Chapter 10- A Change of Heart

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A Change of Heart

Time passes very quickly. It slips by completely unnoticed through each of our minds. As time goes by, the world changes and gradually transforms into a world that nobody had known before. That is what makes time so interesting. And over the course of the years we too, change- we grow more intelligent and reasonable. But these changes are not always so obvious; there are sometimes hidden changes. Changes in a person that only that person knows about-and will refuse to show. These are usually the transformations in character, and in heart. And so as time passes by, we must each question ourselves, are we being true to our hearts?

Across miles of ice and layered snow, a pale figure sat idly in the dim light in the lobby of a small motel. Ghostly white fingers fiddled anxiously with a small cup of coffee- that had been completely cooled twenty minutes ago. Two bright eyes peeked out from under the shadow of a dark cloak, watching…scanning the darkness. There! Movement. Finally. Raven eagerly shifted her position in her chair to get a better look. Two pale figures could be seen just barely. Raven squinted. She had to be sure. One figure thin and rather lacking in height (Raven wrinkled her brow), the other obviously a girl- her hair was too long and wavy to be a guy's. The girl was about as tall as the first figure, but was much thinner, and had a slender figure. Raven sighed.

"I'm going to be here all night…"

Just then outside, the wind howled and Raven shivered. It must be freezing out there… The wind was blowing ferociously- and it was provoking an interesting reaction in one of the figures. The shorter one- a guy, Raven figured- was jumping up and down yelling something, rubbing his arms together at an inhuman speed. Raven smirked. It was Beast Boy, no doubt.

"Are we there yet?" Beast Boy's voice cracked in the frigid air. I don't think I'll ever get used to Alaska's cold. He shook his head, and several flakes of snow wandered down to the ground. And I can't risk Kami running away if I transform…Grr.

"Yes," replied the girl, marching alongside of him, seemingly unaffected by the sudden chill. "The hill is near here, I'm just not sure which direction it's in." She stopped for a moment, and her eyes narrowed. "I don't seem to remember this road before." Beast Boy cringed and gritted his teeth.

"Oh, no wait a minute, I remember now." She sent Beast Boy a reassuring glance. "This way." Beast Boy was unconvinced, but he gave her the benefit of the doubt and followed her anyway. Their breath was clearly visible against the dark curtain of night. Just seeing this made the shape shifter shiver again. As they progressed, each breath got harder and harder. Beast Boy could swear his lungs were slowly freezing.

Finally, the pair reached the peak of the hill. Exhaustedly, he plopped down on the snowy hilltop next to Kami and threw his head back, letting his eyes flutter closed. Kami sat cross-legged beside the boy, and chuckled at his awkward position.

"If you really wish to see an aurora borealis, then now is the time to do it, Beast Boy," she said blandly. "This is not really the best time to sleep."

Beast boy sat up dully, wiping pieces of snow from his face. With tired eyes, he questioned, "Must I?" He groaned when Kami nodded vigorously. "That's what we came here for, isn't it?" Beast Boy moaned.

"I didn't march up that hill in this blizzard for nothing," she hissed. But her expression quickly changed. "Hey, look!" She pointed up into a far corner of the sky, where a few dim colors erupted casually, then disappeared.

"What?" asked Beast Boy, whose reaction speed was dulled by the cold. "I didn't see anything." He sat up, looking wildly.

"You know, Beast Boy, the chances of an aurora borealis appearing at this exact moment are very slim to none. I just saw a 'demo' as you can call it, of the actual thing. And you missed it." Her voice rang with annoyance. "Sometimes I wonder, Beast Boy." She flashed him a small smile to let him know she was kidding, and scooted closer to him. In a smooth motion, she snaked her arm around Beast Boy's back and chuckled.

"I'll be sure to keep my eyes open," murmured Beast Boy, stealing a quick glance at Kami's arm nervously. He was having doubts about the entire thing. What happened to Raven? asked a certain angel sitting on the ground next to Beast Boy. Good question. Even though he did enjoy Kami's company, he still had an uneasy pang of guilt at the bottom of his stomach. What was all of that with Raven if not…love? The angel on the ground nodded, smiled, and vanished. Beast Boy understood.

"I shouldn't be doing this," said Beast Boy softly.

"What was that?" inquired the girl. She cocked her head to stare at Beast Boy in a peculiar way.

The shape shifter took a good look at the girl, and laughed out loud. It was Raven that he saw when he stared at her, not Kami. In the utter confusion that erupted in his mind, Beast Boy only knew one thing, and that was that he didn't really have any feelings for Kami. He was devoted to Raven, and Raven only. Hopelessly devoted, that is.

Beast Boy shook Kami's arm off of him and stood up. "I said that I shouldn't be doing this, and I was right." Kami stared at him quizzically. "Say what?"

"I'm sorry, but I really should never have come with you. I do like you, Kami," he reassured her. "Just not that way. I believe I'm in-" He hesitated, his mouth still open but no words coming out. He took a breath, and sighed. "I'm in love with somebody else." He blinked and braced himself, waiting for a reply, a breakdown, a slap, a tantrum, or a storm. There was an awkward silence. Beast Boy decided to take the chance and fill it. "But maybe we can play videogames someday?"

Needless to say, Beast Boy slapped himself mentally.

But Kami just shrugged. "Go for it, Beast Boy," she said with another warming smile. "I won't stand in the way of true love, then." She stood up and shook Beast Boy's hand. "It was nice getting to know you, though. And I might just take you up on that videogame offer." She winked.

