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~*Chapter 7*~

A week passed. During that entire week, Raven disappeared. She went into her room and wasn't seen for seven days. Starfire, who was concerned for her, peeked inside her room. The Titans figured it was only right since she was the only one who was ever invited into Raven's room. The strange thing was, when she went in there, Starfire found nothing. The room was completely empty. The only thing going on was Raven's Magic Mirror, swirling with red and black lights. Starfire brought the boys into the room. Beast Boy and Cyborg knew why. They didn't dare say anything until she reappeared the next Sunday afternoon.

Beast Boy leaned against the wall next to the door of Raven's room. He crossed his arms and tapped his right foot until he heard the door crack.

"Hi," he greeted softly, "how are you?"

Raven cracked the door open a little bit wider. One purple eye peered out from the darkness. It looked upset and slightly red and puffy, as if it had been crying. "Hello," she said back, opening the door a bit more.

"Cy and I didn't tell anyone where you were," Beast Boy continued. "We figured that you needed some alone-time."

"I did," Raven replied. "Thank you."

Raven walked away with her hood pulled down on her face. Beast Boy watched, feeling a mix of sorry and love bubbling up inside him. He felt sick and he felt as if heart was going to explode. He liked it.

Downstairs, Robin sat at the couch with a book in his hands. Raven's feet tapped the floor as she walked towards him. She sat down next to him with her own book.

"Hey, where have you been?" Robin asked, looking up from the pages.

"Away," Raven said in monotone. "Home. Needed to be where we were born."

Robin went to go back to his book until he saw what Raven was reading. His face became disgusted.

"Don't tell me you're going to read that after all you've been through!"

"Why not?"

"It's a depressing poetry book!" Robin cried. "You'll never get over your sister unless you learn to have a laugh somewhere in your life. No quoting yourself or going to a kingdom by the sea today! Try this instead." Robin handed another book to Raven. "It's a comic book!"

"It's not a respected piece of literature," Raven mumbled.

"Who cares? It's really no big deal. You can read this stuff, you know. It's not like it's against the law."

"Yeah, well,"

"Just read it."

Robin shoved the comic book open for Raven to read. She was silent throughout the first few pages, but then a small smile grew on her face. Then there was a giggle. Before Robin knew it, Raven was laughing.

"That's funny!" she exclaimed. "A guy just sprayed soda in this girl's face, and she slapped him."

"And that's only chapter one," Robin announced. "I've got the second book in that series if you want to continue it after you finish that one."

"Alright, but only if you promise to read at least one piece of poetry out of my book,"

"Deal," Robin picked up Raven's book and skipped a few pages until he found a long poem entitled "The Bells".

A little bit later, Robin left the TV room to do some combat training in the gym. Raven continued to sit on the couch with Robin's comic book. It was quiet until Cyborg walked over with a box in his hands.

"Hey, what're you reading?" he asked.

"Robin's comic book," Raven replied. "He let me borrow it."

"Well, I don't want to disturb you, especially after what was going on, but can I play this new stuff I bought for the Game Station?"

"Go ahead,"

Cyborg popped the game into the system and took one controller in hand. He sat on the couch next to Raven and clicked his way through the Start Screen. When he got to the game screen, he frowned.

"Aw, darn it!" he shouted.


"I didn't know this game was for two people. Robin's in the gym, B.B.'s eating tofu, and Star's upstairs playing with God-knows-what- Tameranean-stuff." He sighed but then his face brightened. "Hey! Why don't you be second player?"

"Me?" Raven asked. "Why?"

"I just told you. I need a second player."

"Uh," Raven began, "why don't you wait for Beast Boy to stop eating tofu?"

"Come on," Cyborg insisted. "I'll tell Starfire that you need a hug!"

"GIVE ME THE CONTROLLER!!!" Raven grabbed the controller from Cyborg and pressed "Start" on the main screen. Cyborg paused for a moment, feeling a little shocked at how Raven reacted. He knew she didn't want a hug from Starfire, but that was a bit too much.

