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She stood a distance from his bedside.

His face had grown paler, his breathing ragged.

The demon's evil poison had finally begun to work.

Even her mother began to exhibit signs of the same sickness that had befallen her father…

She hugged her arms, and closed her eyes slightly.

She heard a slight ruckus and was shocked when she saw Aryll and Tetra heading back.

But Link was nowhere in sight.

Her heart began to pound.

Surely he didn't…

She sighed.

Surely he had.

" And you… and you just let him?"

" What choice did I have…?"

" Big brother will get out of this, I know it!"

Samina shook her head, " I dread to say I disagree…" " Yvette was far stronger than Link ever was… and look what Gandria did to her… look what she did to his mother…"

" Then what are we doing here, what's the point anymore!" " trying to save a future that by this time might not even exist anymore!"

Terrence flinched, as did the other sages, Saria bit her lip, Robin calmly, a little too calmly focused on a slowly burning feather…

" You can't say that… Link will succeed, he has too… how else would we be here?" He murmured.

" Unless this whole world has just been a lie…" Yura spoke up for the first time, " The goddess's idea of a sick joke."

An argument started, she noticed, she cast a look at her sick father, and grasped the hilt of her sword. Link had promised her…

Her father had promised her…

She clenched her teeth.

And there would be no more broken promises!

She snuck away.

" Miss Leah?"

The exclamation had stopped the argument.


She sheathed her sword, and jumped off the ship.

She could feel his presence, faintly.

She turned to the pirate ship one final time. She nodded her head in their direction.

And ran.

The climb was a hard one.

What was it with warlocks or sorceresses… and high cliffs or towers!?

He gritted his teeth. Shi-orkun strapped securely to his back, and with only one second thought, he'd started the long, torturous climb.

" Yvette…" he murmured.

His foot slipped, he dug his nails in the rock, and gritted his teeth at the intense pain, as his nails were practically torn from his fingers, but still, he was able to regain his footing. Breathing heavily, he resumed his climb.

" Faore, Din, Nayru, if that was your cue that this is a suicide mission, for the wrong reasons… I'm aware of that." He growled.

He owed Yvette no favors, why the hell was he doing this? With the exception of his mother and father… Aryll and Gram, no one in his family had cared enough to even see he lived…


He sighed. That wasn't true. The long scar on his leg proved that… Yvette had rescued him that night, the only reason he was alive was because of her…

But it had been his blade that had ended her own…

His foot slipped again, but he regained his footing quickly this time.

He stopped in mid climb, and looked back.

He caught a glimpse of clouds, that were pretty much it… he sighed.

His ancestral home had been in the clouds… until all his people had been wiped out… leaving only Cabarynia…

He resumed climbing.

He watched with slight interest.

His silver hair blowing gently in the wind. His white pupiless eyes showing no emotion at all.

" Fool… he thinks he can actually make that climb…." A fang flashed.

He appeared right in front of him, with a yelp of surprise, he completely lost his footing, and Oni raised his eyebrow and casually saved him from falling to his death.


He smirked," Perhaps…" " What are you doing here"

" Why do you care, you're a demon, I expelled from the inside of me, go away." He said it rather simply.

The Oni smirked, " You actually think you can just poof me away?" " I'm more in this battle than you think, I've just come for a special importance and I'll be on my way."

" Importance?" He scoffed, " I believe you've done enough Oni."

" Is that really what you think I am, just a mindless demon wishing nothing but your own death."

" You tried killing me before."

" That was an unfortunate error, believe it or not, I'd rather not see you dead… "You're still of use."

He gritted his teeth, " Use!" " I've been a pawn in all of this, since the beginning, What's your real purpose." " What is all this, you know what's going to happen, I'm destined to die, yet you're still helping me." " What! Do you want to change history before it even happens!"

The oni sobered, his amusement fading " More like correct it."

To his surprise he felt the edge. " How?" He looked in wonder, he hadn't even been close… he looked at the floating demon

" Correct… correct what?"

" Las time I checked, that was for me to know,… you to find out."

" Isn't it always."

" Now you're catching on."

A slight wind had begun to blow,

" You know she was wrong."

" Who?"

