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Final Answer, by The Calling

I want love to carry me through

All of the moments I'd kindly undo

Locked away, so I can feel safe

Now that I'm down on my knees, begging for change

Look down at the water

Before I jump in

To find I was sinking fast in all that might've been

What I'm needing now is an honest answer, to make things better

You can see now, my hands are tied, and I surrender

So I'll wait her for your final answer

Yeah, your final answer

Is there love without hate?

Is there pleasure without pain?

I have seen all of my mistakes

I cast you out

But now I want you back

So light me again

'Cause my heart is turning black

What I'm needing now is an honest answer, to make things better

You can see now, my hands are tied, and I surrender

So I'll wait here for your final answer

Yeah, your final answer

Remember the night you wore that dress?

Well, it flowed through our lips

Drink after drink, and kiss after kiss

We're still holding on, day after day

Don't run away

I want love to carry me through

Can you tell me what I'm supposed to do?

What I'm needing now is an honest answer, to make things better

You can see now, my hands are tied, and I surrender

Some forgiveness to bring us back together

So I'll wait here for your final answer


I was woken that morning by Tonks yelling at me to get up, the radio next to my head tuned to some random Muggle station. It was too early to think much; all I knew were the sappy song lyrics mocking me.

*I'll never breeeeak yooour heeart, I'll never maaaaake yooou cry.*

Naturally, I took this as a personal insult. Muggle or not, that DJ had no right to be playing lovey-dovey lyrics so early in the morning.

*I'd rather die than live without you.*

No one has the right to mock me like that, especially when I've only recently been revived from my unconscious state. It didn't occur to me to turn it off, so I grabbed the radio and threw it at the wall. Interestingly, it turned off.

Tonks, who had been ranting about how lazy I was up until then, stopped. I cracked an eye open. "What was that for?" she asked. Her hair was lime green, I noted dully. Weird color. Don't ask why, it just was.

"It was mocking me," I mumbled.

"I can assure you, that won't be the only thing mocking you if you don't get downstairs! Arise, child!" I had no idea what she meant by that. However, with those words, she spun on her heel and I heard her going back downstairs.

I had to roll my eyes. Note the rolling motion of the eyes. I swear, she must have been born with a permanent hormonal imbalance along with all that morphy junk. Or maybe it's just because she's related to my mother. I don't know.

I did, however, know I really had to get up. The previous night, Tonks and Snape had been going on about something that was happening today, but I couldn't remember for the life of me what it was.

I rolled off the couch-but I actually did, and that floor was hard as hell. One's head coming down upon a wooden floor isn't exactly the most pleasant experience, especially so early in the morning.

Several minutes later, I stumbled down the stairs, still attempting to wake up. Well, I'm sorry, but it takes me a while, plus usually a few bumps upon the head. And indeed, I did walk into a wall. Only once this morning, though.

I sat at the kitchen table. Tonks was standing near the doorway, looking at me expectantly. "Yes?"

"Aren't you coming?" she said impatiently. Obviously she wasn't a morning person either.

"Coming where?" I hadn't the foggiest idea what she was talking about.

"You said yesterday you'd go with me."

"Did I really?" I didn't recall agreeing to anything, much less something I didn't know about. I was confused.

"Never mind, I'll go alone." Without another word, she walked out of the house.

"God, she gets so moody in the morning," I muttered to Snape, who was sitting at the table across from me as usual. The few times I'd seen him in the house, he'd never gone further than the kitchen.

"I'm not going to answer for fear of my personal safety."

"You don't think it's genetic, do you?" I said thoughtfully, pouring sugar into my coffee. As if *I* was ever moody in the A.M.

Snape smirked, then sipped his own coffee. "Probably."

"Hey Professor, where was she going, anyway? And why so *early*?" I still couldn't remember.

Snape looked witheringly at me. "We've been over this, Mr. Malfoy."

"But I forget."

"She was going to get Potter today." The expression on Snape's was caught between a sneer and a scowl. "Miss Granger and the Weasleys will be coming today as well."

I grimaced, suddenly remembering. Not only was I forced to be in close proximity with the Weasleys and Granger for part of my precious off-time. No. Potter. Ew.

"Why are they coming here? Can't they send Potter to the madhouse or solitary confinement or the insane asylum or.something?"

"You know, Mr. Malfoy, I always did like you." He smirked. "I'm having trouble convincing everyone that Potter really does need medical attention, especially since the Daily Prophet turned on me, so he has to come here for protection, this being headquarters."

