The day my world shattered:

*sits on santa's lap*

"And what do you want for Christmas, little girl?"

"To own Rurouni Kenshin!"

" Hah! Well Rurouni Kenshin is trademarked, so you can just have coal! MUAHAHAHAHA!"

yep. Still recovering from that one. Well here you go kiddies, a dark little story for all who wanna read it:

          Meiji. What a peaceful era. There was no pain in the Meiji, only memories. Haunting memories of dead samurai lords that insist on making polite conversation with me amidst a backdrop of nightmares. And my brother. Sometimes at night, when the wind whips cold around the dojo, I can hear him calling for me, asking me to join him, begging me to avenge his wandering soul. His crimson words make my blood freeze inside my arteries. Who can I call for on such horrible nights like these, when I am reminded of a promise made long ago?










          "State your name please?" a tall, black haired receptionist asked me. "And what business you have here?"

          "Kamiya Kaoru. I was-" cut off short in mid-sentence by her apprehensive glare.

          "O-o-of course, right this way, ma'am." She lead me through a door marked private and into a shabby western-style office with a desk, a couple of chairs, and a strange smell of half-eaten calamari and unfinished jobs. There was a man behind the desk, tall and handsome, with raven hair that defied gravity. He did not fit the office and payed little attention to me, sucking the last puff out of his cigarette.

          "Won't you have a seat, Kamiya?" he said, through slanted eyes, "it is not often that I see an accomplice from the bakamutsu."

          "Wolf, I was hoping to avoid you until we met in hell." I spat through my teeth. "What is the meaning of this? I'm through with your conniving ways! I'm not a killer anymore and I refuse to be blackmailed into being one!" I threw the piece of paper I had brought with me on his desk. It was a simple note from wolf-man that read "Kamiya, Police HQ 1:00". I had found it under my pillow, where I had always found my instructions. But I had given up the spy life after the return of the Meiji and hadn't received anything from my old supervisor, Saitoh, in over 10 years.

          He took his time in answering me, an eternity on my poor heart. "Kamiya, have you ever wondered what happened to all the courageous men that fought during the bakamutsu?"

          "No, Saitoh, I'm sure they all ended up being wretched conniving policemen just like you." I smiled sardonically as the room grew colder than the sea at Hokkaido.

          "Funny, I thought you'd be interested on taking out the man that killed Kamiya Honda. After all, your brother was such a good man and a-" I cut him short. Now Saitoh had really made me angry.

          "Battousai is dead. He died in the bakamutsu. He is NEVER coming back. I cannot take revenge on a dead guy!"

          "And that, my annoying little spy, is where you're wrong. He's quite alive. He's just been scarce these past few years. Changed him name to Himura whatever. Wandered around Japan for a while. When the Meiji government found out that old battousai still walks with us, they got a little scared." He stopped to puff on his cigarette.

          "go on…" I prodded, my eyes wide with anticipation.

          "Well, you can't expect them to let a man like that walk around. What if he brought to light all the people he killed on orders of the damn bureaucrats that are now sitting in office down at city hall? Wouldn't look very good in the publics view, now would it?"

          Saitoh was starting to annoy me, the way he was rambling on and on. "SO WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ME?" I screamed.

          "I gotta order here from some high and mighty official to take care of the battousai. Shut him up for good, but really quietly…. There is to be no public fuss involved. 'Let him just drift away slowly', it says. You were always best with this drifting stuff. I just want to go kill the bastard. So how about it Kamiya? You wanna take the case? You'll be heavily compensated for your time…."

          "And wind up dead in a fight with battousai…. No, I don't think so wolf. Do your own damn dirty work." With that, I turned on my heels and began to walk out the door.

          "How about for Kamiya Honda?" the wolf had cornered me. There was nothing left to do. I had to avenge my brother that the baka battousai killed. I took my orders from Saitoh and met Himura Kenshin the very same day. Under a childlike façade I hid myself and he never expected a thing. Heh. Stupid men.

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