Chapter One- Dealing with Dishes (And other things as well!)

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            A majestic day of spring rose again, softly conjuring up clouds and of course, the sun.  Shining ever so brightly it rose again to meet the fresh start of a new day, giving hope and warmth to the people of the city below.  A small breeze combed the smooth, fine, silky strands of grass on a hilltop.  They ruffled half-heartedly in the wind; smiling crisp and clear for a morning of sunshine.  From the sea, dolphins leaped playfully from the sparkling waters, to land once more, causing beautiful geysers to erupt.  Across the sea stood a tall tower, firmly resisting the wind in its glory.

The Titans Tower was an amazing sight from the outside.  It was really a great sight, always so clean and it sometimes glittered when the sun hit it at the right angle.  Yes, when people drove by the island, they would feast their eyes on it. What many people didn't know, was that the inside of the tower was very different from the outside… 

"BEAST BOY! GET IN HERE NOW!" shouted a voice from the kitchen.

Slowly, across the hall a small green boy arose groggily and rubbed his eyes.  "I'm coming," he murmured sleepily.  "Jeez, what time is it?"  He looked down at his animal alarm clock, (how cute) and gritted his teeth at the sight.  What does he need at 6:00 in the morning?!  He threw on his robes and ventured, or stumbled to the kitchen.  "What?"

"Maybe if you'd open your eyes all the way you'd see WHAT!" said the boy.  Beast Boy stretched his eyes and saw a horrible sight.  Dishes piled up on the counters by the dozen.  Leftovers from yesterday night's dinner were slowly dripping down the sides of the counter.  "As I recall, Beast Boy," continued the superhero, "You had dish duty last night! Do you want another incident with blue furry food?"

Beast Boy sighed and said, "Robin, what are you doing up at 6:00 in the morning? Honestly man, you could have waited ten more hours!"

"Well, I WANTED to get a bite of some pizza for an early morning start at the gym, but it was kind of hard to do with this massacre," replied Robin, glaring at the shape-shifter. 

Beast Boy surveyed the mess one more time grumpily.

"Fine, fine, fine, I'll get to it.  I just need a bazillion more hours of sleep!"  Beast Boy started for his room. 

"Oh, no you don't!" yelled Robin.  "You're doing this now.  No one else should have the pleasure of seeing this mess," he said.  Suddenly he got an idea.  "You don't want Raven to see this, do you?" he teased slyly, knowing that would rouse him.

Beast Boy opened his mouth, in surprise that Robin would dare, but no sound came out.  "Whaddaya mean Raven?" he replied, trying to keep calm.  But it was too late.  He blushed a shade of red and he started to bob up and down slightly, in nervousness.

"You know, the gothic one, with the purple cape and the whole *come into my room and you'll suffer a painful death* deal?" Robin smirked at Beast Boy's reaction.  "Come on Beast Boy.  Everyone knows you like her." With that the Boy wonder fled to the training room, leaving Beast Boy to think and wash dishes.

Once more, Beast Boy opened his mouth, but then closed it.  It's pointless to resist, thought Beast Boy.  He started on the dishes and pondered about what Robin had said.  Yeah, he had always liked Raven, but even he had been smart enough to hide it.  Maybe it was time to actually go for her.  He would have to ask Robin or Cyborg for some help on that.  Robin has a girlfriend, but then again the girlfriend was happy-go-lucky Starfire, who would probably be happy with Cyborg. Whoops, that was kind of wrong.  He mentally apologized, and scolded himself.  He was just weary, tired, and sleepy as well.  Beast Boy left his inner demon and angel to bicker while he scrubbed off a frying pan with leftover pizza on it.  "Yes, let's focus on something else."

            These dishes are cool! Oh look at that one!  It has a rainbow on it!  Oh hey! That one has a star on it!  Oooooo. Definitely not Raven's plate.  NO! DO NOT THINK OF RAVEN!  Dishes!  Dishes are good! For a moment he regained control of his mind.  He applied soap to a pot as he began to wash it vigorously.  Pots are nice.  Pots are good.  Hey these pots smell like Raven!  Violets…

"NO!" shouted Beast Boy in protest to his mind.  "What is WRONG with me?"  He returned to washing dishes.

