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"No………..Sirius……….Don't leave me………I need you…………I'm sorry…………It's all my fault………..I'm sorry………I didn't mean it………..you can't be dead…………..Sirius……..Sirius…….SIRIUS"

The young boy woke from his nightmare with a final yell, leaping out of bed he checked to make sure that he hadn't woken up his Uncle, Aunt or cousin with his screaming. Silence greeted him as he opened his bedroom door, with a sigh of relief the young wizard, for that is what he was - a wizard, crept slowly towards the window, waiting for the return of his owl Hedwig with messages from his friends. He was already in enough trouble with his relatives ever since the warning they had received from  the members of the Order of the Phoenix regarding their treatment of the boy, unfortunately the warning had only served to aggravate his Uncle Vernon further than normal "Dictate to me will they, tell me how to run things in my own house….BOY WHEN WE GET HOME YOU WILL GO STRAIGHT TO YOUR ROOM, AND YOU WILL NOT LEAVE IT EXCEPT FOR 15 MINS IN THE MORNING AND 15 MINS IN THE AFTERNOON TO USE THE BATHROOM, YOUR FRIENDS DON'T WANT US MISTREATING YOU, THAT'S FINE, WE WON'T TREAT YOU AT ALL. YOU MAY LEAVE YOUR WINDOW OPEN FOR ONE HOUR IN THE MORNING BEFORE SUNRISE AND ONE HOUR IN THE EVENING AFTER SUNSET TO ALLOW ANY OWLS THAT NEED TO BE SENT AND YOUR MEALS WILL BE SLID UNDER YOUR DOOR AT BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER APART FROM THAT YOU DON'T EXIST, WE WILL NOT HEAR FROM YOU AND YOU WILL NOT HEAR FROM US"

Harry Potter, also known as The-Boy-Who-Lived, was no ordinary wizard. He had survived an attack from the darkest wizard of all, Lord Voldemort when he was just 15 months old, and had evaded death from the Dark Lord and his followers on four other occasions since then, unfortunately not everyone had been so lucky. Both his parents had died in the first attack, nearly 15 years before hand. Cedric Diggory, a school colleague had been killed during an ambush in the final task of the tri-wizard tournament in Harry's fourth year and just last month Harry's godfather Sirius Black had been killed during a rescue attempt to save Harry in the Ministry offices. Harry had been lured to the offices in the Department of Mysteries in an attempt to allow Voldemort to gain access to a prophecy regarding himself and Harry. Although the prophecy had been destroyed before Voldemort or his followers could hear it, Harry still thought that the cost had been too high. Afterwards Professor Dumbledore had told Harry the full prophecy; they were now the only two people to know it in its entirety.

The arrangement that his Uncle decided upon had suited Harry perfectly at first, all he really wanted at the time was to be left alone to sort out his feelings of guilt, hurt and abandonment after Sirius' death. Thoughts had been churning through his mind, all he wanted, all he needed was someone he could lay the blame on. He had blamed Sirius, for not listening to Professor Dumbledore, he blamed Professor Snape, for not continuing with the Occlumency lessons as he was supposed to, he blamed Sirius' cousin Bellatrix Lestrange for firing the stunning curse that had caused his godfather to fall through the veil in the Department of Mysteries, he blamed Professor Dumbledore for not telling him the truth and keeping information from him for so long, he blamed Voldemort for his constant attacks, but most of all he blamed himself. If he had listened to his friend Hermione, if  he had continued with his occlumency training in despite of Professor Snape, if he had gone to Professor Dumbledore earlier about his dreams…..so many ifs.

After a week of no sleep, and nothing else to do except dwell on his problems, Harry had reached a decision - no one else would die as a result of his not being prepared. He had written a letter to Professor Dumbledore requesting training over the summer so that he would be ready to face Voldemort as the prophecy ordained. Revenge was his quest, vengeance was his motivation and the protection of his friends would drive him to study as he had never studied before. Although the nightmares continued, and they probably would for many months to come yet, he would use the feelings of guilt and anger they created to push himself further still.

The moon as waning as the gaze of the 15 year old boy siting in the window settled on the scene below him. A lone figure could be seen trudging wearily up the road, stopping in the street outside number 4 Privet Drive, in the town of Little Whinging, Surrey.

"Moony", the boy whispered staring at the figure below

Grabbing his wand he raced out of his bedroom, down the stairs and to the front door, opening the door just a fraction he muttered  "What form does my patronus take, and when was I taught to perform the charm?"

"In your 3rd year, and the shape of a stag, Prongs to be exact" was the reply.

Harry opened the door allowing the man to enter. As the man began to take off his cloak and before Harry could ask any questions a loud bellow could be heard from upstairs, "BOY WHAT IS GOING ON DOWN THERE, I CAN HEAR WHISPERING, YOUR NOT PERFORMING ANY OF YOUR UNATURAL ACTS IN MY HOUSE ARE YOU, YOU LITTLE FREAK." The voice grew louder as footsteps could be heard stomping down the stairs, seeing the man in the cloak he paused and demanded "WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY HALLWAY AT THIS UNGODLY HOUR"

"Uncle Vernon, this is Professor Remus Lupin, one of the teachers from Hog…my school," sighed the boy, "as to why he is here, I was just about to find out when you came down here."

"I am here to collect you Harry," said the tired looking Professor, "your coming back with me to headquarters, I don't want you spending any more time with these muggles than you already have and Professor Dumbledore has agreed to your summer training. Hedwig is there waiting for you, I decided to come get you myself immediately rather than risking an owl being intercepted, lets go up stairs and get your things."

"Goodbye Uncle Vernon" Harry yelled as he raced up the stairs to his room, he grabbed everything from his desk and threw it in his trunk, picking up his few items of personal clothing he had worn during his week with his relatives he packed them and finally he reached under his bed, removing a loose floorboard and took out his most cherished possessions, his invisibility cloak, and a photo album containing pictures of his parents, he lovingly placed them on the top of the pile. Closing the lid of his trunk he turned to his teacher who was standing there with Hedwig's cage in his hand and asked "How are we getting there?"

"I have a portkey, are you ready to go?"

Harry reached and placed one hand on the portkey, and firmly grasped the handle of his trunk in the other. As he nodded his head in the affirmative he felt the familiar tug of the portkey at his navel and in a second they were gone.