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The promise

by ChaosJenny


A seven year old little girl sat on her big, white bed and sobbed hard. "But mommy, why?" She ask between two heavily sobs. Her aquamarine eyes were full of tears.

A woman sitting across of her on a chair took the girl in a soft embrace and rocked her back and forth. "Oh Angel. Dear. You know that is impossible." She tried to comfort her. Gently she wiped the tears out of her daughter´s eyes and placed a kiss on her cheek. "Relena, I know you feel very lonely as a princess. But I had promised you I would make sure that you will get company and I have. You just have to be a litte more patient. You´re companion is on her way to you." The lovely voice of her mother seemed to calm her a bit.

"But I´m the princess. Why can´t I just go out and play with the children outside of the castle?" The blond haired girl wasn´t satifieded with what the woman had told her.

Nancy Peacecraft sighed and shook her head. Unlike Relena she hadn´t long, blond hair. Hers was curly, shoulder-length and red. In the whole country she was known as the flaming red Queen Nancy Peacecraft because of her hair. The hair which was responsible for her stubborn character as they said. Even if her daughter hadn´t inherited it from her, Relena had her eyes and Nancy was aware that not the hair but the clear aquamarine eyes were carrying her stubbornness in themselves. "Honey, that´s exactly the point." She said quiet stroking Relena´s head. "The place outside of the castle is not safe for a girl, especially for a princess. In the woods there are robbers and thieves, who would hurt or even kill you." Looking in the eyes of the girl, the Queen decided to do the only thing she could do to be sure that Relena wouldn´t leave the castle. "Promise me that you´ll not go outside of the castle, Relena. Promise me."

Relena looked in the eyes of her mother. They seemed to beg for promising. The little princess swallowed up a sob. It wasn´t fair what her mother was doing now. If she made this promise, she would have to keep it. It was her duty as a princess. Sobbing again, she turned her gaze to her window and looked at it as if she would never again be able to watch out of it. Slowly she nodded her head and glanced in the Queen´s eyes. "All right. I promise." Her voice was almost a whisper. Relief shone in Nancy´s eyes, but at the same time they were apologetic like trying to say 'I´m so sorry, my darling. But you´ve to belief me. It´s for your own good.'

Relena threw herself in her mother´s arms and cried. The red-headed woman closed her arms around the girl and rested her chin on her tiny shoulder. "I´m sorry," she whispered in her ear and closed her eyes. 'Some day, you´ll understand this, Relena. Some day.'


"Hey! You little brat! Stop! If I get hold of you, you get a sound thrashing! This time you won´t give me the slip!" The rageing voice echoed through the whole forest as it´s owner who was a fruit seller ran as fast as he could after the so called brat.

The brat was a dark-blue eyed girl by the age of seven fleeding between the trees hoping her pursuer would loose sight of her. Her short deep blue hair flew in all directions, as the wind blew through it and she speeded up. She wore a pair of brown trousers and a grass-green top with long sleeves. Bound on her waist was a bag full of fruits which a few minutes ago still happened to belong to the angered man dogging on her footsteps.

The man´s brown eyes never left her. It wasn´t the first time she had stolen some of his fruits. As it happened the first time, he had just shouted after her; supposing her to be a boy, he spat a few curses and threatened her to beat her black and blue, if he ever get hold of her, but had already forgotten the incident in the same night. It was a everyday thing to be stolen from somebody. After all he got used to it.

Well, that wasn´t also the reason he was after her. No. He had other reasons. He didn´t go after every theft. If he did he could immediately become a sheriff. Nevertheless this little rat was an exception because she didn´t only rob him once, but also dared to rob him in the last few months almost every week. And in his opinion she had definely crossed the line with that.

Everytime she stole some fruits he wanted but wasn´t able to run after her. It was impossible to let your stall alone if you were a fruit seller in a small village near a forest known to be home for a gang of bandits. So he made a plan and asked a friend of himself to help him selling the fruits. And as if he had knew it, she was coming right the day he had decided to put his plan into action.