" While your daughter is strong, she won't be strong enough to defeat the evil by herself And she won't be the one who ends up defeating the queen…"

" If you know so much then, who will end up defeating her, if not the chien nu weinds, I know the legends as much as any one else."

" The child of the winds…?" " Oh no, she is powerful and she is quite the peculiarity, but she's not the child of the winds proclaimed in the legends, far from it."

" Are you calling my cousin a liar?" His anger was growing.

Oh no, but I can tell you" she was misinformed." He smiled cheekishly, "You don't really understand what that legend is, do you?"

" What it is?" He scoffed, "" It is a person, foretold by my people for centuries, my daughter." " The savior of the world." The wind was growing stronger.

The Oni's face darkened, " They're coming… the dark winds… " " Here's hoping you're ready Link, because I can tell you, you'll be facing something much worse than what is to come."

" IS that a threat Oni?"

He sobered, " More like a warning hero."

" A warning, a warning of what?"

But as quickly as he had come, the demon was gone, leaving Link alone on the top.

She struggled up the cliff, her boots slipping, she grimaced, boots were not made for climbing, the number one rule of adventuring.

" Damn boots, how the hell did Link get up there?"

She sighed, no use for whining now, she may have been in a fifteen year old body, but she still had the mind of a ten year old..

" A seriously disturbed ten-year old" She muttered, blowing a stray piece of hair away from her face. " Din knows I've seen too much.


No answer.


Only a few more feet to go, she could make it, she had to, her father would die if she didn't.

He saw the three towers. Crumbled into rubble. A symbol of the alliance's failure.

He knew he and Zelda would fix that, the two of them would unite the silver and golden kingdoms, he knew and believed that with all his heart.

He had to get back to her.

She was his inspiration.

He stared at the deathly cold space.

So ironic indeed that she would choose to fight him here, he unsheathed Shi-or-kun. The gems twinkled, He prayed the power of the sages would be enough.

But even if it wasn't.

He fingered the charm

He knew what would be…

" LEAH!" " LEAH!!"

her mother's frantic cries could be heard from the bowels, Tetra closed her eyes in pain.

Like father like daughter.

She strapped the bow and arrows to her back.

Just in case.

She grunted, but pulled herself back up, " LINK!"

He turned to her in alarm, " LEAH!?" " What are you doing here, I told you not-."

" Well, too bad, we're in this together!"

he glared, " I order you back to that ship right now young lady, you're way in over your head!"

she glared equally back, " You're not my daddy yet Link, you know full well you can't do this alone."

" Leah…"

" Don't Leah me, I want to help, and I will help, Gandria cursed my daddy Link, he's going to die, and I'm not letting his murderer get away with it Link." " You should know how that feels, you're up here avenging your family, well so am I." " So don't be a hypocrite and accept my help!"

He said nothing for a long while, until finally.

" When I give the word, you run, and you don't look back." " Understand me."

She smiled, " Yes sir."

" How sweet…"

They stiffened.

She stood there, the size of an ordinary woman, the mad sorceress who had caused them so misery.

" Gandria…" he growled.

" So the last of the Harkains sees fit to challenge me, how fitting, it's done where it all started."

" What?" His eyes narrowed. " No more games Gandria!" " Who are you really!" " Answer that at least!"

" You wish to know do you." " Would you call that a last request."

" Answer me you wretch." " Why did you kill my mother and my father!"

" I did nothing, your mother's sister is the one whom caused their demise, I merely helped her act on it." " My host's desires become mine, we share everything."

Her eyes widened, " So what you're saying is that you have no real will of your own!?" Her voice became shrill.

" I was created brat, created out of hatred and malice, given a human form by one very powerful being, who stemmed the desires of other mortals like me…"

" You hate my family, because someone told you to…"

" You can try to destroy me, Rinku, you can destroy everything about me, but it's useless, I am not your only great enemy Link, far from it, I was created out of jealousy and malice, and I took the form of the woman who created me, but I'm recent, I'm one of many. Your mother's sister created who I am Rinku, I am just one of them… "

" Are you saying you're not even the real GANDRIA!" He shrieked, beyond caring now, " WHO DAMN IT, WHO TOLD YOU TO KILL MY FAMILY, WHY!?" " WHO THE HELL IS YOUR CREATOR!"

