One Way Ticket

Rating: so far, PG , because I'm feeling relatively innocent.

Pairing: eventual Kai/Farmboy(named Locke here).
One-sided Popuri/Kai.

Warnings: yaoi (farmboy X boy)

Natsume: owns Harvest Moon Back to Nature.
Lemondrop: has slashy ideas. Doesn't own HM:B2N or any other video game rights. Nor Dudley Do-right, either. Any questions?

One Way Ticket Part 1

(Kai's P.O.V.)

It was just another dog day of summer in Mineral Village. I, being lazy, was slumped lazily against the weathered side of the Seaside Lodge. Business had been scarce, and not even Popuri had bought anything in a week or so. I wasn't really suffering financially or anything, but no business meant no company, which spelled out unoccupied dull days. Boredom felt like a ten ton weight, pushing me down, holding me back.

And then, HE came.

Locke's my age (actually, he's two seasons younger) and he runs that farm next door to Popuri's place. We met last year and now we're buds. He's the only guy in this village who's nice to me. In fact, he's nice to everyone. And without being one of those Dudley Do-right, goody two-shoes types, somehow. I wonder if that's his way of getting accepted by the villagers. I don't know, maybe I'll ask him some time.

Anyway like I said, he's the only guy who's nice to me. He even brings me flour and oil, you know, stuff to help with the Seaside Lodge. I still can't figure out why he bothers being my friend when it gives him a harder time with the other village guys, but back to my story.

So Locke came to the beach, like he does just to hang out whenever he can catch a spare moment between farm chores. If anyone was a one way ticket out of Boredomesville, it had to be him. I nodded him over to me.

"Hey, how's it hanging? You know of anything interesting going on? I've got free time lately."

Locke thought for a moment.

"Well, there's the Fireworks Display- it's here at the beach. They've got a pretty cool show, and Mister Saibara made the tube for shooting them's on the 26th."

Fireworks Display? That's the quickest way to hit my panic button. Popuri had asked me every time for the last four years and. But this wasn't Popuri. This was just Locke, not some friend of mine trying to cross that line who probably takes my flirting with her seriously.

So why couldn't I just agree to go with him? The reason sunk in like that ten ton boredom weight's big brother...or actually, like Popuri's big brother.

Rick The Prick. He who swears I'm the big bad wolf, off to gobble up his innocent little sister. I shook my head.

"Thanks, but.....that guy who drinks at the inn will be there too, you know."

"Hey, come on Kai!" Locke said impatiently. "You two are both just stubborn. I say it's about time you buried the hatchet anyway."

I grinned at this.

"You say we should make up and be friends?"

"Why not? I'm sure if you both just give in a little....."

"You talk like we're kids or something!"

And then he fixed me with that no-nonsense stare of his that's a little out of character when you consider what an idealist he is. Yet, it's that exact look that I can't really make excuses to.

"Okay, okay, you're right.I'll meet you at the beach."