Ohayo!!! ^.~ Yes, it's me, I've done it again. Started a story that I'll probably never, ever, EVER finish. But if people like it enough, then, y'know. there are possibilities there. Ehehehe. ANYWAYS. yeah, this is an Inuyasha fic, it'll be PG-13, or maybe even R, at the worst, cause if I tried to write anything worse than that (or better, depending on your perspective) I'd be blushing too hard to see the keyboard, plus I'm pretty sure ff.net won't post it. This will mainly be Sess x Kag, with some side stuff, and MAJOR Kikyou-bashing and death-of-evil-mikos. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, I don't own it. If you don't recognize it, it's MINE. Quite a simple concept, really.

Teaser for Ch.1:

Inuyasha snorted. "He's not fit to follow a wounded banshee at the moment, but at the rate he's bleeding every major demon within a hundred miles will be here by nightfall to finish him off." Kagome froze in her tracks, dragging on Inuyasha's grip. "What?" Inuyasha asked, exasperated, looking back at her. "You left him?!" Kagome asked, incredulous. No way. Shippou squeaked in her ear. "Yeah, so?" Inuyasha stated, unconcerned. "Inuyasha." Miroku said hesitantly. "Maybe we should-" "We're going back." Kagome stated bluntly. She stepped around Inuyasha and took a step back in the direction Inuyasha had come from. "Come on." Sango looked between Kagome and Inuyasha, beckoned to Kirara, and followed the young miko into the trees. "What the hell?" Inuyasha yelled after her. "Kagome, what do you think you're doing?" Kagome's voice floated back to him. "Sit!" Miroku sighed, watching the dog-demon eat dirt. "I don't get it!" Inuyasha complained, spitting out a leaf. "What is that girl thinking?" Jang! Inuyasha grabbed his head where Miroku's staff had connected with it. "He's your brother, stupid. Don't you care?" Miroku asked. He heard Sango calling them and turned to leave. Inuyasha struggled to his feet, following grudgingly. "Yeah, but he's trying to kill us." Inuyasha muttered dimly. "Don't you care?"