It was quite easy. He told his friend to hide until he would call him. Then, exactly the moment the girl had taken the fruits he called for his friend and started to run after her. And so he got here trying to get this limb of satan.

He had to admit she was fast, very fast, but he was determined to catch her to bring her to the near castle where she should be punished for her theft. The king had announced that they would pay for every bandit of the forest who would be brought to the castle. And he was sure this blue-haired brat was one of them.

'Crap. Won´t this guy run out of steam?' The girl, by name Hilde Schbeiker thought. She was running through this wood since fifteen minutes and the man hadn´t lost sight of her. Not only that he had trapped her, no he also had to be one of the few people who could keep up with her.

Hilde belonged to the feared bandits of this forest being known to be very fast, dexterous and clever. No one could keep up with them. At least that was what she thought just fifteen minutes ago when this really angered fruit seller wasn´t after her. She shook her head. It wasn´t supposed to be this way. She had to get rid of him, namely fast. That is, the blue-eyed bandit was about to end in a dead end. Behind the last bushes she was running to was a wall. The wall of the castle of this kingdom to be exact. The place he would certainly like to take her.

Hilde reached the wall and stopped. Frantically she looked for a possibility to escape but found none.'Well, That seems to be the game over.' She turned around. Leaning her back against the wall she stared in the direction she came from waiting for the man to arrive. If she already had to be caught, she wouldn´t do it without fighting.

The sounds of the man´s footsteps became louder. It was only a matter of seconds before he would be here. Hilde stiffened by this thought and pushed herself against the wall. Her breath became short and panic rose in her. 'He was able to run after me without becoming slower. That means he really has to be strong and so I won´t have a change to beat him. Why the hell did I have to choose this well trained guy to rob. Couldn´t such people be marked? It would be much easier to recognize who I can rob and who n-'


'Klong?' The sound interrupted her train of thought. She turned to the wall to see what the source of the odd sound was. At the spot she had pressed her back at was a hole now. Not very big, but big enough for her to creep through. And so she did relieved to don´t have to face the fruit seller.

'That was lucky!' She thought while she took the stone which had fallen out of the wall. It was damned heavy and she needed all her strength to put it back to it´s original place, but she had to do it. She didn´t want her pursuer to know where she was.

When the stone was where it should be, she clapped her hands and let her gaze wander across the court. Hilde had never expected that it would be so large. There wasn´t only the castle, but also space for a whole village. Even a market was here. Although the people were dressed more noble than villagers.

It was amazing. The little bandit was astonished at the sight. Without a second thought she started to investigate the court.


Rashid turned around in search for the blue-haired bandit. The fruit seller had exactly seen how she ran to this spot right behind the bushes. But the spot was empty. "Where the hell is she?" He asked himself. In front of him was a castle-wall, too high to be climbed over. And all around there were bushes and trees. It was the perfect trap. So she had to be here, but she wasn´t.

The man with the brown hair and the beard scratched his head. What did happen? It was just as if it made 'POOF' and she had vanished. After all it was an impossibility to get away from a place like this without being seen. "How on earth did she do it?" He shouted loud.

Rashid stared at the wall. Could it possible be that she somehow was able to slip into the castle? He shook his head. "Great Rashid. You just have been tricked by a little brat." 'A damned fast little brat,' he added in his thoughts. He had to admit the last time he had run this fast was long ago. And that astonished him at the girl. After all he belonged to one of the fastest people.

"If everyone of those bandits are in such a good condition, the king will have big problems catching them." He said. "His soldiers and guards are good but not that good. I wouldn´t have a doubt that the girl could cope with them. And she only is a little girl."

This bad trained soldiers were a problem on its own. "I should tell and show them what it means to be a soldier for the king." He stopped. What had he just said? He should tell and show them? "That´s it." He shouted. Since this girl had started to rob him regularly he wanted nothing more than to fill another job. A job where he could take care of the robbery. For example as the training captain of the king´s army.

