Exile: The True Story

Part 4

Author: Mac

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Archer watched Trip and Malcolm as they led the first team towards

Tarquin's home. He noticed them stop and suddenly phaser fire

erupted. He called to his team to join him, but they started firing

phasers as well. He ducked behind the shuttlepod in confusion.

"Trip, this Archer. Come in!"

::Cap'n, I think he's onto us. I'm the only one left standing from

my team. I'm just glad we all had our phasers set to stun::

"You're right about that. I suggest you leave the phaser there. We

don't want you to accidentally shoot someone."

::Good plan, Sir. I'd like to suggest something myself... Stay there::

Without any arguement, Archer agreed. Trip slowly headed up to the

castle. He watched warily as the doors opened. "Commander Tucker,

welcome. Please come in."

Trip shook his head. If there's one thing he found he didn't like,

it was having someone being able to read your thoughts. Tarquin led

him mentally through the castle.

"Stop leading me like a damn dog and just tell me where Hoshi is!" he

exclaimed in frustration.

"Here she is, Commander," Tarquin said, appearing before him. Hoshi

sat calmly on a four poster bed, hands folded in her lap, and dressed

in a beautiful gown.

He smiled at her. "Are you all right, Hoshi?"

"I'm fine, Charlie," she replied. "In fact, Tarquin has invited me

to stay."

Trip's smile faded. "What?"

"Besides, I don't love you. I never did. I was just looking for a

way to move up in the chain of command. You understand this, right?"

"What?" Trip asked again. "No, I don't! Hoshi I love you! I would

never do anything to hurt you! Please come back to the Enterprise.

Come back to me!"


Meanwhile, Archer had arrived at the castle. He glanced into the

first room he passed and saw Trip talking to Tarquin. However, his

friend didn't look so happy.


He whirled around to see Hoshi. "What's going on? Are you all


"If you can called be tied up all right, then yeah, I'm peachy." She

grabbed his arm, pulling him into the room. "We need to stop him,

Sir, he's going ot kill Charlie."

Archer nodded. "Lets go!"

"Tarquin has Trip in some kind of mental lock. I need your help to snap him out of it."

He revealed a hypospray. "What's that?"

"Some kind of neural suppressant Phlox made. I'll inject Tarquin with it while you convince Trip it's all in his head." Hoshi nodded. "Lets go."


"Please, Hoshi!" Trip pleaded. "I love you!"

"Well, I don't love you! This is ridiculous, Charlie! Just leave and never come back."

Trip could tell by the look on her face that she was serious. He squeezed his eyes shut as pain coursed through his head. "Hoshi..."


The young ensign inaudibly gasped at the sight before her. Tarquin's eyes were closed as he used his telepathy on Trip. Trip was on his knees pleading for Hoshi to stay on Enterprise with him. She could tell that he was in a considerable amount of pain.

Archer tapped her on the shoulder. "Wait until I'm just behind Tarquin to move towards Trip," he whispered.

She nodded and watched as he approached Tarquin. Hoshi rushed to Trip's side as told. "Charlie, it's me, Hoshi. Snap out of it!"

"Hoshi..." She glanced back at Archer, who dispensed the hypospray with a hiss.


Tarquin realized his defenses were going down. Since he knew he had lost Hoshi, he didn't have anything left to lose. He searched through Trip's mind. He would destroy the man who took the woman he loved.

Trip was so confused. He didn't know which way was up. "Charlie, it's okay, Tarquin's unconscious, he can't hurt you," a soothing voice told him.

The voice sounded so familiar, but he couldn't place it. He thought he would hear more from her, but instead, he felt her warm lips on his.

Trip slowly opened his eyes to see Hoshi standing beside him. "Doctor, he's awake."

Phlox smiled. "Mr. Tucker, how do you feel?" the Denobulan asked.

"A little groggy."

"That's to be expected. I'd like to keep you over night for observation." Trip nodded. "I'll let the Captain know you're awake."


Trip was watching the doctor feed the various creatures in Sickbay when Archer arrived. "Where's Tarquin?" Trip wanted to know.

"With his people. They're taking him back to their homeworld to stand trial."

"For what? Well, I mean, besides the obvious."

"Apparently this isn't the first time he tried to keep a woman against her will. However, those stories don't have happy endings."

He nodded. "The graves Hoshi mentioned. What about the information on the Xindi? Was that a lie too?"

"Yeah. He used that little thing called telepathy. He read our minds to find out what we wanted most."

"How lovely," Trip said sarcastically. "I take it the teams have recovered from the shooting escapade?"

Archer laughed. "As good as new! Now, why don't you get some sleep, Commander?"

"Wait!" Trip exclaimed as Archer rose to leave. "You never said anything about my relationship with Hoshi."

"What I don't see, I don't know about."

He smiled. "Thanks, Cap'n."

Trip laid back down. Life was good, or was it? Little did he know, but it was about to get worse!

To be continued....