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Chapter 4

Whirlwind of Confusion

            Harry returned to the Dursley's later that night. He had been sorely teased so much he was certain he could have torched the house down. But he didn't, he was saving up those torments for when he got home. Ophelia on the other hand was all round happy; she had honed the art of striking again and she was full. Currently she was dozing contentedly on Harry's arm. Ophelia had given Harry the perfect excuse to leave the house of torment, so he seized the chance. After all who was going to argue with the world's deadliest groggiest snake who had just mastered accurate biting?

            Finally getting into his room ignoring the sniggers of the Dursley's, Harry let Ophelia curl up on the bed and sleep, while he took out the book of magic and started the first lesson again. Eventually, Harry had the idea of what to do, and his favourite weapon mentioned so far was the Air Blade, so for his first time Harry focused his thoughts and emotions into his temple.

            Suddenly he felt the connection to the elements click into place and the wind gathered in his mind so rapidly it wasn't long before a breeze turned into something akin to a hurricane; tearing and raging too get out. Harry tried to calm the tempest but to no avail, he couldn't remember how, the raging storm was distracting his focus too much. Blindly, Harry ran out of his room, just wanting to get out into a wide open space.

            The next thing Harry knew was that a tornado was being released from his forehead, raging winds tearing at would be enemies. Harry could feel an exhilarating release; it was sucking all of his anger and frustration out of himself into the hurricane. This went on for some considerable time until there was no more anger, so it changed its source to the only emotion Harry felt by now, peace. With this the storm quickly dissipated. It was the oddest moment of Harry's life so far. He felt... nothing... wait... he could actually feel a slight emotion, and it wasn't his... Ever so slightly Harry could feel his scar ever so slightly twinge in his mind, something he would never of felt under normal circumstances. This had to be none other than the mental link between himself and Voldemort.

            Gently, Harry mentally prodded the link. A wave of hate flooded back at him, the link straining against something that was usually causing the pain. Not this time however. Harry's connection to the wind was still active, and it was simply siphoning off the extra emotions that came through the link. Harry laughed in realisation that Voldemort was not really hurting him. Boldly, Harry delved towards source of all of the hate and pain, and pushed through link. Harry immediately felt contaminated and filthy. Voldemorts mind was the darkest and filthiest thing he had ever encountered; it really did put Dementors to shame. They seemed positively clean and hygienic compared to this filth.

            Unsure what to do, Harry thought that some light would help to clean up this mess. Concentrating, Harry thought of light. A flicker of light appeared and disappeared with the shock that Harry felt when he saw the images of Voldemorts mind; it was making him feel nauseous just thinking about it. Suddenly he felt himself being pushed back, through the link, back into calmness. Harry opened his eyes that he didn't even realise was closed. Taking a few deep breaths to try and stem the nauseating feeling and fighting a wave of tiredness that just swept over him, Harry finally realised that he was in that middle of a violently windswept mountainous region. Looking around Harry saw in the distance something flying towards him.

            "Harry!" a familiar voice faintly yelled.

            Harry recognised the voice immediately. It was Tonks, who was following something fairly small. Harry tiredly waved his arm. He felt exhausted as if he had just ran ten marathons straight, he knew that initially that using the elements would tired him, but to a point that he just wanted to curl up here and sleep? This was…

            Darkness overtook him, just as he heard a frantic Tonks shouting "Harry! Stay with me Harry!"


            "Can you tell me what happened to Harry?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

            Harry pondered this question. He didn't have enough energy to do anything yet, he was psyching himself up for the tremendous strain of opening his eyes. What did happen to him? Harry remembered trying to calm the tempest in his mind, before being unable realising that he was unable to do anything to it, so he wanted to get outside… no he wanted to get to a wide open space… wrenching the door open, and rushing blindly out he nearly hit the wall several times at a violent speed only to be buffeted by a gust of wind keeping him from harm, then falling... or flying down the stairs, only to be stopped from hitting the floor by blasts of wind, and finally flinging him out into the street, where…

            "Not really, as I'm not sure myself." Replied a concerned Tonks, "I'd just apperated in when I had gotten word of Harry leaving Arrabella's. I'd just got myself comfy watching the house when Harry flew out of the door…"

            "On his broom I assume?" Dumbledore interrupted.