 Beast Boy's mind started to wander, and before long, he was thinking about Raven again.

She was really smart-she always noticed the fine details of a situation when no one else could.  She was always calm, and she could usually hide her emotions really well.  Not that that's a good thing. He could never tell if she liked his jokes, or was really mad.  Heh, not to mention she is sooo pretty.  She could always make him feel better about himself.  She could make him smile in the worst of occasions, just at the sight of her face.  Yep, thought Beast Boy as he polished a spoon.  I really do like her, don't I?  But there was no way that he was going to try going down that path. "There's really no chance in that happening," he said to himself.  "No chance."


3 long and tiring hours later Beast Boy was nearly finished.  His thoughts were still conflicted, but he had set them aside.  The shape shifter humored himself by imagining him and Raven on the perfect date.  "And then we would end it with a perfect kiss," finalized Beast Boy.  Suddenly realizing what he had just said, he dropped the plate he was holding.  "ARGH!" he yelled.  Seconds before the plate impacted the floor, it glowed black and was outlined in white.  It stopped in midair, then slowly floated across the room to land softly in a girl's hands.  She wore a purple cape, her body suit black.  A beautiful gold belt (chain?) was hanged lazily at a slant around her waist.  Besides her regular powers, the girl called Raven also had a certain power over Beast Boy. 

Beast Boy stared in shock at Raven, who was standing against the doorframe, now clutching the plate.  "Uh, ummm, hi Raven," he managed to choke out. 

"Need some help Beast Boy?" asked Raven with a small smirk.  She walked over to the sink and handed the plate to Beast Boy, who was shaken.  "How l-long have you been standing there Raven?" he asked nervously, wondering if she had overheard his "perfect date".

"Don't worry Beast Boy.  If you were talking about something private I didn't hear a word of it," said Raven.  And I'm not sure if I would particularly care for that matter, she thought.  Hey, that was mean, her conscience scolded. 

"I'm sorry then!" said Raven angrily. 

"Sorry for what?" asked Beast Boy.  

"Never mind, I wasn't talking to you."

Raven levitated a couple of plates down with an incantation and the water from the faucet began to pour over them.  Beast Boy stood fascinated for a second, and then he continued to wash.  "What brings you down here this early Raven?" asked Beast Boy shyly.  Raven hesitated for a minute, and her face froze for a second.  Beast Boy saw it, but gave no sign.  "I was awakened by your voice," she said coolly.  Nevertheless, she turned away for a second, and Beast Boy could have sworn he saw her blush.  But she turned back around, fully recovered, and continued to wash the dishes with her telekinesis.  "It's really amazing how you can do so many things with your mind," stated Beast Boy. 

"I study hard, and learn."  They were silent for a couple of minutes; the only sound that could be heard throughout the entire tower was the sound of flowing water and the scrubbing of dishes.  Before long, the dishes were all tidied up and Beast Boy thanked Raven.  They both let out a sullen sigh and settled down on the living room sofa next to each other. 


"Yes, Beast Boy?"

"What do you want to do with your life?"

Raven paused for a moment, then answered, "I wish to master and harness my full power's full potential.  I wish to rid evil from the planet."  Beast Boy giggled, and Raven scowled at him.  "It's true.  You asked me, so don't laugh."  Beast Boy recuperated and said, "I wasn't laughing at your dreams Raven.  I would never do that.  Trust me Raven.  I wouldn't laugh at you." 

After a moment's silence, Raven replied, " I believe you."Beast Boy smiled.  "Thanks Raven.  That means a lot to me."  And it really did.  Raven studied the boy's face for a minute.  Yes, it was sincere. 

            "Thanks."  She rose from the sofa and left for her room, her cape fluttering as she proceeded walking up the stairs.  As soon as she left, Beast Boy turned his attention back to the television, and said, "Raven."  He shook his head with a smile.


Later that day Beast Boy lay flat on his bed and thought about the day's events.  Maybe Raven and I do have a chance, he thought.  He grinned at the thought and began planning.


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