"I´m becoming the training captain and catch the bandits." When he would train the soldiers they would get the thieves in no time. He straightened his back and a smile found its way on his face. That was strictly the job he was looking for. "Rashid you´re a genius," he complimented himself with a laugh.

Being in a good temper he started to walk away from this place back to the village unware of the figure who sat above him on a branch of a tree and had watched the whole thing.

"And again she got herself in trouble." The figure said matter-of-factly. The onyx colored eyes watched Rashid disappearing into the woods. "Sometimes I asking myself how she is able to find a way out of her troubles everytime. It borders already on the miraculous."

The person on the tree was a boy with black hair which was plaited into a small pigtail. He was completely dressed in green, so he wouldn´t be recognized in the tree. Slowly, he turned his head and gazed at the point where Hilde had scrambled through. People didn´t call her a lucky devil for nothing, the boy knew that for sure.

Years ago he had made a promise to somebody to protect this girl no matter what would happen. And he did it. Wufei Chang wasn´t a boy who departed from his word, even if he was just seven. Everytime she left the hideout of the bandits to go on her imagined adventures he was near her to look out for her. Well, she didn´t know that he was near, she wouldn´t accept a minder. But that wasn´t the point.

Hilde was a real trouble maker and Wufei was always anew impressed how she solved even the most impossible problems without help. 'She doesn´t really need a minder.'

That was an awareness that crossed his mind since a few weeks now. He actually never had to do something to protect her, and when she knew how to take care of herself.

Maybe he shouldn´t guard her by watching her, she wasn´t in danger at any time. Nevertheless there was another thing that might become real dangerous now, and not only for her...


With her face buried in her arms, Relena Peacecraft lie stomach-turned on her bed and cried. Since her mother had left her room she neither stopped crying nor did she move an inch. Being a princess was one of the badest things at all. Why did the Queen have to demand from her to make this cruel promise? Why did she have to sacrifice her freedom to be save?

The little princess wished for nothing else than a friend to play. But was she able to make friends? No, because she wasn´t allowed to leave the castle grounds. Adults could be so unkind.

Her tear stained eyes blurred her vision as she lifted her head to look out of the window. The velvet blue sky and the grass-green trees of the Sanc-Kingdom silenced her crying for a moment. But watching, how a bird flew through the sky, chirping happily she restarted the weeping. 'I´m never going to be so free as this bird. Thanks to this promise.'

The girl with the long, blond hair droped her face back in her arms and let her sobs echoing through her big chamber.

"Don´t you run out of tears anytime?"

The question from the unknown voice startled her. Stopping her sobbing, she twirled around in her bed to look at the owner of the voice. A boy, probably not older than herself stood next to her door and stared at her with clear blue eyes.

Relena´s own aquamarine eyes widened. Who was this boy and what was he making in her chamber? Moreover how did he got into her chambers unnoticed by the guards. "What?"

"Well," he started to explain while taking an apple from a bowl on her table. "I mean, when I would have cried so much like you, I would already have run dry." biting in the apple he continued. "What happened, that you cry so much?"

The princess still rigid with shock about the strange visitor watched as he looked around in the room and walked to her bed. When she didn´t answer him, he turned his head to her with an interrogative gaze.

She averted her eyes and lowered her head. "My mommy made me promise to not leave the castle grounds." She said in a quiet voice. "So I´m not able to make friends with other children."

"I see." The boy nodded his head. "Why aren´t you allowed to leave?" He asked.

"Because I´m the princess and because of the bandits."

"The bandits?"


"I´m a bandit." He revealed to her.

"What?!" Relena´s head shot up. He was a bandit? Fear began to raise in her. He didn´t look like one, though her parents and teachers often told her that bad people didn´t look evil. If he was a thief, what did he want from her? Was he here to hurt her? Frightened, she slid to the wall her bed stood against.

"Are you afraid of me?" His eyes fixed her tremulous body. "I won´t do you anything." The boy assured Relena.