She only laughed, the sudden crazed laughter of a lunatic, suddenly a glint caught his eye, the amulet was in her hands, he could get it. He had to try.

He lunged, Shi-orkun raised,


" FOOL!" " Do you truly believe you can stop me now!"

She raised her hands in sudden acute fury. A dark energy came from her hands.

He lunged towards her torso, she put her hands down, as the energy surged forth,

He blocked it and kept on running.

Leah unsheathed her own sword and rushed towards her as well, getting a few slices in as Link having reached her, began hacking away, caring not about the dark blood hitting his face, matting his hair, he cared only about destroying every once of her.


He blocked another of her attacks, and was able to slice a chunk of skin from her arm.

The witch growled in frustration and struck him with her claws, leaving three bloody streaks across his left eye, he blocked her wildly swinging claws,


Another strike, this time severing one of her clawed fingers.

Still she kept on, and still they fought, seemingly dismembering every inch if her, but like a wretched beast, she still was sable to keep on.

" THIS IS FOR MY FAMILY!" Leah screamed shrilly, successfully taking yet another chunk of flesh. Her once glorious blonde hair was now dirty and matted, she could care less. Both were covered in blood, both their own and the cursed witch's.

How much longer could she last!?

She continued to laugh, even though the trying battle, until finally her mouth twisted into a hideous grin,

" That's quite enough, children, mmm heh heh…" She let out a powerful burst of energy, enough to knock the both of them off their feet.

" I'm afraid, I've grown quite tired of this nonsense…" " It's time to show you just what the true power of this amulet."

The woman or now revealed the shell of a woman suddenly grasped the amulet, both Link and Leah paled as suddenly she swallowed it…

She swallowed it…



The monstrous woman suddenly seemed to grow even larger. Her voice booming with laughter, her hair became like strings, her skin clammy, and her claws even longer.

" Down with the Harkains!" " DOWN WITH THEM!" " YOUR BLOOD SHALL FREE MY MASTER!"

She launched another attack, this time hitting its mark, and both Leah and Link ended up slammed into the wall.

The thud was sickening and loud enough to be heard by anyone at the bottom of the tower.

Tetra looked up. It was about time she supposed that she save the hero…. They'd been through too much together to have it end now. She clenched her teeth and strode towards it.

" Hang on Link… hang on till I get there."

Another indent in the wall. Another crumble, but still they got back up.

The two were resilient. She had to give them that.

This last attack however, had given her an advantage. The Shi-orkun had been knocked square out of Link's hands and lay a good twenty yards away from them. He backed away slightly, trying to position his body so to make a run for it. Gandria however saw right through his bluff and blasted another beam of energy. He gritted his teeth and started to run, she saw him and a beam of energy came barreling towards him. He rolled and just barely missed it. But his foot hadn't been so lucky, he tried to move it, but it was no use, he removed his boot, but quickly put it on again, suddenly nauseated. He could see Leah running to him,

" Link!"

" Get…the…sword…!"

" What…"

He grimaced, and hissed in pain, " I…can't…walk…get…the…BLOODY…SWORD!" He gave another cry of pain.

" Link!"

" DO IT LEAH!" " You have to!"

She backed away, and started a wild dash towards the shining blade. She saw through it and aimed another blast. However a piercing light flashed past her and hit the wall.

The both turned.

Tetra stood poised with another arrow to strike.


Leah continued to run, she didn't hear what Gandria said in response, she doubted it was pleasant… Only a few more yards… that was all. She looked back and saw another arrow had pierced Gandria's flesh this time. She howled in agony. To Leah's relief she saw Link had been able to force himself back up. Tetra had given her the chance she needed, she lunged and grabbed the hilt and started her run back.

Link met her halfway.

" What do we do, we can't fight her like this!" " She's as big as the tower… or maybe even bigger."

" we don't have a choice. Something's making her unstoppable. That something has to be destroyed."

" You don't mean."

" We have no choice."

" Without the silver amulet your people…"

" We don't have another option Leah….she'll just keep getting stronger, we have to do it now."

Tetra continued to fire arrows, distracting the witch but never piercing her skin completely.

They both looked at the blade in their hands. " Throw it." He murmured.

