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~Kill Me Once, Kill Me Twice~

Chapter Prologue: Come, Pharaoh

Dark eyes narrowed. With himself cornered, back pressed against the wall, he did not like his situation. Anger, sadness, and yet… confusion coursed through him, filling most of his thoughts. How had this happened? What had gone wrong? Why was he acting like this? No. This was not supposed to happen! Nonono!

"What's wrong, Yami? Afraid to answer me?"

Yami's narrowed eyes slid into dangerous slits, a deep scowl set upon his lips. "No, I am not afraid to answer you, Marik."

"Then…?" the blonde drawled, lifting a brow.

Yami closed his eyes for a long moment, inhaling deeply before sighing, the simple gesture revealing much of what was on his mind. "Fine… I will surrender." Yami opened his eyes, staring sadly at the ground before his feet.

A strong hand cupped his chin, forcing those maroon eyes to look up. "You made a wise choice, my Pharaoh. I am glad you finally came to the right decision after all this time of useless persuasion. You could've saved your friends-and aibou-the pain and suffering. But I'm glad that you finally have come to your senses and have surrendered to me."

Yami stared into the set of cold eyes that used to be full of light and emotion. Before he could help it, he bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes again, tears sliding down his cheeks. Only when gentle fingers came to wipe them away did he open his eyes once more and stare into the face of his captor.

Eyes still cold as ice stared back at him, his hands cupping the other's face gently, wiping away the tears as they came to tarnish the look of the shorter. "Do not plague me, Yami. Just do as I say, and no harm will came to you anymore." He spoke with soft words, nearly gentle to the Pharaoh's ears. "No harm at all…" he repeated.

Yami, finding no other solution to this wretched problem, nodded and closed his eyes yet again. Marik let him go, only to let him slide the Millennium Puzzle from his neck and place the chain on his. "Here you are, Marik. With this Puzzle I place my love and life. I will follow you to the ends of the Earth and all through time. I will save you from this madness and protect you with my life."

Marik smirked. "How sweet. Though I am not in a state of madness, I still find this amusing and very touching, Yami. And thank you for the gift that I so deserve."

Yami looked up at that familiar, yet not familiar, face and smiled sadly. "Of course."

"Come then." The command was short, and without waiting for a reply, Marik turned around and walked off.

Yami followed as if it was his eternal duty-which was soon to be true. He would follow Marik as he did right now, in his wake, following him in his madness only to protect him from himself and what he might do. Never… never had he expected this to happen. How? How did this all start? He didn't know. With a shake of his head to clear his thoughts, Yami took one last glance about him before disappearing after Marik.


Ishizu sighed as she made her way to the very place Marik and Yami left. Guards flanked her, dressed in black and as silent as night. She appreciated this silence, but also dreaded it for it gave her too much space to think. She had no distractions to keep her from visualizing the horrid thoughts that played in her mind. She tried to look in front of her and keep her thoughts on her steps, but every once in a while they strayed back to her brother and the Pharaoh. She was worried for them… she did not know what was to become of her brother, nor of the Pharaoh. Though family was usually a first priority for most people, she was more concerned about dear Yami and what peril he was facing.

'Oh, my dear Pharoah… I hope you are safe.' With a sigh, she kept on forward. Forward until she came upon the scene. With a gasp, she ran to where Yugi and some of his friends lay. She recognized one with near-white hair being Ryou, the boy in his milder form. 'Oh my… Even Bakura has been cast away to lay dormant inside Ryou to recover from who knows what damage! I hope the boy will be okay. But as for Yugi…' Ishizu paused and knelt before the boy who's eyes were usually open and wide, joy dancing in those maroon eyes that so much resembled the Pharaoh's narrowed ones. Now, the boy laid motionless, eyes closed-but she would not doubt it if his eyes were blank if they were opened-and mouth slightly open. The Puzzle that usually adorned the boy's neck was gone and that had only meant that the Pharaoh was indeed separate from his aibou and he was now following Marik, and that Yugi's spirit was (technically) split in half.

Ishizu frowned as she lifted the boy, his body light in her arms. She quickly ordered her guards to pick up the rest of those on the ground, a specific guard to pick up Ryou and follow her, and carried Yugi to her transportation to head back to the museum. And it was at the museum that a hidden room was used to host two certain boys who would serve a great deal in this problem.

Once in the safety of room, Ishizu cleared her throat and her guards left her in peace. She locked the door and sat in a chair by her desk. This room she used to serve as a spare sleeping quarters for herself while she was here in Domino. She watched the sleeping forms of Yugi and Ryou, her eyes landing last on Ryou.

"Bakura… Will you awaken please?"

A glow was emitted from Ryou's Pendant, the light enveloping the boy, in his place being Ryou, only this person has hair wilder and longer hair than Ryou, eyes narrow and piercing, a contrast to that of the boy's usual soft and kind-filled eyes. Slowly, this person sat up, effort etched in the very lines of his body.

"Bakura," Ishizu called, her voice soft but still defined in the air.

The male with his narrow eyes turned to the black-haired woman in her white and gold attire, a cloth over her head and a white dress upon her body, gold in her hair and around her neck and forehead. "What do you want, Ishizu?" came his harsh voice, low and rather raspy.

Ishizu smiled slightly. "Where is the Pharaoh?"

Bakura grunted. "Straight to the point, are you? But then again, why should I have to answer you? Your Millennium Necklace should already have told you the future."

The woman paused. "So it's true?"

"That matters. What do you think has happened?"

"The Pharaoh has become saddened as follows my brother to his death. Yugi is broken from the inside out, and Yami is nowhere to be found."

Bakura grunted again, but this from effort of positioning himself in a sitting position, his back against the wall. "Yes. The Pharaoh was foolish. He let Marik get the better of him. Tch. To think that the Pharaoh let himself grow weak, especially love the very person who leads him to his doom. I do not pity him."

Ishizu bowed her head. "He cares for my brother, and yes, that is his downfall, but I think that it will be his love for him that rights Marik's wrong."

Bakura scoffed. "But a fantasy. A mere hope."

"But I believe that it will be my hope that helps Yami in his struggle. We do not know of where he is, and it is no doubt that he is with my brother. I fear that Yami will work himself to death just to get Marik back."

"And you fear that it will be in vain, am I right?"

The woman nodded. "Yes. If not in vain, very will close to it. The Pharaoh has a soft heart and I feat that it will soon break. Love can be a tragic thing, Bakura… even if it is a great strength."

"Then was use was it to even have such a feeling as love if it is so destructive? Love is utterly useless."

Ishizu glared at him. "So says you when you yourself have loved the Pharaoh-even if only to some extent. Your 'vessel' liked him and Yugi. They grew to be very well friends. As much as you may hate to admit it, he affects you as well. Do not place your blame on him because you are rejected. Love is powerful, Bakura. You know that."

Bakura snorted and turned his head to the side, still keeping eye contact with Ishizu. "Feelings. . . love. . . useless! Look where it got him!"

"So says you when you have a love before you," the woman repeated.

Bakura flushed, both with anger and embarrassment. "I do not love anyone!"

The woman before him shook her head and sighed, her anger dying quickly as sadness took over. "Fine then. If you will not admit your own feelings, then at least admit that you saw the connection between Marik and Yami. There was indeed love between them, when my brother was still pure, and that should be obvious."

Bakura, though much to his dislike, nodded, dropping his gaze to the other figure in the room. "Yes, I remember. . . "


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