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Satan's pets

Ch.1 Only the pure of heart

Once upon a time long ago there was a man. He was looking up into the sky and watching the sky when his name was called.

"Inu taisho you promised to tell us a scary story tonight," he heard Kagome say.

He turned and saw the little girl standing alone. He sighed and walked towards her.

He had no story to tell except a legend about Satan's Pets. Sesshomaru his son had heard it before and had not believed it. Inu yasha on the other hand ended up sleeping with him and Inu yasha's mother for a week.

He walked to the room where Kagome and the visiting kids were. He sat down into his favorite story and looked at them. He then began his story.

"Long ago there were three rare animals. One was a dragon another was a dog with fiery wings and a serpent. It was said that these animals were Satan's Pets. They came once every thousand years to eat the most evil person in the world." he then paused.

"Kikyo," he heard Kagome whisper.

His sons tried not to laugh actually Sesshomaru was trying but Inu yasha was laughing. Kikyo was yelling at Kagome.

"SILENCE!" he yelled.

Everyone went quiet and they sat back down.

"Now to continue. Once they eat this person they came into their full strength. They will go around destroying everything in their path. It is said that there is only one way to stop them." he was then cut off by Miroku.

"Owww!" he said.

Inu taisho watched as Sango moved away from him. Sango and Miroku were betrothed and yet they did not get along. He sighed and continued.

"They will be destroyed by the most purest person in the world. This person would have united both humans and our people alike. They will create the most evil person in the world. Purity and evil will fight. No one knows who will win." he said softly.

He looked and saw that everyone had fallen asleep. He smiled covered them up and smirked when Sesshomaru wrapped his arm around Kagome.

Inu taisho then left. He walked to his room and there stood his mate Kali. He walked into her arms d they joined as one.


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