" Aye." The blade began to glow one last time.

" TETRA!" " GET OUT OF THE WAY!" She turned towards him. Gandria suddenly freed from the constant barrage saw her chance.

" One… Two…." The blade began to pulse more, the glowing became more unbearable. They both raised it in the air.

" Hit the mark…" " Please…"

They released it, but at that second Link noticed Gandria hadn't even moved to defend herself, or combat the attack. Suddenly he realized why.

" NO!" He bellowed.

"I win hero…" She began to laugh even as the blade came crashing towards her, Link began to run but it was hopeless.

A claw at that moment rose up from behind her.

" NO!" He reached for her, but it was too late.

The princess crumbled, he caught her as she fell. The blood pooled around them.

Gandria continued to laugh, even as her body slowly began to disintegrate the blade digging deeper and deeper into her once impenetrable flesh, her laughter grew louder, and louder, the silver light coming from within her didn't faze her at all.

Leah stood stone silent.

" Oh Woe to the Hero and his lost love… it seems that though he survives the hero still loses all… ah the irony… and to think… it's only just begun for you boy… or has it….?"

His body stiffened, as he desperately tried to revive the young woman in his arms, whose breath was lessening every moment.

Leah looked upon her hands.

They were transparent and disappearing fast.

The witch dissolved into dust. A single silver light remained.

She stared at it, it began to glow again, bursts of light spread forth. She covered her eyes, and then it disappeared.

The amulet was gone, the false goddess was defeated, she turned towards Link.

But at what cost…?


He frantically pumped and leaned over again, pressing his mouth on hers, finally he heard a hoarse cough, as she spit up…


Her breathing was ragged.

But she was alive.. alive!

" Tetra, thank the gods… I thought I'd lost you."

"L-..Link…" She coughed more blood, her shirt stained along with his, " Link… I'm not going to…"

" No." He squeezed her hand, " Yes you are, you'll be fine, we'll get you back to the ship." Mako will fix you up good." He scooped her up.

She shrieked, and he frantically put her down again, " LINK!" " IT HURTS LINK DAMN IT, DON'T MOVE ME!" Tears streamed down her cheeks.

He squeezed her hand harder, " I have to get you out of here Tetra, get you to the ship, I'm not-."

Her grip was weak, " Link…" " I…"

" Tetra." " Stay still, you'll injure yourself more."

" I'm glad I met you… all those years ago…" " That damn bird… " She chuckled softly. "it did me good… making me land on that island of yours… to think I cursed that thing till the day it finally died…" " It did me the biggest favor I've ever gotten…"

" Tetra… you're delirious…I have to get you back...-"

" I'll never forget you Link… promise me… you… won't forget me…"

" Forget you… I… of course I won't, maybe I will when we're both old and senile living in a big castle after years of- but by then we'll on our death beds anyway… lying side by side..."

She shook her head weakly, " A big castle… our kids watching over us with the grandkids and great grandkids in tow….

He chuckled, " Yeah, and the remains of the crew still at our beck and call still…" " It will be great."

" Yeah… it would, wouldn't it…." She smiled, " I Love you Link…"

Her hand slipped out of his and hit the floor quietly beside him.

" Tetra…" " T-Tetra…" " Speak to me… Speak to me…. No… no…. TETRA!" " NO NO NO NO!"

He collapsed to his knees. Leah could only stand quiet as the great hero of the winds, wept in heart wrenching sobs. She was practically transparent now.

" Link…." She was finally able to murmur. The boy stood. He turned towards with bloodshot eyes.

" It's not ending like this…"

" What?"

" It's not… happening again… not again."

" Link you can't change-."

He growled. " Like hell I can't. He hissed. He backed away from her. The mysterious silver charm the Oni had given him was suddenly in his hands.

With a chill, Leah realized what it was he meant to do.

" Link… you can't erase history…."

His eyes had gone completely colorless. He clearly was no longer listening to her

" NO!" " I won't let you!" She lunged for him, but her hand went right through him.

" LINK!" " YOU CAN"T E SERIOUS!" " YOU Can't make it seemed like this never happened!" " YOU CAN'T!"

" Watch me!" He bellowed. The grasped the charm and it's sickening light, a light Leah suddenly recognized… but that was impossible…

" How can they have the same…-."