"Mommy said, you would hurt and kill me." Her voice sounded scared.

Looking at her, he shook his head. "I´ve never hurt or killed somebody. Robbed, yes, but such things, no." He took a seat on the chair next to her bed.

The blond-haired girl crawled to where he sat. In his blue orbs showed nothing that he meant any harm. "What´s you´re name?" She finally asked him as a proof of believing him.

A smile appeared on his face. "My name is Hilde. Hilde Schbeiker."

Relena regarded him. "But isn´t Hilde a name for a girl?"

The smile on Hilde´s face turned into a grin. "You think I´m a boy, don´t you?" The princess nodded.

The assumed boy sighed. "Most of the people think I´m a boy when they see me for the first time, but I´m a girl."

"Really? You look like a boy, a good looking boy." The blond girl giggled at her. "Anyway, I´m Relena Peacecraft, princess of the Sanc-Kingdom," she introduced herself formal.

"Princess," standing up, Hilde kneeled down and spoke in a knightly manner. "It´s a pleasure to meet you. Would you do me the favour of being my maid-of-honour." A mischievous glint was in her eyes. She loved to play a knight.

"Of course, I would." Relena answered. Both girls started giggling.

For the first time in her life the little princess had someone she could play with. "Do you want to become my friend?"

Hilde smiled at her. "I´d love to."

Happy about that, she started to question the bandit. "How did you get into the castle?"

"Oh, that was easy." She told her. "There was a hole in the castle-wall."

"A hole?!"

Nodding, the blue-haired girl took another bite from the apple she still hold in her hand. "Yeah. Not big, but for me it fits. I can show you where it is." Hopping from her chair, she took Relena´s hand and dragged her to the window. "See. It is there, where the guards are standing and..." Hilde broke off her sentence to survey the scene at the place with the hole. Three guards stood at the wall and seemed to talk about the visible hole. "Oh no." She gasped. "They´ve found it. I need to abscond before they close it forever."

Fast she started to move to the door but was stopped in her tracks by two hands clenching on her arm. "Will you visit me again?" The aquamarine eyes of Relena showed the fear of not seeing Hilde again.

The blue-eyed bandit thought for a moment. "Is there another way to get into the castle?" She enquired.

Relena shook her head. "Unfortunately not. The only people who come into the castle are the knights."

'The knights?' An idea crossed her mind. "Relena, I promise you I´ll come back. But not untill a few years. I have something in mind which needs time. So please, don´t forget me, OK?"

The princess nodded. "Allright. I´ll wait. Still you have to come back, no matter how long it will take."

"Promised." Hilde said, hugging her newfound friend. And with that she hurried away.


"How long, do you think, will we still have to live like this?" Une Krushenada stood with her long, brown hair next to a hearth with a boiling pot. Her brown eyes glanced at her husband Treize who sat at the table of their small hut.

"I don´t know, my love." He replied in a calmly voice, his gold-blond haired head resting on his hands of his on the table propped elbows. "All I can say is that we must never give up." The crystal-blue eyes of him met hers. Seriousness were seen in them. "Too much has happened to let it go just like that. We´ve vowed to do this. It´s our duty and as long as she isn´t old enough we have to live this way."

Une had to agree to what he had said. "However, whilst I´m with you I don´t care what we do." She told him smiling.

"So do I." Treize said, watching her fondly. The love of his life was a tall, slender woman. She was beautiful and strong. He remembered a time when she had her long hair in two braids pined on the head. A time when her and himself lived another life. A time when they both thought nothing would ever change but only god knew how wrong they had been. The fateful day which changed their lifes forever still bore down on their souls and would further on.

Suddenly the door snapped open and a blue-haired little girl ran into the hut. "Uncle Treize. Aunt Une. You won´t believe me what has happened to me." She shouted happily. To Treize and Une it was quite normal that Hilde was happy. Whenever she was outside roaming the woods there was something making her happy and the first thing she would do after such incidents was telling it to her foster parents.