Beast Boy grinned, and he was gone, running faster than he'd ever ran before. As soon as he was covered by the shadows, his body began to lengthen, his arms shifting quickly into paws, his back and torso becoming a sleek and spotted mane. Fully in cheetah form, he ran as fast as he could after Raven, each paw moving so quickly it seemed he was running on top of the snow. She can't be far away, just check the local shops and hotels, advised his shoulder angel, now perched on the cheetah's head. "Agreed."

A full fifteen minutes later, he found her. It was just in time, too, as Beast Boy was beginning to tire after all that time in the cold, and in morph. He shifted back into human shape, and fell to his knees weakly. Raven sat not fifty feet away from him, inside the lobby of a motel. She was drinking her coffee, blissfully unaware of him- just like he'd seen her do so many times back at the Tower. He had 'spied' on her then as well, just admiring her from a distance. Like he'd always done.

Well, not today.


The telekinetic girl whirled around, her coffee forgotten immediately at the sound of Beast Boy's familiar voice. Beast Boy stood weakly in the doorway. Every eye in the lobby was trained on him. Raven opened her mouth, but no sound came out. She quickly closed it.

"Raven…I..uh.. Well firstly didn't think everyone would be watching…but…hmm hope this isn't too cliché," he chuckled uneasily and shrugged some snow off his shoulders. "I know I shouldn't have been so stupid…back at the Tower…and I'm sorry," he began. The room was silent. "We've been friends for so long now, Raven, and I've never really had the courage to tell you how I feel…" Raven decided to keep quiet, though against her better judgment. Her heart was pounding faster than a herd of stampeding horses.

Beast Boy continued. "But it really wasn't until today, t-today that I finally realized that I have fallen in love with you." He smiled weakly. The room was dead silent. A small mouse in the back of the room squeaked. The room remained completely soundless, still. Beast Boy glanced around the room, looking for signs of life. "Hello?"

And finally that word injected life into the room, waking everyone from his/her trance. The lobby suddenly came alive with warm smiles and light laughter. An old couple in the back of the room even clapped. Raven stood and embraced Beast Boy, still captivated by his words. "I never knew you could speak like that," she said, chuckling. Beast Boy gave her a confused look. "You know, intelligently." Beast Boy chuckled. "Only you could ever make me do that." Raven smiled. "Let's go home, huh?" suggested Beast Boy. "Maybe Christmas doesn't have to be ruined after all." Raven nodded. "But first there's two things I have to do. And I'll do the second thing later, when we're about to leave for home."

"Oh?" asked Beast Boy. "Well then what's the first?"

Then Beast Boy found himself lost in a kiss.

The day after…twenty minutes before airplane departure

Raven casually opened the door to the Starbucks Café, and strolled inside. After ordering two cups of coffee, Raven made her way swiftly to the back of the café and sat herself down at a small two-person table. The other seat was occupied.

"So," said Raven. "How are you, Kami?"

"Couldn't be better," Kami replied, poking her head out of the shadows. "Ah, my coffee. Thanks."

"Well, I really can't thank you enough, Kami. Beast Boy and I wouldn't have gotten together without your help."

Kami smiled, and smoothly brought a lock of hair behind her ear. "No problem…besides, Beast Boy is a great guy. You're lucky. Oh, and remember not to get him in trouble for going out with me…no guy can resist me so it wasn't his fault." Both girls shared a laugh. "There's only one thing I don't understand," Kami continued. "Why did you need me to go out with him?"

Raven leaned back in her chair. "Well, after all we've been through, I just needed to see if Beast Boy really was in love with me. On the plane I could see it in his face, you know. Beast Boy's not very good at hiding his emotions…even though he may think he is. So you were my way of testing him. Simple."

"You think he's going to forgive you?"

"Oh, I don't think he has to know…and if he does find out… well, I'll make him forgive me." Both girls shared a knowing smile. "Well I have to take off now. My flight leaves soon and Beast Boy will be getting worried and his leg still hurts from yesterday. He's like an old man." She chuckled. "All right, see you later Kami."

Kami raised her cup of coffee. "Nice seeing you again, old friend."

Beast Boy sat thoroughly content on a sofa in the living room, Raven lying idly on Beast Boy's shoulder. A large Christmas tree fully trimmed smiled down on the two of them. A few small gifts sat underneath the tree- inside of a bulletproof box. Completely inpenetratable, even against Raven's powers. A cozy fire brewing in the hearth gave the entire Tower new warmth.

Just then, Starfire burst into the room. "Look outside! The sky has been split into many colors!" She hopped happily to the window and peered out.

"Hmm?" Both Beast Boy and Raven rose curiously to the window to find that indeed, the sky had been transformed. Bright colors, dark colors, and pale colors had swirled together to form a majestic picture in the sky. Every color imaginable in every shade filled the night sky, creating a surreal painting-like masterpiece.

"An aurora borealis," breathed Beast Boy. "I thought those only happened in Alaska…"

"They do only happen in Alaska," Raven confirmed, open mouthed at the spectacle. She opened the window, allowing the light to bathe her entire body.

And then through the open window, a small raven flew through and perched on top of the Christmas tree, chirping happily. A further inspection found a red patch of feathers on the raven's back. Raven gasped.

"The raven from the hospital…Beast Boy, look!" But the raven had vanished. Raven shook her head with a smile. All heads then turned back to the aurora borealis, which was growing brighter every second. "Hey Star," whispered Beast Boy. "Why don't you tell Robin and Cyborg about this?"

Starfire squealed excitedly, and rushed off to tell the others. Raven and Beast Boy made their way back to the sofa. "That was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen…" marveled Raven. The light from the aurora borealis lit up the room in a brilliant beam of many different colors.

Beast Boy rested his arms on Raven's back and let out a contented sigh. I never thought it would be like this.

"So, Raven," asked the boy mischievously. "Did we really have no chance?"

Raven's eyes sparkled.