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It has been well over three months since that one night. The night to which Darkwing's world came to an end. The night he lost his baby Goslyn. In those three months, St. Canard hit a new low. Crime had sky rocketed to an ultimate high. Criminals from all around got wind of the lack of a hero. Every night on the news, it was the same story, Criminals cleaning out stores and banks, Cops getting killed or giving their two cents in, and the worst part, the citizens themselves in tears pleading for a miracle, calling out to Darkwing, as if to tell him that the joke was over. If they only knew what he was going through, maybe then they could have a change of heart. But at this point, they didn't care; they wanted to ensure that they were safe again... They needed a hero, they needed Darkwing. And whether he thought so or not, Darkwing needed them. In the past three months, Darkwing did nothing. He spent his days in his hide out. Not moving, talking, not caring. He rarely moved and rarely ate. Launchpad had done his best to support his friend, but alas his patience was wearing thin. He too missed Goslyn, and he could understand what Darkwing was going through, but he learned to never forget it, but to move on. Launchpad looked out the dim window. The sun shined through, showing a trail of dust and webs that he had missed in cleaning. He stood up and dropped the cloth he had in his hand. He hopped on the rat catcher and started it. He had a few problems at first, but he had finally got it to start.

Launchpad: Purrs like a kitty cat.

He slowly revved the engine, it stuttered a bit, but none the less it continued to run. Launchpad looked up to the platform to which Darkwing had made home, where he continuously stared at the blank computer screen, that took up the entire space. Launchpad let out an agitated sigh.

Launchpad: (to himself) Today you are going out whether you like it or not.

Launchpad kept the rat catcher running. He slowly climbed off and made his way over to the ladder that made its way up to the huge pillar. He took his time climbing up, for he did not want to have a repeat of last month, where he fell. He finally made it to the top. Much to his surprise, Darkwing was not in the huge chair, he sat in the kitchen, just staring blankly at the counters. Launchpad approached with caution, when Darkwing was in this state, he always had to be on the look out. As he got closer, he noticed that his eyes were red and puffy from crying. Launchpad stood in front of him, right at the other side of the table.

Launchpad: Uh... DW, are you okay?

Darkwing continued to stare. He didn't even make an attempt to make eye contact. His expression was cold and depressed.

Darkwing: (softly) I'll be fine...

Launchpad took this opportunity to get Darkwing to go out.

Launchpad: DW, I'm a little worried, you have been cooped up here for three months. THREE months. Dee, it's about time you go outside.

Darkwing tilted his head slightly and looked at Launchpad from the corner of his eye.

Darkwing: (softly) I have no reason to go out...

Launchpad couldn't take it anymore, for the past three months he spent most to all of his time here, with Darkwing, just to make sure he didn't do anything stupid. He had to put a stop to this moping; he leaned on the table, towards Darkwing.

Launchpad: Look Dee, I know how you feel, I miss her too, but I learned to move on. Not one day goes by that I don't think about that night, sure, it was hard in the beginning, and I understand that it is doubly hard on you. But think DW, would Goslyn want you to act like this? Would she want you to live your life trapped from the whole world, giving up the one think that you always loved?

Darkwing looked right at Launchpad and shook his head no.

Launchpad: I didn't think so. She would want you to be out there, fighting crime ensuring that the citizens were safe. Now please DW, not only for me, but for Gos, go outside, and see what this city has become.

Launchpad stood there hoping that what he had said made it through Darkwing's mind. For a moment Darkwing hesitated. Finally he slowly got up and walked by Launchpad, and made his way down to the rat catcher. Launchpad let out a sigh of relief. It was a good sign that there was hope yet, to bring Drake/Darkwing back. Only he needed a little more time, time to which St. Canard didn't have.


"... Crime in St. Canard has hit a new high. St. Canard officials blame the sudden crime hike on the lack of Darkwing Duck (file photo) According to official documents; the crime wave is linked to one of the most notorious crime groups known as F.O.W.L. At this point there is no known proof of the accusations but it is currently under investigations... In other news, Duckburg industries..."


Negaduck placed his remote down on his desk, and slowly leaned back in his chair.

Negaduck: Good luck finding us... we are way underground.

He looked to the wall, and grinned.

Negaduck: Life couldn't be any better, Darkwing Dodo is out of the picture, letting us roam free... it's all too perfect...

He turned back to his desk and picked up the newspaper.

Negaduck: Life couldn't get any better.

He was suddenly alarmed over the elevator opening. He looked up a first, then slowly stood up.

Negaduck: (angered tone) YOU!! What are you doing here?

The mysterious figure stepped from the shadows into the light. He spoke with a slight twang in his voice, as if his mouth was made of steel. He slowly came into view.

Steelbeak: What's a matta Negs, The head agents didn't tell ya? I'm one of yer special agents. Ya know, were all part of this so called new alliance? Just eyes arrived early pal, and I'm taking over this operation.

Negaduck became infuriated. He grabbed the nearest heavy object he had and lunged it at Steelbeak.

Negaduck: You fouled up our last mission pal, and now you're back with your stink attitude that you're in charge? Over my dead body!!!

Steelbeak grinned slyly.

Steelbeak: Oh I can arrange that...