"So, uh," he began, "do you want to just go to the course or do the time trial?"

"Time trial," Raven replied. "Let's see who's faster."

And so the two of them began the time trial course. The first course was hard with a lot of twists and curves. In the end, both players crossed the finish line without blowing up or falling off the face of the Cyberspace Earth. Cyborg checked his time.

"Boo-yah!" he shouted. "New personal record!" He turned to Raven. "I'll betchya you couldn't beat that amazing time." Raven gave Cyborg a stoical look and checked out her time.

"Boo-yah," she said, mocking Cyborg, "I finished two seconds earlier."

Cyborg dropped the controller and shook his head. He looked towards Raven, human eye twitching. He got up off the couch and walked out of the room.

"B.B.! Are you done with that tofu?" he called. Raven smirked and turned the game off with telekinesis. She picked up Robin's comic book knowing she had a new talent.

About another hour later, Starfire came flying down the stairs with a brush and a few rubber bands in her hands. She had the biggest smile in the world plastered across her face.

"Joyous greetings, Friend!" she cried. "I am immensely happy that you have returned from your journey to the place that you have not informed the Titans about. I, Starfire, wish for you to accompany me in a traditional friendship ritual: the performance of braiding techniques on another one's hair!"

"Fine," Raven replied. "Give me the brush."

Starfire's eyes grew wide. {That was not what I was expecting,} she thought. "Alright," Starfire walked over to Raven and sat on the floor in front of her. Raven took the brush from Starfire and began combing through her long, red hair.

"I appreciate what you and the rest of the Titans are trying to do," she announced. "You guys are so nice."

"What is it that you speak of?"

"You're trying to cheer me up after the loss of my sister. Thank you."

"Oh, it's just that we wanted you to not know of that so that the experience would leave your mind."

"Starfire," Raven began, "images of past times do not leave one's mind this fast. They barely leave at all. If I were to try to get Ebony out of my mind for good, it would literally take forever until the day I die."

Starfire's face became discouraged. She frowned as she looked towards the floor.

"Do you still think Ebony is," She couldn't say it. It was too hard.

"No, I don't," Raven reassured. "Ebony is up in beautiful Heaven. I'm sure she's happy. I don't think she was fated to burn up in Hell. I think we were both destined to be angels in the sky."

"OH, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!" Starfire shrieked, grabbing onto Raven and giving her the greatest hug she could. "You have journeyed to the side of the happiness, sunshine, and frolicking bunnies!"

"You're hugging me."

"Oh, sorry." Starfire let go of Raven and sighed.

"Oh," Raven huffed, "whatever."

Starfire's face brightened. She grabbed onto Raven and hugged her with all her might. Raven rolled her eyes and looked out the window. The sun was setting on the horizon.

"Guess I was away longer than I intended today," she confessed. She looked towards Starfire who was still hugging her. "Uh, Star, I'm going to go up on the roof for a little bit. I think I need some fresh air or something. We don't have that in Azarath."

"Okay," Starfire agreed as she let go of Raven. "I will tell the boys not to disturb you."

"You don't have to, but thanks anyway."

Raven smiled and left for the doorway to the stairs up on the roof.

Up on the roof, Raven watched the sunset casting red, orange, and yellow lights across the city and out on the water. She had her hood down, and the wind brushed her purple hair lightly across her shoulders. She sighed deeply and looked off to the side, wishing that the lights could be blue-violet ones. She was about to float off the top of the tower when she heard the door behind her open.

"Hey, what are you doing up on the roof?" Beast Boy asked, walking towards Raven and sitting down next to her.

"Just thinking," Raven replied. "I was just thinking about my family."

"Oh," he said, "how?"

