robin came downstairs.

"Morning," Robin said dully, rubbing his eyes.

"There you are!" Beast Boy shouted. "Now, as I said, who wants tofu pancakes?"

"Man, nobody wants that tofu stuff." Cyborg announced matter-of- factly. "I'm making eggs, the real kind. You guys want some?"

"Sure." Robin said, heading for the kitchen. Cyborg followed.

"How come nobody but me ever wants the tofu pancakes!?" Beast Boy exploded, throwing a rage.

"I'd like some."

Beast Boy jolted around and looked behind him. Raven sat on the couch with her book.

"Did you say you wanted some tofu pancakes?" he asked. Raven shook her head and turned a page. Beast Boy shot a confused look.

"I said I'd like some."

Beast Boy jumped and scanned the area.

"Who said they wanted the tofu pancakes!?" he shouted.

"Nobody." Cyborg said, taking the eggs out of the fridge.

"I know I heard somebody saying they wanted the tofu pancakes!" Beast Boy announced stubbornly.

"Um, oh, knock it off?" Starfire said, half asking, half sure.

"I know I heard it." Beast Boy insisted. "Somebody else is here with us."

"Sister!" Starfire screamed, and she went to go upstairs. Raven stretched out a hand and used her telekinesis to stop Starfire in her tracks.

"Blackfire lost her powers to Ebony, remember?" Raven reminded her teammate. "She isn't able to fly or use star bolts."

"No star bolts!" Starfire screamed, running past the dark shield blocking her from the door. "Sister is powerless!"

The Titans stood, watching Starfire run up the stairs into the halls and to her room. Raven sighed.

"She barely knows anything about earth, and she has a very short attention-span." She announced. "It's times like this that make me think."

"Whatever!" Beast Boy shouted. "WHO WANTED THE TOFU PANCAKES???"

"Would you shut up with the tofu pancakes already?" Cyborg asked, half yelling. "You must be hearing voices 'cause nobody said that they wanted them!"

Cyborg cracked one egg into a frying pan and let it sizzle. Beast Boy gave him a stubborn pout.

"Are you making them or what?"

"There it is again!" he exploded. Suddenly, a black shield surrounded his mouth. Robin and Cyborg looked over to Raven, stretching a hand out towards Beast Boy.

"That should shut him up." She announced.

Beast Boy threw a silent rage. Raven calmly dropped her book on the couch and strolled past Beast Boy, up the stairs, and into the hallways.

"We should leave her alone." Robin said to the other boys. "I think she misses her little sister deep down. You know Raven. She doesn't like to show any emotion whatsoever."

Raven slowly walked down the halls and opened up the door to her room. She walked in, closed the door behind her, and locked it. She stood against the door and slid down, not knowing what to do.

"The truth is," she began speaking to nobody. "I do miss Ebony. She was my only sister, my only sibling. As much as I don't like to admit it, I did love her, a lot."

Raven pulled her hood off her head and stood up, leaning against the door to her room. She looked towards her bed. It was looking really comfortable right now. She walked towards it and lay down, staring up at the ceiling.

"Are you tired?"

Raven sat up straight with a jolt.

"Who's saying that?" she asked.

"Don't be afraid."

"I'll stop being afraid if you tell me who you are!" Raven snapped, observing her room.

"You know who I am."

"No, actually, I really don't." Raven insisted. "Show yourself, now!"

"It's not the right time. I still want some tofu pancakes."

"You must be what Beast Boy was talking about downstairs!" Raven realized, scratching her head. "Was it real, or are we just crazy?"

"You're not crazy. I'll come visit you again. Bye."

"Wait!" Raven exclaimed, thrusting her right arm into the air, knowing nothing was there. "Come back!"

Silence was the reply.

"Come back, now!" Raven repeated, ordering. "Come back and show yourself!"

"Okay, fine."

Something cold snapped against Raven's neck. She whipped around, but saw nothing behind her, anywhere.

"I showed myself. Are you happy?"

"I still can't see you." Raven said flatly.

"Come back later."

"No!" Raven shouted. "I want to see you now!"

"That's the thing with you. You're impatient, just like Robin."

"You know of Robin?" Raven asked. "Do you know of the rest of the Titans?"

"Yeah. I'll explain."

Tiny bits and pieces of dust swirled together like a whirlwind. The door to Raven's room swung open by itself, and a cold wind blew down the halls of Titans Tower, freezing everything in its path. Raven got up and ran, following the cold wind down the halls. She was eventually led outside on the pathway that showed the entrance to Titans Tower. She scanned the little island the tower rested upon, but nothing seemed to be there.

"Okay, I'm here. Now, show yourself!" Raven commanded.

"You don't have to yell."

Violet-blue lights flashed across the island and out onto the ocean, lighting it up as if it we a sunset. Out of the shadows of the tower, a tiny sense of movement could be seen.

"Who are you?" Raven asked, her tone lowering.

"Don't be scared. It's just me."

A body stepped out from the shadow.

"Good morning, Big Sister. Want tofu pancakes for breakfast?" Ebony asked.

~*End of Chapter One*~