            "No, it was as if he was just thrown out of the house, but he never hit the floor though, 'cos a whirlwind took him away. So I went and got my broom, went inside and found his owl, and asked her to find Harry. I followed her for about 200 miles, where I found him in the Pennines. He waved at me getting my attention before slipping into unconsciousness. I used the portkey you gave him to get him home and used his owl to get you. Other than that, I have no idea what happened. Do you think it could've been You-Know-Who?"

            "I doubt it, but we can't rule out the possibility after all. Voldemort would have made sure that he would have been killed. Was there anyone around where you found him?"

            "Nothing. It was just really windswept, which was understandable considering that he had just been transported by a whirlwind, but other than that, there was nothing for miles. Not even animals, it was completely desolate."

            What had happened when he got there? Harry remembered the exhilarating feeling of release, the pouring out of all his anger and frustration and the calmness. And the scar. Harry remembered the influx of hate with it being redirected to the wind which he still had a connection to. Harry quickly severed that still active link before it caused any damage wherever he was. Harry resumed his thoughts. Then stopped again. Voldemorts mind was something he did not want to see for a long time. A very long time. In fact he never wanted to see it ever again. Period. The images came to his minds eye unbidden, flashing before him. Harry groaned. That was sick!

            The people surrounding Harry were startled at this noise, and Harry heard the movement of chairs and people moving closer. Professor Dumbledore spoke again, "Harry, can you hear me?"

            Well, the cat's out of the bag now. "Yes sir." Harry rasped out, his mouth drier than a desert in a drought. What the hell? I wasn't that bad before passing out!

            "Good, drink this."

            Harry felt a cup being pressed against his lips. Harry gulped down the refreshing potion which didn't even taste that bad. Immediately Harry could feel his body being revitalised, his strength returning to him. Harry's eyes flickered open and blurred figures were around him. Groping for his glasses on the bedside table, Harry felt them and put them on, his room came back into focus.

            "What happened to you Harry?" asked Dumbledore seriously, peering into his eyes.

            Harry knew this meant the Leglimens was being cast. Harry didn't want anyone peering into his mind just at that moment… Occulmency… blank his mind? How? An image from Voldemorts head flickered before him. No! The voice in his head shouted from the back of his mind. The image flickered some more and but then came back stronger. NO! GET OUT! NO ONE SHOULD SEE THAT! The image winked out, and Dumbledore came back into focus looking shocked and a sickening green. "Excuse me." Was all Dumbledore managed to mumble before leaving the room. The sound of retching could be heard from the bathroom. A few minutes later Dumbledore returned before standing in front of Harry again, this time looking extremely pale.

            "Harry," Dumbledore asked tentatively, "what was that image?"

            "Voldemorts mind after I shone a flicker of light." Harry mumbled.

            "You went through the link?"

            "Yes sir."

            "Do I even need to ask you not to do that again?"

            "Definitely not sir. Although Voldemort did not seem to-"

            Harry never finished the sentence as an angry looking Professor Snape stormed into the room. "Professor! I need a word immediately!"

            "Then speak Severus."

            Professor Snape looked disdainfully at Harry. "Sir, it's about the Dark Lord."

            "I repeat, speak. We are all on the light side here."

            Reluctantly, with Snape glaring at Harry, Snape said, "Something has happened to Dark Lord. He was clutching his head cursing Potters name and screaming in agony."

            "Thank you Severus, I think we know what caused that. Harry here had a mental war with Voldemort, and I think that it produced some interesting wandless magical effects on Harry's behalf.

            "Thank you Harry, I will not keep you any longer. Tonks, I believe that you are still on duty for the next few hours."

            "That's right sir."

            "Very well, I shall leave the Dursley's in your hands. Come Severus." Dumbledore finished before Professor Snape and himself disapperated.

            Tonks looked and Harry before sweeping him up in a hug that he wasn't expecting. "I was so worried about you! What happened to you?"

            Harry considered this for a moment. For some reason, he was torn, on one hand he didn't want anyone to know about the elemental control, and yet he felt that he needed someone who was with him who he could confide in. Owl post could read by anyone, so telling Ron and Hermione was out of the question. However Tonks was someone who he liked... a lot. Could he trust her though? "Tonks, can I trust you to keep a secret. I don't want anyone else to know, not even Professor Dumbledore."