"To make a long story short," Raven began, "I went to Azarath through my mind in order to discover my true origin. I didn't find my mother, but I did find Ebony's. She was really pretty. She had long, dark blue, shiny hair and skin as white as alabaster. I was almost surprised at how much she looked like both Ebony and me. Even though I found her, I feel guilty. I made her talk about her experience. You know, having to live with being an unwed mother. She said that it was so hard for her. She was really young at the time she had Ebony, so it was a really scary world for her. So much, she had no choice but to give her up to somebody. Me."

"And you took care of her for all those years until you were called away to be a Titan?"

"Uh-huh. That must be when she and Blackfire became friends. What else could she do? So, I feel guilty for that, too."

"What else happened?"

Raven sighed and said, "I told her that her daughter was dead. She stopped for a moment, taking that all in, and then tears fell. I totally hate myself for making her cry, but I lent her my shoulder to cry on."

"That was nice of you." Beast Boy commented.

"I also told her about Ebony's experience with us," Raven continued. "Hearing that her daughter had an adventure with us must have cheered her up. She then invited me to stay at her place. I accepted, and that's why I was gone so long."

Beast Boy paused and announced, "Believe it or not, I know how you feel. One time, when I was just a baby Beast Boy, there was this girl on earth. She was older than me by a lot, but she took care of me and loved me like I was her own. The coolest thing was that she was a shape changer, too! It was all right, until, one day, evil aliens attacked the earth. Well, the girl fell protecting me."

"She loved you like,"

"A sister."

There was a long moment of silence. Neither Titan spoke. They just stared out at the water which had resumed its normal blue color after the sun had set. Raven spoke first.

"I wonder if Ebony and your friend are watching us right now," she thought aloud.

"Maybe," Beast Boy agreed. "Maybe they're right here with us now."

Raven sighed and stood up. "I'm going to bed." She started to walk away when she felt a tug on her robe. She turned around and looked at Beast Boy.

"I love you," he said.

Raven smiled and turned. "I love you, too," she agreed. The two Titans walked downstairs into the Tower.

Raven fell asleep that night with an odd stirring in her heart, as if something strange was going to happen. She didn't fall asleep until late into the night. When she finally did fall asleep, she dreamed.

"Where am I?" she asked. She shielded her eyes from the gray, fogging mist covering up the land. She looked down. There was no land. She was walking on water. She looked ahead and saw a murky apparition standing out on the water. "Hello!" she called. "Is anyone there?"

The ghost turned, and there stood Ebony.

"Hi, Big Sister," Ebony greeted, lightly waving her hand, "Raven." Raven frantically ran to Ebony, wishing that she wouldn't disappear. Luckily enough, she didn't vanish. Raven was even able to hold her sister's hands as if they were both solid bodies.

"Ebony, what are you doing?" she questioned.

"Waiting for you," Ebony replied. "I just wanted to tell you that I'll be talking to you like this."


"I'll be talking to you through your dreams. This way, we can still communicate."

"Can't you find someone good to bring you back to life?" Raven gasped, her eyes filling with tears.

"No," Ebony said apologetically, "I've already died twice. I have to pay for my crime. Who knows? I might be reborn into the Living World at another time."

"What if I never see you if you are reborn? What if I don't know who you are?"

"Stop looking at the 'what ifs'," Ebony commanded. "For now, this is all I can do. Don't worry. As long as you sleep, you will dream. I'll be in every one of them."

Ebony disappeared, and Raven woke up with a start. She shook her head and looked around her room. Her heart pounded in her chest as she breathed heavily.

"Ebony's doing everything in her power to see me," Raven whispered. "I don't deserve to have a little sister like her. I don't deserve her tears. She cried, lied, and died all for me. How do I repay her? Can I even?"

There was nothing more for Raven to say. She got up, took the envelope out of her closet, took the picture out of the envelope, and went back to bed with it framed and on her desk.

It shined blue-violet lights across the floor.

~*The End*~

I used some Edgar Allan Poe poems in there. I'd also like to thank Hot Topic and Abercrombie and Fitch once again for the use of their names and clothes.