Credits, thanks and frequently asked questions

Wow, this is it then. After 25 months of writing, the story is finally finished. This is a great personal victory for me and I'm glad I was able to finish what I started. Though the quality of the story varies from time to time because of the occasional breaks I had in writing, I still enjoyed writing every single chapter. I hope you have had as good time reading my Morrowind fanfiction, as I had while writing it. However, a story wouldn't be a story without a short look behind the scenes…

Why did you do it?

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is one of the greatest games I have ever played. Soon after installing it, I was completely surrounded by the plot. The story was something I had never seen in a game before, and I just felt I had to write about how I experienced it. Some people might wonder why did I make a writing from a plot of a computer game, but I don't regret it at all.

Did you invent all that by yourself?

No, I didn't. Morrowind is a game made by Bethesda Softworks. It is the third game in the series of The Elder Scrolls. Morrowind currently has to expansion packs called the Tribunal and the Bloodmoon. The plot you saw in this writing was the main plot of the original Morrowind game. However, Merlac is my own character, as well as partly Achen.

Achen is only partly yours?

Yes. It was a FanFiction-net-user called "Mage-Imperator" who first gave me the idea of adding a companion to my story. The character Achen was not actually what he wanted, but nevertheless I give him the credit for such a great idea.

What about Merlac?

Merlac is my own character. Many of you might wonder what the word "Merlac" means and the answer is simple; it is a word combined from random letters few years ago, and I have used it as my IRC-nick since then. I noticed it would fit my story rather well…

What now?

I will probably start writing a sequel to my Morrowind fanfic, that will follow the plot of the expansion pack called "The Tribunal". The story will take place some years after Merlac killed Dagoth Ur under Red Mountain and most of the events will take place in the capital of Morrowind; the city of Mournhold itself.

Aren't there already stories about Morrowind and Tribunal?

Yes, there are. "Tribunal, Fall of Almalexia" by Kojiokida2 is a good example of a Morrowind-fanfic that follows the plot of the Tribunal expansion pack. However, each story is a unique despite the fact that they follow the same plot. I recommend reading all of them because they all give you a unique experience of the story.

Did you learn all that just by playing the game?

No. Though I wrote most of the story from my memory, I also used several sources to get detailed information about the world of Tamriel and its residents. I will mention more of then in the end of this page.

Why there are so many mistakes in the story?

There are few parts that I have intentionally changed to make the story fit a writing instead of a game. However, there are also several mistakes I made when writing from my memory, including a major mistake about mixing up Lord Vivec and the Emperor. I hope I have fixed all errors about that embarrassing mistake.

Your English sucks!

True. English is not my native language, as I live in Finland. However, I have wrote this story with my best abilities and I hope to improve my skills as the time passes.

Finally, who do you want to thank for this story?

Bethesda Softworks, for making such a great game. The story would not have been possible without it.

Fan , which is a great place for amateur writers to publish their fanfic stories about movies, series, games and stuff.

Mage-Imperator, about the idea of making a companion for Merlac.

All the people who commented my story while I wrote it, every single comment gave me more will to continue writing

The Imperial Library ), which is a great source for in-game literature of Morrowind and gave incredible amounts of detailed information that helped me to write a detailed story.

Gamebanshee ), which helped me memorizing the main parts of the plot and giving other detailed information.

Several other people and sources I do not remember at this moment. They all made it possible and I owe them everything. One more time; Thank you.