Yes, it is true. I suppose I should explain why I, Draco Malfoy, would be at Order of the Phoenix headquarters when I should be picking up girls in France.or something. Come on, it was summer.

Well anyway, since Daddy was in prison, I decided I didn't really feel like being one of Voldemort's minions. I so had better things to do. Besides, there's no way I would ever subject myself to such a servile position.

But whatever, because I'm still a slave, no matter where I go.

So I was in the mood for a little rebellion, so I decided to defy Voldemort because, quite frankly, he annoyed me. I mean, why should I serve some frikkin evil overlord that's probably just going to end up turning me into one of his kinky sex toys, anyway? If you think about it.

Dad was in the big house, and Mum was pretty much wandering around aimlessly, probably because she was sex deprived. Either that, or she'd misplaced her extensive Playwitch collection that she thinks I don't know about.

As if I've never even been into Flourish & Blotts' Mature section. Honestly.

So, doubting my mother would even notice I was gone, I set off on my noble quest to find my dear cousin Tonks. I'd known about all the Order of the Phoenix junk -don't ask why, don't ask how, I just did- so I figured hey, why not.

And so was the beginning of a dynasty. Okay, so it wasn't, but it could have been. Or might be someday. Tonks' family had been disowned, yes, but I still knew her. Another one of those don't ask, don't tell things. Freaky family thing, I guess. We have a lot of those.

I got great joy from spilling all the uber secret Death Eater junk I knew to Tonks and the others.Snape's not the only one with the details.

And that's pretty much how I found myself faced with the prospect of actually being in the same location as my favorite Gryffindors for a portion of my summer.

I glanced up at Professor Snape again. "Is this, like, part of my civic duty or something?"

"Something like that."

"Will I get public service credit for it?" I should clarify. I was planning on becoming a healer, and for med school after Hogwarts, you need however many public service hours to get in. I guess to prove you actually care about other people or something. Not that I did.

But I honestly considered hanging with the Dream Team an act of public service. Kind of like feeding jello to old people at nursing homes. Except they weren't old, and there would be no jello involved. Probably.

Since he was my Head of House and I'd had that career meeting with him, Professor Snape knew what I was talking about. "Quite possibly. Look into it." Snape drained the last of his coffee. "Well, Mr. Malfoy, I'll be taking my leave."

My jaw dropped. "You're going to leave me with them alone?"

He smirked. "Of course. Why should I put up with them if I don't have to?" I glared at him. "You won't be with them alone, anyway. Tonks will be here. And Lupin is here," he added as an afterthought. "Well, better you than me. I'll be seeing you, Mr. Malfoy." On that, he Apparated.

Oh, that's mature, Snape. Some professor.

I was thankful, however, that Tonks' family home was so large; easier to avoid them.

Tonks' house was guarded with similar spells that Sirius Black's had been, or so I've been told. You can't find it unless you tell yourself it's there. It's pretty cool.

Lupin wasn't there at the moment, and I wasn't sure when Tonks would be back with the charge, so for the time being I was alone. I picked up my mug and trudged back up the first flight of stairs to the room I slept in.

Tonks called in simply The Room, for mere lack of a better name. I had opted to sleep on the couch in there rather than one of the bedrooms, knowing that later in the summer I'd end up being even closer to the miscreants had I chosen the latter. Pluse there was that funny little muggle TV thing in The Room, which was one of my few sources of entertainment.

Tonks taught me how to use the VCR early on, so I had already been vastly immersed into the Muggle world of entertainment. I didn't have anything better to do.

I'd also watched all the animated Disney movies, which, Tonks proudly told me, she had every single one of.

Having nothing better to do and in the mood for a little mockery, I found a movie with two very disturbed looking lovers doing interesting things on the box. It looked amusing enough, so I started it. Plus, I thought I'd heard of that boat.


Six cups of coffee later, I was well into Titanic and found it to be one of the funniest things I'd ever seen, and without even trying to be.

Not as funny as Monty Python or that guy Stuart. But still funny.

I was still laughing about the flying scene ("Jack, I'm flying!" Haha, funny stuff) when I heard Tonksie return, unfortunately no doubt with Potter.

I could hear her trotting up the stairs, then she stuck her head through the slightly open door. "Wotcher, Draco," she said, winking. She was always saying that and I had no idea why. "I see you've woken up."

"As have you. Not exactly a morning person, are we?" Tonks grinned; obviously, she'd had her coffee.

Only then did I realize that Potter was behind her. I must have scowled, because she shoved him in front of her. "You know Harry, obviously." Potter glared at me. I returned the favor. "And the Weasleys will be here soon with Hermione."

