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There is a legend which echoes through the ocean waves, it tells of a kingdom exiled above the ocean waves forever locked in an eternal sleep. No one knows how or why this happened, at least most don't. Legend has it the realm above the waves was home to three sacred towers, each representing the three chosen kingdoms. The towers locked a sacred power inside of them, capable of destroying a whole world in an instant. Realizing the danger of this power the people knew they would have no choice, but to soon destroy the towers if nothing else could be done. Not wanting to lose their icons, the people forged three amulets made from cut off pieces of each of the three towers and locked all the powers inside of them. With this done the people felt at ease, no one would be able to steal the powers of the towers now and they could be at peace once more. It however, could never be that simple. A dark shadow soon learned of the amulets and vowed to take them, this she would soon do. First taking the amulet from the golden tower, she soon destroyed the kingdom which had guarded it, the amulet from the bronze tower was next and that kingdom too fell victim to her power.The last and final amulet from the silver tower would have been next had it not been for an intrusion from three chosen beings. Two were from the golden kingdom while the other from the kingdom of silver. A shining light rose from the hands of the golden saviors while the third who held a magical talisman, which glowed with the same light. When the lights joined together the dark one was no more.
No one knows who or what those beings were, but we do know this. The three amulets, which were supposed to protect the three kingdoms, one vanished right after that fateful meeting. Thus without the power of the amulet with them, the golden kingdom met It's fate by another dark being. Hundreds of years later the silver kingdom met it's fate as the golden kingdom had, this time however not only did the kingdom itself vanish, but it's people as well. The three kingdoms were soon forgotten, but their legacy still lives on. A hero and princess from this great body of water we call a sea are journeying to find a new land to reclaim the golden kingdom's former glory. Yet the hero may get much more then he bargained for. Why you may ask, it will soon be the hero's 15th birthday and that is when his true destiny shall be revealed.

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