            "Then why tell me if it's such a big secret?"

            "For one thing I think that I may need help with what I'm doing."

            "Okay Harry, I'll keep it secret, but if things involve heavy dark arts then I'm gonna have to bring in Dumbledore."

            "That shouldn't be a problem. Okay, what happened was that I was trying to control the wind element."

            "Controlling the elements? That's impossible!"

            "Just a tick." Harry swung himself out of bed when he realised that he was only wearing his cousin's boxers and t-shirt. In front of Tonks. In. Front. Of. Tonks. Realisation hit him causing a war in his body for the fight for blood. On one hand the blood wanted to rapidly leave his head to bring to life another body function, and on the other hand the blood wanted to flood his head for a competition of the world's brightest blush. In the confusion, his body seized up.

            Seeing Harry's body grind to a halt in mid motion, Tonks grabbed hold of his arms and leaned into Harry, looking into his eyes with concern. Harry's short circuited system was jump started the moment that Tonks did this simple gesture. He didn't hear what she said. She was wearing her baggy Weird Sister's t-shirt. This said t-shirt, being designed for people of the size of Dudley, that is, people with extremely large body size, and Tonks didn't have a large body. Quite the opposite in fact, causing the t-shirt to fall away from her body. Another... asset of the said t-shirt was the neck of it. Obviously being designed for large people, the neck also fell away from Tonks slender neck, giving Harry a view straight down her top. Harry learned that day something he would never forget about Tonks; she didn't wear a bra.

            Harry's body shorted out again from fighting for blood dominance, but not before issuing a groan. Tonks followed his line of sight and then realised what he had seen. With an evil grin she scrunched up her eyes in concentration. Harry's eyes widened as he saw her boobs swell in size. And they kept growing. And growing. Quickly all he could see was the enticing cleavage. However Harry was no longer focusing on her, his attention had turned towards his own chest. And two sharp points pressing into him. Tonks opened her eyes looking intently at Harry with an evil smirk. His eyes had glazed over; she shook her now oversized chest to see the response. That did it for Harry, the feel of those particular sharp points scrape over his chest. All of his blood fled his vital body parts, destined to gather in one place. Reason and instinct battled for supremacy. Reason won, causing Harry to jump back onto the bed but being knocked flat on his back from his knees catching the edge of the bed.

            Tonks sniggered at this, remarking "Well, that's where I want you!"

            Harry groaned at the thought before grinding out "Tonks, we can't do this; it isn't right."

            "Who says it isn't right Harry? Is it you who says that or is it everyone else?"

            "It's… everyone else."

            "Why does it matter what they think? It isn't you who matters? You make your own decisions. You have to decide what's best for you. Not someone else. Sure people can advise you, but it's your decision. Don't be a follower Harry, be your own man. If people don't like you because you don't fit into their own category as ideal, then they aren't worth knowing."

            Harry quickly sat up and dived for his clothes, "please turn around Tonks." Tonks moaned and muttered about life being "so unfair" and begrudgingly turned around and Harry quickly threw on his jeans. While he was getting dressed though, he was considering what she said. Harry could see where she was going with all of this. Sure he didn't have a problem with her reasoning; he did have one concern from his experience with Cho. "Okay Tonks, you can turn around now. Now as for what you were saying… I'm gonna need more time; I'm not quite sure what is going on with my last girlfriend-"

            "Oh really? Who was she?"

            "Oh, I doubt you know her…"

            "Go on, I might surprise you."

            "It's a girl in Ravenclaw called Cho Chang."

            Tonks gawped, "you didn't!"

            "Didn't what?"

            "You went out with Cho! She was my replacement!"


            "I was in my seventh year at Hogwarts when you arrived in your first year, and that year I was training Cho Chang to be my replacement as seeker. I was looking forward to playing against you in the last match, but you had that business with Voldemort and the Philosopher's Stone, so I won the match quite easily without you there, which was a shame cos I was looking forward to a challenge that year – I didn't have one for a few years, except against Slytherin, where I always had to watch my back instead of watching out for the snitch instead." Tonks finished sounding glum. "She was really moody she was, and very clingy always wanting to be the centre of the universe. I bet she wasn't that much fun to be with, eh?"

