Ring around the Rosie

Ring around the rosie, .............ring around the rosie

X blinked opening his eyes, he stared up at a bright blue sky, not a cloud in sight.

Ring around the rosie......

"uuunn" he sat up, rubbing his head and turning to look around. He was sitting in a large well kept yard, next to a big grey building.

X'x eye widened as he looked up. "No way !!" He breathed, getting to his feet and dashing up to the doorway. With trembling fingers he traced the engraving on the plaque as he read the large gold lettering "Light Laboratories "

// But how...? Dr. Light's Lab was in ruins//

Ring around the rosie ...

"Huh?" X turned his head to listen to the tune, following it around the building and into the back yard.

"Hello..!" X stopped in his tracks , there in front of him was "My ...family.." he gasped. He watched a jolly old man flipping burgers on a sizzling BBQ and laughing at the antics of two others playing in the grass.

"Ring around the rosie.." Rock laughed as he and Roll spun around in a circle, going faster and faster until they both went tumbling to the ground.

X took a tentative step forward.

// Their alive ..//

A large reb robotic dog bounded into the group knocking the boy over.

"Aaaghh Rush" he laughed. A moment later a blue robotic bird settled comically on top of the blonde girls head squawking loudly.

"Ha ha hi Beat, we can't forget about you now can we..?" she cooed ruffling the birds feathers.

"We can if we try hard enough..." a voice cut in from behind them all.

X whirled about to see a shadow emerge from the trees.

"Blues!!" Rock cried happily "you made it", he hugged his brother tightly.

"Of course, we wouldn't have missed it right Tango..?" he called over his shoulder to a small green robotic cat sauntering up beside him. "So when do we eat..?" Blues smirked.

"Honestly Blues, you're impossible" Roll groaned

"Soon" Dr. Light assured him, giving a small chuckle. "We just have to wait for everyone to get here"

Blues sighed "Everyone as in we're waiting for slow poke again right?" Roll cuffed the back of his head. Dr. Light gave another laugh at the two.

"He should be along soon Blues.."he said.

"In the mean time here, make yourself useful..!!" Roll said shoving a set of dishes into her big brothers hands. "You can set the table, Oh mysterious and impatient one"

"Goodie.." he sneered, setting off to do the task.

X looked on smiling.

// They were so happy. I wish..........I could have been here too !! // he was still watching them quietly when Blues suddenly look up from the table and stared right at him.

"X, there you are. What took you so long bro..?"

X gasped "how..?"

// they can see me..? ....But that's impossible they...//

"Sorry there Blues, but I had to make sure my delicacies are perfect.... well here they are, "

X was frozen to he spot, as he watched himself walk past setting a tray down on the table.

"there all set.." his double smiled.

"Ha ha good, I am too" Light announced setting the burgers from the grill onto the table.

"Great, let's eat !" Blues grinned taking his chair and launching himself into the food.

Roll gave a dramatic sigh shaking her head..

"Hmmm" Rock said as he licked ketsup from his lips "I love moments like this" he grinned looking up at X seated next to him.

"Me too Rocky !!"the older blue bomber chuckled ruffling the messy black hair atop Rocks head. There was a fit of laughter and a screech as he tugged Rolls pony tail, while Rock shot a hotdog bun at her face. Reaching over towards Blues with all the stealth he could manage, X was surprised when Blues muttered a threat through his food. "Don't even think about it...little boy blue"

"Or what..?" X asked pressing his brothers buttons for all it was worth.

"Or this.. "Blues smirked . He shoved a fist full of coleslaw through X's chocolate locks, laughing wickedly.

"Arrrgh Blues !!!" X cried. Rock who had stated to laugh uncontrollably at his brother suddenly found a hamburger bun shoved into his mouth "mmph.." Rock glared up at X.

"Sorry little bro that's what you get for laughing at me.." X shrugged.

'You guys are so immature.." Roll scolded "Arrghhh, " she yelp as a stream of ketchup hit her in the chest "Dad !!" She cried looking over a the old Dr. holding up the ketchup bottle .

