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Essence of: KyoXAkito, YukiXAkito.

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Chapter 1: A Canvas Of Hatred

He came home with more bruises tonight, his eyes scarred with hatred and fear. I hate those eyes...Those eyes shouldn't be plagued with such sorrow. Those deep, violet eyes should only shimmer with joy and happiness, not frown upon me, shinning dully with sadness. Every night this past month, he'd come home from that place, a new bruise appearing on his gentle, pallid face. He would look up at me, my eyes consumed with horror, glaring at the hellish collection of purplish black blemishes that damaged his delicate beauty.


"I'm fine, Kyo." He'd say every evening, retreating to the beautiful solitude of his room. How I longed to be by his side, whispering sweet words into his ear, telling him everything will be okay, and yet, words seem to escape me. Through a mask of loathe, my eyes are blinded by the glow of his smile, though as of late, that smile I adore so has been absent, replaced with a bitter guise. My love has been tampered with. I have never seen his eyes so full of bitter hopes. Oh, how I hate him...

The dawn showered me in its light as the sweat trickled down the sides of my face. A morning work out always got my mind off of the bitter hurting inside me. I thought I was the only one awake at this time, when the sun would peak out from behind pastel mountains, though I was wrong.

"Kyo?" Stern, yet soft, the voce called out to me as a slung the ashen towel around the back of my neck and looked up. So silent were the words of sadness coming from stilled lips, though I could tell there was something wrong.

"Hmm? What is it, Shigure?"


My eyes widened with fear as I ran up to my cousin and grabbed his shoulder violently. I could tell his tears had ran ramped at one time, though they had been calmed by his own senseless hope. That's one thing I always hated about that damned dog. He never wanted to admit anything was wrong, and he always had a smile upon his face, unless of course, the head of the Sohma house was involved. "SHIGURE!" I yelped, feeling my throat tighten from panic. "What's wrong?"

The dog swallowed hard, letting his thick ebony strands shield his emotionless eyes. My whole body tensed as his lips finally parted and words in nothing more then high whispers, spoke out to me from a land of sorrow and woe.

"Kyo, he put Yuki in the hospital last night..." He sighed deeply, looking onto me as if I were just a mere child who didn't comprehend what was being said. "And, I don't know if he's gonna be okay." My eyes shot open with sadness as I ran past him, slipping on shoes that didn't even match. I didn't care. I had to see Yuki, that stupid rat who held a place in my heart, guarded by many a layer of hatred I thought I had formed for him, though it was all passion in a devilish disguise. Yuki, I'm coming!