            "Not really, especially when her last boyfriend was Cedric."


            "Cedric Diggory, the other Hogwarts Triwizard Champion."

            "Amos' son… Ah."

            "Yeah, 'ah' is the word for it indeed. I used to have a crush on Cho, and she knew it, and I think she had a belief that my life," Harry laughed humourlessly while sweeping his hand around his room, "was very glamorous. She has no concept of loyalty whatsoever, she would rather stick up for her friend who is disloyal rather than be loyal. I think that she tried to spark some jealously on the way back home on the train by being with someone else. Heh, it didn't work."

            "So does that mean that you are still seeing Cho or not?"

            "I don't think we are, since we have… drifted apart more than anything else. I have no desire to be with her, or anyone else just yet. It's just so confusing, and there is no guide of what you are supposed to do."

            Tonks laughed at this, "Harry, there is a reason why no one tells you what to do!"

            Harry wrinkled his nose in confusion, "what?"

            "Harry, a relationship is all about discovering about each other, finding out about that other person in such detail that they become a part of you, you both share your secrets, so the two of you can become one fluid unit. There is no right or wrong in a relationship, it's all about give, take and compromise."

            "So, if that person is not in your eyes the centre of your universe you shouldn't even contemplate a relationship?"

            "Pretty much."

            "But how do know if that person is the centre of your universe without having a relationship first?"

            "That is the risk you have to take, you have to rely on your own feelings to actually guide you in the first place."

            "But what if you make a mistake of liking the wrong person like I did?"

            "Then you accept your mistakes and move on. I take it that you and Cho weren't that close at school?"

            "Nope, she was mainly in control of things, I didn't have a clue what was going on most of the time."

            "Then I expect it's not really a wrench for you to move on then?"

            "No, I've moved on, it's just that I need to sort out my own feelings at the moment, I mean I've got to sort out myself, Cho, and Sirius..." Harry finished in a whisper, but Tonks caught every single word. Harry's resolve hardened, as did the feelings around his heart.

            "Tonks, you have to realise that out of my own stupidity I wasted Sirius' life. I had the means of contacting Sirius and checking up on him without gallivanting across the entire country, only to find out I had been fed false information as a trap to get me do something for Voldemort, and I had been warned that it could well be a trap."

            "Everyone makes mistakes lad. The trick is to learn from them." A gruff voice said from the doorway. "Anyway Nymphadora, I've got a bone to pick with you."

            "My name is Tonks!" Tonks growled out.

            "Getting me in the back with a Confundus hex when I was washing my eye, and then changing my flask of water with a flask of Fire Whiskey is not funny!"

            "You mean you forced Mad-Eye to get drunk? Why?" Harry asked incredulously.

            "Cos I thought it would be funny, unfortunately it back fired on me and embarrassed the two of us."

            "Yeah, well, there is still the matter of the Auror's honour to uphold. People classify me as a liar and a hypocrite--"

            "Why a hypocrite?" Harry interjected.

            "CONSTANT VIGILENCE!" Moody roared. Harry understood then; 'practice what you preach' was in effect. "Anyway, as I was saying," Mad-Eye straighten, took out his wand and conjured a wooden staff out of thin air, before embedding it into the floor keeping both hands on it before reciting "Nymphadora Tonks, my honour has been breeched by yourself, therefore the challenge of the honour of Aurors as laid down by the First Auror, I lay before you, Nymphadora Tonks, now. The penalty is death or of being under the Imperious curse for 24 hours upon yielding is now in effect. By the rights of the challenged, you choose the time and the weapons." A glow surrounded the staff by the time Moody finished his recital.

            Tonks stood stiffly before conjuring her own staff, planting it besides to Moody's. "I accept your challenge Alastor Moody, and I choose the Wand and the Staff as the weapons of choice. We shall start now, for the next twenty four hours until we die with honour, yield or draw. If we draw then we both have our honour without any penalties, as our magical bond dictates." Tonks staff was now glowing too, mingling with Moody's staff.

             "Very well, we just need a referee." Moody growled out.

             "I choose Harry Potter as our referee."