He thrust it to the ground, shattering it, the light burst forth engulfing them both, she screeched as she felt the ground crumbling beneath her, and the chill of sudden winds going through her. She looked back and saw mist coming from seemingly nowhere and engulfing everything, until it finally disappeared. Soon only they were left, nothing was around them and she felt nothing. Only blank space. She turned towards him.

" Link what have you done?" She whispered.

" No one will remember, it will be like it never happened…. " " Like it never was… at most a bad dream… for everyone but me… I must ensure it never happens again…"

"And me…"

"No…. your part is done freis ne ca… From now on… you will live your life ignorant as the rest…a life you deserve… "

"You can't do it alone…"

"I can try…"

His hands went to her shoulders, and he pressed her to him tightly, " Live little Leah…"

The ground crumbled beneath her. She shouted one last time, but received no answer.

. He closed his eyes to the sudden pain and let himself fall. He felt rather than saw the silver light and then… darkness

A stray hand caught her.

She was dangling just above the mists. The same mists that were engulfing everyone in that sea and beyond… it was like none of this had ever happened.

Her form had already reverted to that a child's.

" I'm sorry little Leah…. But your part is not done yet… no… I'm afraid it's only just about to begin…"

The Oni sighed, " And neither is mine… sleep well little one… and rest hero…. Our paths will cross again sooner than you may like."

He turned his gaze towards the sky, which was darkening every second.

The pain was extraordinary, but finally it began to subside, a burning in his chest being the only remnant of it, hopefully that would o in time.

The sun was burning bright, it hurt his eyes, he clenched his fists and a sudden murmuring of voices made him stir.

The lad's waking up…

Poor thing… all beat up like that…

Big brother… are you okay?

Link… you okay kid?

Please wake up Link…

His eyes opened.

" Well thank the gods you've pulled through lad!"

He blinked, " Mako?"

" Hey he remembers me fellas, least we won't have to worry about that nasty bump on the head!"

" Bump?"

" Yeah kid… that old sorcerer or whatever he was certainly gave you a wallop, I don't even think you knew you had yourself that nasty concussion. Now did you?"

He shook his head. He looked at the smiling faces around him, but his eyes widened.

" Um… can I have a mirror please?" He murmured. The crew looked at each other and shrugged, but nonetheless produced one.

A skinny, chubby cheeked, wide green eyed and fair haired young boy of twelve gazed back to him.

A smile curled on his face.

He turned towards the fair haired , blue eyed and twelve year old girl next to him.

" Didn't think ya were the vain type Link." She giggled and gave him a wide smile with a wink.

He tore his gaze away from mirror, " What can I say… I've just never been so happy to see me my entire life."

She shrugged, " Well vanity aside, get better, we have work to do… New Hyrule's not gonna find itself you know."

He grinned, " You know what Tetra… I couldn't agree more."

" Good. See ya on deck in an hour!"

He waved and he was left alone, however he felt a coolness under his shirt, he dug underneath and came upon something hard.

The chain was brittle, but it was still there. His eyes widened as he fingered the ridges in the middle. He closed his eyes.

The seagulls cawed… the waves crashed… the little girl stood at the bow of the magnificent vessel. Her blonde hair waved in the wind.

She watched the waves with little interest.

" Link…" She murmured quietly.

A silver charm glinted in the sun, split in half right down the middle…


And that's it. The end of five long years of hard work. My very first written multi chaptered story to be completed.

A little pathetic but I found myself almost tearing up as I wrote those final words, writing affects people in different ways and what started out as a simple rainy day afternoon five years ago turned writing into my passion, all because of this one story. When I read this now sometimes I can't believe the writing from five years ago, how simplistic and how well… choppy. Compared to my newer work it's quite well bad. I'll be mature enough to admit it, yet people reviewed it anyway, giving me the confidence to work harder than ever before. Maybe this isn't going to be my greatest story ever, though it really is the most dear to me simply because of nostalgia, but I want to give a most heartfelt thank you to each and every reviewer, believe me if there was a reader response and I could find out who has read this through this entire time I would quite easily write a thank you to each and every person who read this.

Again. I thank you all. Sayonara.