So the married couple looked expectantly at her. They knew she was going to tell them right now. "What is it what has happened to you, sweetheart?" It was kind of a ritual that first one of them had to ask her this question.

Her grin spoke volumes. "I´ve been in the castle."

Treize raised his brows. "In the castle? The Sanc-Castle?" That was really a surprise. It was well-known that it was almost impossible to get into the castle.

"Yep." Being all smiles the little bandit was thrilled about her break-in.


"I´ve found a hole in the wall," she explained. "But it has already been closed. Anyway," the grin on her face became wider. "Guess who I met there."

"We don´t know, Honey. Who?" Une questioned her.

"The princess. I´ve made friends with her."

"The princess? You´ve made friends with the princess?" Une couldn´t believe what she heard.

The girl nodded fiercely. "She´s really nice. Just a bit lonely, because she can´t make friends with others. Nevertheless I´ve already promised her to visit her again."

Treize and Une were stunned. That wasn´t what they have expected to hear. Their foster child broke-in into a castle and made friends with its princess. What should one do about it. Treize obviously knew what to do. He burst out laughing. "Lucky Devil. This name does justice to you, Hilde." Only this blue-haired girl could do such a thing without being caught. It was a gift.

When his laughter has died down the blond man gazed at her. "Let me ask you a question. How will you get into the castle?"

"I´ve thought of that, too. Relena has told me that only knights are allowed into the castle. And," her scrutiny met him. "You know how to fight with a sword and how to handle bow and arrows, right?"

"Yes." He got a clue where this was leading to.

"So you could teach me it and then, in a few years, I can go to the kingdom as a knight."

Both her foster parents stared spechless at her. Hilde was famous for her insane ideas and it wasn´t the first time that they had heard such a plan but this was crazy. Une was the first, who found again her voice. "Honey, only boys are able to become a knight."

"But I´m looking like a boy. Even Relena thought I was a boy at first." She said. "I just pretend I´m a real boy. Asid from that I´ve given her my word to come back. She´ll wait on it. Please. Aunt Une, uncle Treize."

Treize sighed. He already suspected it as she had this penetrating glance. "Are you sure you want this?" If he had been her real father, he would have said no to her idea. Though considering their situation, maybe this would help to solve their problems. "What you´re trying to do won´t be easy. If I train you, I´ll give you a run for your money. You can be sure of it."

"Yes, I know. But I´m sure about this. I´ll do it." Hilde Schbeiker was never in her live that serious about something as she was now.

"Allright." Treize Krushenada nodded his head. "I´ll make a knight of you."

"Really?" Hilde´s eyes began to sparkle. "Oh thank you uncle Treize. Thanks." Cheerful she squeezed him. "I need to tell Wufei that." Saying this she went outside in search for the black-haired boy.

"I don´t think Wufei will be happy about her plan. The imagine of a female knight won´t appeal him." Treize mentioned staring after her.

"Indeed. But you know the two. They love arguing with each other." Une answered him. She seasoned the food she had cook. "Treize." The woman stopped what she was doing and looked at him. "Why did you give her permission to become a knight?"

Her husband frowned. "I think it´s the safest way to get her into the castle and we have to get her into it anyway. So why not as a knight?" That was true. They both were aware of what was going on and what they had to do. Hilde´s role was important even if she didn´t know a thing about that all.


Hours ago it had been nightfall and everyone in the hideout slept except Wufei. The chinese little boy stood in a hut next to Hilde´s bed and watched her sleeping figure. "I´m sorry." He whispered. "I know I´ve promised to always guard you and I hope you don´t think I would broke my word because I´m leaving you now. It´s just...to keep my promise I need to go away." He stopped to see her squirming. Carefully he lie his hand on her to reassure her sleep. He didn´t want her to wake up. "We´re going to see each other again some day." Even as a whisper, his voice cracked. He had never thought that leaving this girl would be so hard for him. "Goodbye." He placed a kiss on his friend´s forehead and left the hut. Making his way to his new destination which only he knew...


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