             "I agree, Harry, will you referee our fight for Honour?"

            Harry was sat in a daze, unsure what was happening, being brought into this was... unexpected. "Wha- what do I have to do?"

             "Make sure that whatever we do isn't dishonourable, otherwise that's instant disqualification."

             "Can someone also explain to me what is going on?"

             "Sure, Moody and myself are Aurors, that means that we are bound by magic to uphold honour. Death Eaters and the like have no honour, thus we deal with them. However, if one of our own dishonours us, we are to sort it out by the rules laid out by the first Auror. Therefore he has every right to challenge me since I have caused him to be dishonoured. Now, will you be our referee?"

             "Err, sure." The mingling glows around the staff shot out and touched Harry, and he found his self standing up stiffly saying

             "I, Harry James Potter will referee over the fight of honour between Nymphadora Tonks and Alastor Moody." Harry then took the staffs, one in each hand, and held them up. "The fight starts at the Aurors settlement arena now!"

            Harry brought down the two staffs, hitting the floor, causing all three of them to disappear. Harry felt himself sliding though the air to where ever the destination was.

            They came to a smooth stop, which surprised Harry, as most wizarding methods of travel were nauseating to say the least. Harry looked around. They had arrived at some forsaken cliff by the sea, with the sea raging at the cliffs trying to tear it down and a strong wind whipped around them. Loose rocks littered the grassy cliff making it precarious wherever Harry stood. Harry didn't have long to contemplate the landscape before the glow surround the staffs took over Harry's body again. Tonks and Moody faced each other for their duel, wands at the ready. Harry raised the staff and swung them down crying out "fight!"

            Harry watched in amazement as hexes and curses flew at each of the opponents who were constantly ducking, diving and rolling out of the way. The biggest surprise was Mad-Eye Moody who was moving in anticipation of the curses in firing back hexes whilst moving out of the way of spells barely missing him. Harry figured that this method of moving very little must come from years of experience.

            Tonks on the other hand was using a very unorthodox method of fighting. She would fall while trying to dodge the spells for what ever reason, tripping over the rocks, slipping on them or just plain turning way to quick. Whatever the reason it was infuriating Moody as his entire barrage of well aimed hexes weren't hitting their intended target. Obviously his experience only covered people who had mastered moving their bodies.

            All in all Harry saw that it was an even match. With Tonks and Moody constantly moving about Harry was slowly moving backwards so to stay out of the way of the spells hurtling through the air.

            Unfortunately Harry took one small step back too far, only to realise that he was not only at the edge of the cliff, but he was also losing his balance going over the cliff. Harry swung his arms forward to balance himself while giving a cry of surprise. The weight of the staffs easily countered his backward fall. Levelling himself out he looked over his shoulder at the sea, and breathed a sigh of relief while looking back towards the fight, only to freeze in place due to shear horror of what was going to happen.

            The two duelling Aurors had completely forgotten about the referee, so when they heard a cry of surprise, they both instinctively sent a barrage of spells towards the noise only to freeze with a look of horror on their faces as ten beams of light flew towards Harry who had just regained his balance from nearly falling over the cliff.

            Harry felt the impact of the spells flipping his body right over the cliff, releasing the staffs in the process. Using his instincts and his seeker sharp reflexes, Harry managed to grab the cliff edge, his body slamming into the cliff face causing him to nearly let go of his existing loose grip of the edge.

            "Err. I need a bit of help here!" Harry yelled.

            No answer, there was no noise except that of the wind and the sea.

            "Help!" Harry yelled.

            Still no answer. Harry realised that they had both must have been knocked out by their wayward spells when he distracted them. He was on his own. Just then Harry heard the sea go unusually quiet. Harry glanced over his shoulder and froze.

            There was a wave the size of the cliff heading straight for him. If that wasn't enough Harry's scar burst with pain, by instinct Harry nearly let go of the cliff to clutch his forehead, although he didn't let go the slight movement reduced his existing poor grip. Cursing his rotten luck, Voldemort, stupid Auror Duels, Voldemort, crazy weather and Voldemort, Harry could feel himself slipping into unconsciousness, his grip slipping from the edge and the tidal wave bearing down on him.

            A moment of realisation hit him in this desperate situation. Life sucked being Harry Potter.