"Excuse me if I don't jump for joy. Lupin must have finished my French Vanilla, you see, so I'm still in my moody state."

Tonks rolled her eyes; Potter frowned. Moron can't even recognize sarcasm, I thought dully. "Where is Remus, anyway?"

I thought for a moment. "Do you think werewolves have strip clubs?" It was reasonable. Even likely.

"Draco." She rolled here eyes again.

"Seriously though, I don't know. Now leave me to my entertainment."

Tonks spotted the Titanic box and grinned. "Wotcher. Why don't you come with me, Harry?" Potter, quite glady, I presume, followed her out of The Room, shooting me one last glare.

Why Tonks had felt compelled to bring Potter to see me was completely beyond my comprehension. She probably just wanted to annoy me. I turned my attention back to the screen.

Who knows how long later, I was sprawled out on the couch, staring at the TV screen, when I heard more people come into the house. Thanks to the convenient yet distracting air vents, I could hear perfectly the conversation that ensued.

I managed to block most of the monotonous banter out of my mind, until I heard my name. "Oh, Draco's upstairs." Damn you, Tonks. Not only did she well know that I could hear her, but she always seemed to find a way to drag me into things against my will.

"How nice. Ron, Harry, Ginny, Hermione, why don't you go up there." The speaker, whom I could only presume to be Mrs. Weasley, sounded distracted, but this was way too much. Even a Weasley couldn't be that thick.

That had to be it. They were plotting against me.

I could actually *hear* their detest as they trudged up the stairs (after a futile argument, of course). Why was I always forced to be with people that hate me? Not like it wasn't mutual, but still.

They appeared at the doorway, looking defeated but glaring at me all the same. "How nice to see you all," I remarked.

"Is it really?" Potter said. "Because last time I saw you, I remember you telling me I was dead."

"Look, Potter, I really am quite sorry to say this, but you're quite alive. If you were dead, you wouldn't need protecting," I added hopefully.

Potter gave me an even filthier look. "Well, why are *you* here then, Malfoy? What do you care about the Order? I'm assuming you know about it."

"See, Potter, unlike you, I can actually be of some help. You, on the other hand, I can't exactly say the same for."

Potter growled, and Granger put a hand on his shoulder. It really was a Kodak moment; inwardly; I gagged. "But you know what I said, Potter?" Without waiting for an answer, I continued, "Well, I said to them, I said they should just ship you off to the closed ward. That's where you really belong."

It was true; there was somewhere they all belonged. Potter, as I said, and the closed ward at St. Mungo's. For Weasley, a kennel. And Granger, a research laboratory.

I didn't say this out loud, however, and for good reason. Weasley could get dangerous without close supervision, and I had no way of knowing if he'd had the mandatory shots.

Potter had stopped talking, however, and followed the gaze of his followers. They were all staring at the TV screen. I'd ironically paused it on a very obscene part that involved a hand randomly slamming against condensed glass in a Muggle car. You know the one I'm talking about.

They all turned simultaneously to look at me. "Are you watching Titanic?" Granger said incredulously.

"As a matter of fact, I am." I was starting to get annoyed with trying to annoy them, and by now I was just bored.

The Weasel was gawking at the screen, though there was a disappointed look on his face when I started the movie again. "Well," he said, looking confused, "if they're not going to show anything.I mean, then what's the point?"

I burst out laughing despite myself. "Jesus, Weasley, and here I was thinking you couldn't get any thicker."

Weasley's ears turned read as he glared at me, the car still shaking menacingly on the screen. "Shut up, Malfoy." I vaguely wondered if that was the only insult in his vocabulary.

"I would, but first must know. What is it that you want with me?"

"Tonks and Mrs. Weasley made us come up here," Potter muttered darkly.

See, I think that they wanted to be with me; they took things too literally. "They told you to go upstairs. So do so. Go upstairs, farther upstairs, and darken my doorway no more. You're making me sick."

They looked as if this had never occurred to them. Without a word, the trio walked out of The Room and I heard their footsteps carry up the stairs.

I noticed that the other Weasley hadn't followed them, but didn't think much of it. She seemed fascinated by the television (simple things amuse simple minds?), and silently sat on a lounge chair, just watching the movie intently.

We watched it mostly in silence; her "friends" hadn't even come to look for her, heartless miscreants they were.

By the end, however, I was vaguely upset. "WHAT THE HELL?!"

Weasley looked startled. "What?"

"She said she'd never let go, then she just, like.lets go!" I was halfway betweed lost and outraged.

Weasley was silent for a moment. "I never thought I'd say this, Malfoy, but you're right."



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