"Sorry Roll, but all's fair..." he laughed

"OH...in that case.." she grinned grabbing both the mustard and relish bottles and attacking with a condiment fury unheard of.

"Arrghhhh!!" Blues cried as a pickle hit his visor blocking his view. "Rock look out !!" Rock turned getting a face full of relish. Jumping out of the line of fire the boy lept over a chair avoiding a second blast before slipping on a tomato and joining Blues in a heap.

"X be careful.."Rock cried "She means to kill !!"

X dodged the attack throwing a burger at her face, "For God sake captain she's gonna blow !!"

"Run X, Rock, Dad hurry hide" Blues shouted "Hell hath no fury like a woman with condiments"

X was laughing so hard he could barley breath.

// what a blast we were ....somehow I got a memory back. But how..? I wonder what triggered it ..?//

"X.." A voice called out. "X..........X..."

"Huh..?" X turned himself from the scene. The voice floated on the air sounding far away.

"X.............come back to us X..."

"X, come play with us.." X turned to see his little brother Rock calling to him, a smile on his face.


The backyard began to grow fuzzy, the pictures and smells fading into darkness.

"No ! ...not yet..please let me stay !" X cried " Let me stay ....just a little longer!!..." he felt himself drop through the evaporating shards of memory to float in the inky depths.

"X...........wake up X.........come on...."

X turned his head to the sound. There was a small pin point of light far off to his left, he turn his body towards it and began to swim.

"Unngg....nnn" X groaned, his eyes flickering open briefly several times, before he managed to open then half way and hold then. He gazed up into the worried faces of Zero and Lifesaver.

"Z...ro"His voice cracked.

"X, thank God you finally woke up." Zero said softly, placing a large hand on his friend brow.


"You were hit by a power surge...."

"Power ..surge...?" X thought for a moment "but ....base wasn't online...how?." he mumbled trying to keep his eyes open.

"I'll explain it later X," Zero assured the young reploid. "How are you..?"

"I'm.............ok" X winced looking about the room. "How long have I been out..?"

"Almost a week .."Lifesaver replied gazing down at him from his right side.

"We thought you were dead.... you hit the wall so hard..." Zero said grimly , pausing for a moment before adding "Your armor's toast X.."

X nodded dumbly as Lifesaver continued to check him over.

"You gave us quite a scare X, it was very touch and go for a while there, but I can't find any other damage other than the burns which are healing well and the concussion you got...still" Lifesaver turned to look at him sternly "Your system has had quite a shock and for now you're to remain in the medical bay and recuperate.

X just nodded he was too tired to fight back right now anyway.

"Good" the older reploid smiled "Now I have some errands to do but I'll be back later, until then rest" he got up and walked out the door leaving the two hunters alone.

Zero pulled up a chair and sat down next to X's bed, resting his heads in his arms and staring hard at his companion. X shifted uncomfortably under the crimson hunters unwavering gaze. "What..?" he finally snapped. The blonde boy blinked down at him slowly, green eyes coulded in thought "Sorry...." he replied slowly "I..just....................I didn't know if I'd ever see you.........awake again..........." Zero turned his gaze away, clearing his throat uneasily.

X smiled catching the underlying message Zero had just sent him.

[I was scared for you...I care about you..]

Zero didn't do heart to hearts ...tough love maybe but he got his point across anyhow.

"Thanks Z, " X whispered as he yawned again.

"Sure Kid" Zero smiled "Try to get some rest K"

"But Zero,... I gotta .......Yawn....tell you...about the picnic and....and..." X couldn't keep his eyes open.

"Rest up X, I'll stay here till you wake up, we can talk some more later."

"Yessssssssss.........la...ter.." X sighed closing his eyes a smile on his face. Zero turned down the lights and took a seat by the foot of the bed pulling out some paper work he'd brought with him. For a few moments all was silent as he wrote down his report then his head shot up as he hears a strange noise. Zero got out of the chair and listened closely turning his head towards X he realized that the young reploid was singing faintly in his sleep. Tip toeing over to his head Zero listened quietly as X continued to sing in his sleep. ".....Ring around the rosie.............ashes.......ashes.....................we all fall down "

To Be Continued............