The strange person

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I look at the person,they looked like Yurka but as the person got closer she could tell the were female.

"You don`t remember me Linear?"

I shake my head no."Tell me your name."

"my name"The person laughs."If you must.Its Yur."


"Yes don`t tell me you don`t know."

"Know what?"

"Know that I am Yurka`s sister."

"Yurka had a sister."

"Yes and I have come to take his place as the side of destruction.Now we can distory all these weak humans."

"No we can`t."

"and just why not.If you disagree I will kill you and distory them myself."

I sit down hearing there words and wondering where Mag is,A tear falls from her eye to the ground.

"Don`t worry all you have to do is help.I wont let you kill anyone I`ll take care of that."

"I feeling a bit tired and need rest"I say quickly.


Yur leaves while I lay down on the bed.I start crying sliently and hug the pillow.I didn`t want to kill

anyone but it would risk my life."Mag...Mag where are you."More tears fall as I finally fall asleep.


After leaving Linear I walk down the hall to another room.I look at a picture of by brother.

"Well my stupid brother lost to there humans,but I wont."

I slam the door shut and sit down thinking of ways to distory the humans.I stand up after a while and walk

to where Linear is.I start to open the door but stop when I hears Linear crying.I walk away wondering why

Linear would cry or worry about humans.


I sit in my room when I hear hears a knock at the door.

"Come in Gre."

Gre walks in holding a plate with some food on it.

"Here Master Mag some dinner."

"I`m not hungry."

"You have to eat.I`m sure the will find the ruins soon and everything will be fine,but if you get hungry I leave some

food out."

I nod as Gre leaves and fall back on my bed.

"Linear where are you."

I fall asleep thinking about Linear.


ok very short but at least you know who kidnapped Linear.