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Journey To The Past

By: J.L. Dexter
Rating: PG-13 for violence, language and sexual reference.
Summary: Jack's decided to take a break from raiding for a while, but the port he's docking in hold's more story than expected as Anamaria's past catches up with her and Jack. A letter from Port Royal arrives requesting Jack's presence and find out who is taking that long walk down the aisle.


Setting: 12 and 4 months after the events of 'Joy of the Hunt', our story opens with our ever famous Captain Jack Sparrow and his motley crew just finishing their daily raid…

Captain Jack Sparrow, Scourge of the Seven Seas, leaned against the port side of his ship, a mischievous glint in his eyes as he watched his crew retreat from the ship they had just raided. Another day, another raid, Jack thought happily.

The pillaged ship, a jolly good vessel shamefully named The Incessant was heavily laden with booty, plunder after Jack's own heart.

Once all the spoils were retrieved, the crew of the Black Pearl made way back to their captain, their earnings in tow. Jack looked on at the captain of the opposing ship, a smirk covering his features.

"Cap'n? What's t' be done wit' th' ship, sir?"

Jack grinned as he stood to his full height, his face lighting up.


The Black Pearl pulled away from the Incessant, Jack standing at the helm, a wide smile on his face. He could faintly make out over the sounds of the waves crashing against the hull, the shouting and threats being made by the other captain.

"Was that really necessary?"

Jack turned to find himself peering into a pair of dark eyes that danced with mirth. Anamaria.

"Of course it was," Jack lied. Gesturing to the ship disappearing in the distance, Jack could see the scene very clearly playing before him. The crew of the Incessant tied to the main mast. And the captain- tied to the figurehead flying nothing but his cloak and his hat with his trousers being suspended from the crow's nest flittering in the wind.

Ana chuckled at her captain as she lazily leaned against the helm's railing. "Only you," she stated as she rolled her eyes at him.

"Well it was better than allowing them to feed the fish," Jack pointed out getting a nod in return.

Ana gazed out across the deck, her posture clearly showing that something was weighing heavily on her mind. Jack frowned. Perhaps she was just upset for the crew's actions towards the captain of the Incessant. The pirate captain quickly pushed the thought away; he had seen the laughter in Ana's eyes to his humorous ways.

He could tell something was bothering his first mate, but he also knew that she wouldn't come right out and say it. Oh yes, she spoke what was on her mind, only when it benefited her by going against Jack's orders. But this was different.

Using his fingers he counted off the problems in his mind. She forgave me for sinking her boat. She's still edgy but fairing well about my past with the ladies'. She is me first mate and damn good one at that- and- she seems happy.

Shaking his head Jack gave up. He would just have to ask her. Abandoning the helm for a brief second, he moved to her side and allowed a hand to rest gently on her back. Ana shifted a bit under his touch, her body relaxing.

"Talk to me, Ana," Jack stated more as a demand than a request.

The dark skinned woman smirked. How does he always know when something's wrong?

Jack noticed her expression as she rolled her eyes. "It's in the way ye stand, love."

"Bloody lewdest," she accused kindly. "Are ye always watchin' me and studyin' how I stand?"

There was a chuckle as Jack answered, "Well, sometimes I just cannot help but to stare when I see a nice backside."

Ana swiveled around and gazed at him, a slight blush rising to her dark cheeks as he winked at her. "Pervert," she muttered under her breath as he drew her near. Ana saw Jack's eyes quickly sweep over the foredeck, a pucker in his brow.

The woman frowned at his actions, a sigh escaping her. This was one thing that bothered her. She cared for Jack, was attracted to him, possibly even loved him- but Jack, despite his past history with the women, was too cautious when it came to her.

It was okay for him to flaunt the whores of Tortuga; usually one on each arm, but he was afraid to even touch Ana. Sometimes she even caught him quickly avoiding her gaze when others were present and it pained her.

Some of the crew didn't pay a lick of attention because she was the first mate and they thought nothing of it when they were together- a captain and first mate were always together in some form or another. But Ana knew there were some that had their suspicions about her and Jack, but she didn't care.

Let them assume and stare and whisper, Ana thought bitterly. It doesn't change how I feel.

Seeing Jack's continued search for any unwanted attention she touched his cheek and stated with sadness, "No one's here, Jack."

Jack looked back at her and studied her visage. "To 'ell with them," he said before kissing her fiercely. Anamaria pressed her open palm firmly to Jack's face bringing him closer as her nails raked softly down his neck.

She could feel the butterflies in her stomach at his touch, a feeling that Jack could always ignite in her. Ana reveled at his gentleness; his tender caress making her skin prickle. The sensation was always the same. It left her wanting more even though she knew it wasn't possible.

A year was a long time, or at least Anamaria thought so, and so much could happen in those twelve short months. But even after the expanded period, the two were still together. Jack always came back and Ana's hope soared more and more with each passing day.

But still, not being able to be with him during the day was beginning to take its toll on her. There was always the nights, but Ana never stayed with him. It was too risky. A risk Jack wasn't sure of taking yet.

Ana growled in frustration when Jack broke the kiss and pulled away leaving a whisper growing in her ears. "Wait for me in my cabin."

Numb from his touch, she deftly nodded and placing a quick kiss on his cheek turned and left.

Jack watched her leave a feeling of longing washing over him. He allowed a substantial amount of time to pass before yelling, "Gibbs!"

"Aye, cap'n?" The old sailor chirped finally.

"Watch the helm," Jack instructed as he left the elder man in charge of the Pearl's course.

Gibbs, who had seen the whole scene, just chuckled as he hummed happily to himself.


Ana stood at the far side of the room intently scrutinizing the maps tacked to the cabin walls. Her fingers traced over certain areas that had been circled or marked out- places Jack had been before, ports the crew had pillaged or towns that proved troublesome.

She heard the door creak open and gazed over her shoulder to see Jack stumble in. Laughing to herself she returned her attention to the numerous maps, her eyes resting on one in particular.

"What are ye lookin' at love?" Jack questioned as he stood behind her, his eyes roaming the map as well. His gaze fell on a certain port that had been marked through several times, a frown gracing his lips. He knew Ana's stare was locked on the same port and he sighed.

"Where are we headin' to next? Tortuga or Port Royal?" Ana asked at last as she turned to look at him.

Jack tore his gaze from the map. "I don't know yet, but when I do, you'll be the first to know, savvy?"

"Savvy," she replied, her whisper being muffled by his lips.

"So, are ye goin' to tell me what's botherin' ya?" Jack asked.

Ana absently chewed on her bottom lip. "It's just- well, I've wondered…"

Jack tilted his head. "About what?"

"Us," Ana stated in a low voice. "When we're alone, there's nothin' stoppin' us. But when we're out there, in view of others, its like we don't exist. And I don't think I can stand it anymore, Jack. Not being able to be with ye during the day 'cause you're afraid it'll give the crew ideas."

Jack looked perplexed and he could see the uneasiness in her stance as she stood before him. Ana was slowly beginning to let go and all because he had issues with trust. Having his own internal conflict, Jack remained silent causing Ana to grow nervous.

Unable to handle his silence any longer, Ana pulled away, her eyes glazed with sadness and signs of tears as she left him standing there. She just couldn't take the pain anymore, the pain of knowing Jack was ashamed of her.

"Never mind Jack, I guess I was hoping for too much."


A/N: Ok, NO! This story isn't over! I know I've got a habit for one-shot's but this one is multiple chapters. Yay! Yes, it is short, and hopefully the later chapters will be a bit longer. Also, there is no telling how far I'm going to get with this simply because of everything going on at the time- but I'll do my best.

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